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  1. Would’ve helped. But I was asleep. Hope it was good.
  2. I’ve never read Dune. Definitely need to though.
  3. That’s dope. My sister has gone and she seems to have liked it, so it’ll prolly be good.
  4. I got back from a cousins wedding in Arizona late last night. Don’t know how the Arizonans survive that heat!

    1. Cash67


      Same way Texans do. Avoid it! 
      (unless the wedding was outside in which case WHY????)

    2. Lord Gregorio

      Lord Gregorio

      @Cash67 it was outside. At the Gilbert temple. It was pretty cloudy that day and there was tree cover so it wasn’t horrible. I’m a member of the church of Jesus Christ of latter day saints so they didn’t do the sealing or whatever outside.

  5. Ya. You can go to institute though. Maybe.
  6. Ayo that’s so cool! Congrats! I’m hoping to put in my papers by the end of June. Definitely exciting.
  7. I read it. It was enjoyable.
  8. I have no idea. Salt lake?
  9. Personally, I don't like California or Disneyland. I like the wild and I get motion sickness. Though I did like Splash Mountain.
  10. religion

    Lol haven't seen this before, but I personally think it's hard to see exactly how religion impacts our lives due to we (normally) don't know what it's like without it. Though I do think it makes me happier and have more purpose. I think religion is a great thing to give more purpose to people's lives. It also seems to have kept families together (from my experience) as well as help bring them back together.
  11. Ayo! Page 50 finally. Also. Baptisms are cool.
  12. Yo let's goo .
  13. That's funny. In other news. How are we still on page 49! After what feels like forever on this page.
  14. I do indeed. It kinda sucks, but I'll get a better one soon. TPBM likes the rain.
  15. I as well would eat paper, and grass. I also enjoyed laying on the floor and flipping those door stop spring thingies as I'm sure many did. I spent a lot of time sitting and daydreaming up stories in my head, which is probably one of the reasons I really like writing stories now.