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  1. Could be that you somehow have the audio narration on it as well? Those are big... mine is hundreds of MB
  2. I would argue that Kelsier is True Neutral when we meet him. I would honestly say what we hear of his past that before he went to the Pits and Snapped, he was NE. He was a selfish thieving Con man, out for only himself and those few he cared about. I'm in the camp that Evil can actually love, so that might be coloring my view here. Once he snapped he went to NN and started thinking of others. I don't really think he's chaotic because he is all about having the crew set up a new government and such after they pull off their job. Just because he wants to overthrow the current regime doesn't mean he is anti-law.
  3. Well, on amazon? Snapshot
  4. From the Coppermind So to me, that means attacks, but also the reaction to your attacks, and/or anything else going on at the time.
  5. Isn't that what happens with normal Atium burning? Wouldn't it be similar to flaring Atium? I.e. an increase in the power of the burn?
  6. I didn't realize there was confusion on this point. I thought the embedded metalminds were sufficient for Ruin to talk to him. As the centuries wore on it would also make sense that he might have added some spikes here and there thinking it was safe which was actually just Ruin's thoughts. But the origin I'd always understood to just be his embedded bracers and such.
  7. I assumed it was focus and time. Sazed was focused on dumping all his knowledge in from metalminds and extrapolating, making connections, to save the world. Then he had the time from saving it to the people coming out. Probably in deific terms that was a lot. Vin was focused on fighting Ruin. And then she killed him by self-sacrifice, so not much time even by godly standards.
  8. I'm going to have to go re-read that section. In my memory of that scene, Sadaes men were all bonded/infused at the same time by just Nergaoul, not by many lesser spren. I also think that "bonded" is too strong a term for what was done with or to them. Invested, infused, overpowered is more what that seemed to be to me. To the point above, if unconscious Syl can fend off the Thrill, don't you think conscious Syl would be able to fend off a lesser voidspren?
  9. It depends on how it would be handled I guess if this were to come to pass. I agree with many of your points that it COULD become a plot thread in the future books, but I do have to say that if Kaladin abandoned Syl for Yixli it would break my heart and in some ways ruin the book or books for me. If OTOH Kaladin were to somehow bond both... that could be very interesting. The interplay of Syl and Yixli, essentially an angel on one shoulder and a devil on the other. Though because it is such a common theme, I feel that Sanderson will avoid it. He could use it as another instance of "humanizing" the enemy for us though. Like with Glys/Renarin and Venli, he keeps showing us that things are more grey than our heroes would like. That portion with Kaladin and the Parshmen was another instance of that theme and Yixli was already part of that. He could continue to dive into that with Kaladin and that might be an interesting way to see it. That said, I don't think Syl bonded Kaladin until he said the first ideal. She was drawn to him, attracted to him because of his Honor, but I've never heard that they were actually bonded before the First Ideal. Share a source on that if you have it for my own education
  10. If he published the prose version officially someday, I'd definitely pay for that as well. That said, I have the unpublished version and even it is one of my favorite of his works.
  11. I think Denth's speed is due to a number of factors that don't have to be allomancy or feruchemy. He IS a Returned. They are powered by a Splinter of Endowment, so it could be that they are Endowed with more than just standard Breath things. Like the Herald Taln catches a dart in mid-air...because whatever Honor did to the Heralds to create them makes them incredibly fast. At least Taln. No reason that the Returned aren't also like that to a degree by nature of their Splinter I think it probably also/mainly has to do with Identity. Denth believes he's superhumanly fast because...whatever. Centuries of training, his Divine Breath, whatever. But because it is part of his identity, and we see that their Returned Bodies are governed in large part by what they believe... he IS superhumanly fast. I also have a pet theory that Endowment's Divine Breath Splinters perfect what is already there in someone like Stormlight does. Kaladin is already a master of the spear, and that is only further enhanced by his Stormlight, not Stormlight making him a master. Similarly, Denth might have already been a very fast/quick reacting person before he Returned. The Divine Breath maybe just perfecting that along with being super invested and having an Identity of speed.
  12. I care a lot that it's out... but I already pre-ordered the physical copy to go with my other two and I didn't want to pay for the kindle version as well just to read it so... not much for me to say or be excited about or not yet. And... who knew it was coming out all of a sudden after so many date shifts? The White Sand novel (unpublished) is one of my favorite pieces of the Cosmere honestly. I love Sand Mastery almost as much as I love Awakening.
  13. brandon sanderson

    Not to totally derail this thread, but in answer, just the fact that he dislikes TLJ so much is what I disagree with.
  14. brandon sanderson

    His response on TLJ is probably the first thing I've ever heard him say that I completely disagree with...
  15. brandon sanderson

    I do have to say, that this announcement doesn't excite me all that much. Glad it does him. I used to watch Shad's videos and all, but now I just can't do it.