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  1. Agreed, I'll do a little editing. I don't want to drown anyone out by accident.
  2. Hey I already got one of deez on Creator Corner. Well I won't pass up a chance to talk about it. This is only some of what I have so far but this is the run down, still working on worldbuilding so I haven't worked on any actual characters yet.
  3. So in the Rythm of War, Navani and Raboniel manage to create a Light that is a mix of both Stormlight and Voidlight, creating Warlight. But what can it do? Is it only it's existence that is special or is there a practical use to it that we know of?
  4. I just had a question in my mind, how do Awakened objects see? Because the prologue of Warbreaker, with the little straw-doll moving around outside of Vasher's line of sight, proves that they have some ability to examine their surroundings. How do they do that? Then it came to me, Heightenings, Awakened Objects almost always possess enough Breath for at least the first Heightening which would give them access to Lifesense, so that's how Awakened Objects see the people around them. There's probably more to this though, considering that they can react to their non-living environment though that might be explained by the visualization of their Command. Though I'm guessing that Awakened Objects wouldn't get much use from Perfect Pitch or Perfect Colour Recognition, but I still think it's remarkable if this were true.
  5. So chances are she wouldn't be able to kill under some or even most circumstances. Also we just don't know jack about her. Aside from the basics.
  6. I recently had a brain wave, Preservation was unable to destroy anything due to his Shards Intent, could the same be for Cultivation? Could the reason for Cultivation to take such indirect actions for vengeance against Odium and also not simply having his Shard Splintered once Rayse died be because she is only able to Cultivate? Could she be only able to prune, not kill?
  7. Well if the new Odium is going to 'Save' all the people in the Cosmere, he'll need to do something about those other meddling gods. Yeah I wouldn't be surprised if he tried to take the Ghostbloods from Thaidikar. They would either be the easiest off-world group to recruit or one of the hardest. I can imagine most of the other Shards even believing the act, what with their godly bystander syndrome and all, they'd probably further justify not getting by saying something like 'Odium isn't Rayse now, so there's totally no reason to worry, now stop bothering me as I'm very busy burying my head in the sand'.
  8. This makes me wonder, if Odium is going to Invest into Roshar more, how will he be able to Splinter the other Shards? Will he use subtlety and proxies like Trell with the Set? Will he go after the Dawnshards? Will he attempt to form a Coalition of potentially likeminded Shards?
  9. SPOILERS FOR RYTHM OF WAR!!! So considering the fact that our heroes now have the capability to permanently kill the Fused, and the Shard of Odium is under new management, will Roshar's newest god create more Fused to make up for losses? Or is there perhaps a reason that Rayse didn't any new ones at any point after the first Fused.
  10. Interesting, do you think i'd be possible to put so many Breaths into a cloak (or any Type 3 Invested Entity? Or was it Type 4? I dunno) that it gains sentience? Like with Nightbood? And Nightblood only needed 1000 Breaths, though they did gain more Investiture over time so maybe that isn't the best comparison. I was thinking of someone doing this to wield more than 2 Shardblades, or perhaps Honorblades, at once and completely decimating anyone in their way.
  11. So the 'Breath Cost' of an Awakening depends on both the 'Liveliness' of an object and the complexity of the Command? So do you think it would be feasible to Awaken a Mistcloak and Command it to act a pair of separate arms? Perhaps pull a General Grevious and quadruple wield swords?
  12. Can you place more Breaths in an Awakened Object then you need to? Like if you have 1,000 Breaths and try to Awaken a cloak that would only need 200 Breaths, could you instead choose to Awaken it with 500 Breaths? And would this have any benefits, like the object might be able to handle slightly more complex Commands or something?
  13. Hmmm... I'll keep reading, if I find something I'll point it out. But now I'm lean towards 'Probaby yes' on the 'Surges affect ground in Shadesmar' question.
  14. I just read Rythm of War, so a few Lightweavers mined some obsidian from the ground in Shadesmar then Soulcasted it into food. So I guess the ground in Shadesmar isn't that Invested? At least not to the point that it couldn't be unaffected by Surges.
  15. I know that there are mountains in the Cognitive Realm, though they're smaller than they would normally be. My question is are there caves in the Cognitive Realm? I ask this because Ruin's perpendicularity was, supposedly, at the bottom of the Pits of Hathsin, so would it also be in a cave in the Cognitive Realm or would it just be on the surface?