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  1. It changes the context of the situation. Though really that wasn't the only thing that was threatening to break the alliance apart, it was Elhokar declaring Dalinar as 'High-King', which made the leaders of the other nations, who were already skeptical of the Alethi due to their incessant warmongering, think that the Alethi were just trying to use the situation to take over Roshar like Sunmaker. Edit: Plus at the time no one really knew what the Fused were or what they could do. The other leaders probably thought that they'd just be fighting normal Parshendi, with no inkling of their elites being Surgebinders.
  2. I don't think Aon Daa is the right Aon to use as a base, maybe Aon Ehe, the one that shoots fire, would be better. Add some Aon Raos to amp up the heat and somehow figure out how to make an Aon Equation that compresses the fire spray into a small beam of pure heat.
  3. I'm about 90% sure that it doesn't. She had to keep stating when she was Radiant or Veil because they couldn't afford to waste Stormlight while in Shadesmar.
  4. I think I'd be somewhat creeped out by the whole 'be stabbed by some spikes and turn into a big blue guy' but otherwise I wouldn't really care. The Koloss in Era 2 don't seem to do much or wander outside of their tribes, Koloss-blooded excluded. I would just be distant and unconcerned about the Koloss unless they all decided to revert back to mindless savagery. Then I'd be terrified.
  5. So I've been thinking about Perpendicularities and how to make them artificially. Along with this WOB So let's put that to the test, shall we? I'm going to try to find a way for someone to create a Perpendicularity within each Invested Art, no hacking like Compounding cause that's cheating. Here are some ideas: Surgebinding: Transportation or Bondsmith. Just getting that out of the way. Allomancy: Have someone be implanted with many non-Hemalurgic spikes of their metal, plus Duralumin to burn it all instantly. Would need to be Mistborn and for the spikes to be Pewter to survive it. The resulting massive amount of Investiture might be enough to bring the Realms together for a moment, if this isn't enough then try with more Allomancers who can Burn Pewter and Duralumin until it is. The Perpendicularity resulting from the method will likely just be temporary. Feruchemy: Have a lot of Feruchemists fill up a whole lot of little metalminds, or a few really big ones. It would likely take several lifetimes to completely fill but would probably be more stable, and thus more usable, than if you used Allomancy. Hemalurgy: Now this is a hard one, End-Negative doesn't leave a lot of room for hoarding a motherlode of Investiture but I'll try. I'd say make a really big spike that has multiple 'prickles' that can be used for stabbing, like a giant metal cactus, then gather up as many people as possible and start ritualistically sacrificing them to the almighty Spike, you'd probably need to leave a body or several stuck on it to prevent Hemalurgic Decay. It'll likely take a whole civilization of people to be sacrificed to make this have any chance of working but once you have it, you'd just need to hook on a few fresh corpses once in a while to keep the Investiture in. Yeah this was pretty dark moving on! Awakening: Gather up an ungodly amount of Breaths, probably much more than the Godking. Maybe several hundred thousand or maybe even a million Breaths. At some point you'd probably become a walking, talking Perpendicularity. Then if you wanted to you could just dump all those Breaths into some random object and Command it to 'Be still' or something. Would definitely take lifetimes but hey you'd be immortal after your two-thousandth swindle. AonDor: This will likely require an Aon as large as or even larger than the Aon that makes up Elantris, just find an Aon that will allow you to stockpile Investiture and one that produces raw Investiture then write Aon Rao over and over again. Could be more complicated but we've only seen the tip of the Aonic iceberg. Forgery: Forgery is one of the 'Low Investiture' Magics like Sand Mastery, not a lot of Investture is used in it's process. Best idea would be to try to figure out how to stack multiple Soulstamps on the same object, then keep as many multi-soulstamped objects together as possible. It would likely be wildly impractical but it's all I got. Dahkor: Similar to Hemalurgy, sacrifice a whole lot of people all at once. Or give one Monk as many sacrifices as possible. Other Selish Arts: We just don't know enough about ChayShan or Bloodsealing to really make any accurate guesses, but I suppose if many practitioners where to use it all at once? I dunno moving on. Aether/Sand Mastery: I'm putting these together because they seem to operate on smilar principles. Water + Sand/Aether makes the magic happen. Low Investiture needed so I can only assume that if many, many Sand Masters/Aetherbounds were to drink a whole lot of water and use their powers all at once something might happen. Old Magic: No idea. And that's all I've got, hope you enjoy my crazy ideas. I actually surprised myself a little with a few of these.
