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  1. I care a lot that it's out... but I already pre-ordered the physical copy to go with my other two and I didn't want to pay for the kindle version as well just to read it so... not much for me to say or be excited about or not yet. And... who knew it was coming out all of a sudden after so many date shifts? The White Sand novel (unpublished) is one of my favorite pieces of the Cosmere honestly. I love Sand Mastery almost as much as I love Awakening.
  2. brandon sanderson

    Not to totally derail this thread, but in answer, just the fact that he dislikes TLJ so much is what I disagree with.
  3. brandon sanderson

    His response on TLJ is probably the first thing I've ever heard him say that I completely disagree with...
  4. brandon sanderson

    I do have to say, that this announcement doesn't excite me all that much. Glad it does him. I used to watch Shad's videos and all, but now I just can't do it.
  5. That seems to be a pretty good/simple understanding of what was happening actually. Heralds were chosen by Honor to both fight the Voidbringers and help humanity rebuild after a desolation. When they died, they were sent to Braize to be tortured until just one of them broke, at which point another Desloation would start. I don't know that there is anything much beyond supposition as to exactly how the Oathpact was keeping Odium bound to the Roshar system or what the stipulations were for him to be free, but the basic mechanics are pretty much what you describe.
  6. I feel like there is one missing piece here if this is correct in the name of the Ghostbloods. If Spook literally means Ghost as a connection point, the "blood" part of the name could easily be a reference back to Hemalurgy right? Even if Spook was the founder and you want to say that in Cosmere since Spook doesn't mean "Ghost", he could have come up with the name as an homage to Kelsier's status as a cognitive shadow or something, effectively a ghost in the Cognitive Realm haunting Spook. Or it could be more simple than Ghost = Spook/Kelsier in homage + Blood = Hemalurgy, it could be more like "Ghostblood = 'We're the blood of the Ghost, continuing his work in the Cosmere'". This is a fun theory. I don't know if it'll be right, but I like the creativity!
  7. Are there other examples of the sheath doing something weird for aluminum specifically? I know in Warbreaker it was constantly getting shoved through chests and that is super squirrely, but I don't think that's related to the aluminum per se. I'm not sure why the realism of aluminum as a shield, thickness aside, has anything to do with its ability in the Cosmere to block an invested weapon? We know that shardblades are also lighter than they appear, so it's not a giant steel sword striking down on an aluminum shield, but a light invested blade striking down on a presumably tested and well-designed shield that blocks investiture. So far as I know, this example in Oathbringer is the only one we have that shows the sheath interacting with a blade. Nightblood is far more invested than a regular shardblade. I don't see why if it can block Nightblood, that a less invested shardblade couldn't also be blocked by the metal.
  8. Pretty positive it's not Aluminum, sorry. The paragraph after we see our first one in Oathbringer T says: T's talking about Aluminum here. Though to be fair to the theory, it might actually work @CrazyRioter. In the climax battle, one of the Fused grabs Nightblood's sheath, made from aluminum per WOB, and used it to easily block Szeth's attacks using an unsheathed Nightblood and it didn't appear to suffer any damage. If an aluminum sheath can block Nightblood without any harm, an aluminum shield or coated shield might be able to block a regular shardblade without harm to itself I think.
  9. They got what their blades gave them, so yes two, but I think the point was more that each/any of the surges at those levels of power are..very powerful. Now I’m wondering what Honor fueled Division vs. Compounded Gold healing would look like.
  10. Frame of reference.
  11. Have fun! There have been a couple of versions done that might point you towards paths or pitfalls if you want to check them out. GitP - Theorycrafting a Knight Radiant Reddit - Knight Radiant with 4 subclasses
  12. I believe this is it. I don't remember hearing about 3 full White Sands novels, but with everything else happening and on the plate I doubt he's developing the content/outlines whatever for another 6 graphic novels.
  13. That's an interesting breakdown! I'd probably have to argue in 5e that both Windrunners and Skybreakers are Paladins. Windrunners would be the "NG"ish Oath of the Ancients, while Skybreakers are more the "LN" Oath of the Crown style. There is certainly a lot of flavor tie in's to how you've associated them though, I'd agree!
  14. That is actually perfect! Each blade wielder is a Hexblade Blade lock on top of whatever else they are!
  15. I think of Adonlin as more of a Battle Master Fighter. He doesn't have any magic himself, just magic items. Shallan would/could/should probably be a Sorcerer with subtle and extend spell metamagics at least. I'd say she's probably a Divine Soul... at least that's my thought.