  6. I'm looking forward to learning more about Ba-Ado-Mishram, what was her relations to the Heralds? What kind of damage was she doing that necessitated her being imprisoned? Where is she now? Also seeing the war between Shallan and the Ghostbloods, with seeing just how they will attempt to overcome the other and seeing more off-world magic being brought in by the Ghostbloods.
  7. The Path makes this even easier, you can put an appropriate Spike in your ear and no one will question it because it's part of a religion.
  8. He certainly doesn't look like a Hemalurgist, which I guess is the point, wouldn't want anyone asking too many questions about how you're not dead from being a pincushion.
  9. I was thinking about that combination. I've seen the not-technically-canon-but-whatever MAG Twinborn combinations with A-Gold and F-Aluminum being called a Vessel. So what I was thinking is, either through Savantism or Resonance probably both, you could allow a Gold Shadow to possess you by storing all of your Identity away. Here's an example. Mr. Vessel is trying to get through a locked door that they have no key to, so they focus on that door and their need to get through as much as they can, then Burn Gold, which may result in a Gold Shadow that might have lived the life of someone who can get through that door somehow, either by being an expert lockpicker or by being a really carpenter and knowing how to unhinge a door. As the Gold Shadow emerges from Mr. Vessel he stores all of his Identity away and touches the Gold Shadow, so instead of pain the Gold Shadow is then able to possess your Identity-less body for a time and use their knowledge to help Mr. Vessel get through the door. Does that make sense?
  10. Ah I see. Well maybe he will need to use a roundabout method. Or maybe I'll just have him be a decent detective. Or interrogator. Batman-style. It takes 4 Iron Spikes to (very quickly) turn someone into a Koloss, so maybe 1 or 2 won't result in a monster, just a really buff guy. Likely with some mental detriments. That would be an interesting story, until Ruin gets out and takes control of him anyway. Unless this takes place way before the first book.
  11. The Hemalurgic properties of Copper states that it steals 'Intelligence, Mental Fortitude and Memories'. That's what I'm basing this off of. Though due to Hemalurgic Decay the memories are fuzzier and somewhat distorted. Nah he's just a dude who had a really sucky past, with the human attributes he just only uses a single Copper Spike at a time and only for a little while so he can write down the memories he takes. Didn't think of that but yeah that would make sense, the fear of losing one's sense of self to the very criminals you kill to protect others, slowly being twisted into what you fight. Yeah that's some quality angst/horror material. Thanks.
  12. Thanks. He would also be a little bit of Jack the Ripper for the worst criminals. Using Copper Spikes to straight up rip out memories of members of criminal organizations to further his investigations. Yeah, definitely not quite Batman.
  13. I also had an idea for a story based on the premise of a vigilante using Hemalurgy for good. He'd have A-Iron and F-Steel, one of them being natural. Along with probably A-Bronze and A-Zinc. He'd be the Scadrian version of Batman. That's all I'll say.
  14. I think it fits here better, Creators Corner is where I would go to post more original stuff.
  15. A bit of news on this dusty old thread. I'm still writing but am abandoning this story, too mundane for my tastes. I also will be putting my stories into separate threads for simplicities sake. My current goal is to write 16 stories and post them. It is my challenge to make myself a decent fanfiction writer. I will leave you with their working titles, just know that I'm currently in the middle of the first one. 1 - The Duststalker 2 - Death's Apprentice 3 - The Last Stand 4 - Sea Sight 5 - Fellavoo 6 - A Change of Face 7 - Southern Phantom 8 - Nightly Vessel 9 - The Cloak of Salvation 10 - Forming Rhythms 11 - Ela's Flame 12 - Starry Sand 13 - False Mistborn 14 - Hero of Ages Past 15 - Far Dreamer 16 - Wayne-ing Away The order of the titles is not indicative of the order I'll be writing them in. Anyway this is the last post I'll be leaving on this thread, just want to make some of you a little excited.