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  1. I think it's for sure symbolically relevant, though I don't know that it's got anything in terms of in-Cosmere in terms of easter eggs etc. It's probably more of a meta construct nodding to Adonalsium and the 16 Shards. Though I can actually make out the 7th Sun just to the below the last really visible one at "3 o'clock". The reason this might be relevant is that of the original Shard holders there are now 7 of them known to be deceased (Aona, Skai, Leras, Ati, Tanavast, Uli Da, and... that new one that happened recently and I don't want to accidentally spoil.)
  2. I really enjoyed the unique nature of the soul stamps and intrigue It was great I thought. I might be hesitant to say "amazing" as I would reserve that for other things, but it was great IMO
  3. Much better because I mostly read them once and then rereads are on the kindle version!
  4. I would argue that even if Brandon had read the Familiars and either consciously or unconsciously used that scene for his book it doesn’t make it a “rip off”. it would be using a neat idea for something that fit nicely into the world he had already crafted in The Way of Kings (chasms, chasm fiends, Light Weaving, etc). Or even an homage to a piece he enjoyed. “All art is theft” is a common idea in many/all forms of art. Picasso and TS Eliot are widely quoted as talking about this concept. Shakespeare lifted whole plot lines from people. Search for “John Williams stoke Star Wars music” sometime for the million YouTube videos we n that topic. interesting review paper of a Cambridge Press book on the subject of Intellectual property from 2008 that touches on this topic if only briefly:
  5. I've been trying inter-library for years. I think the only way to really get reliably it is to go to BYU
  6. I got the first shipment today. I hope it was just supposed to be the poster cuz that’s all I got!
  7. Some credit card companies will also issue you a temporary number on their website to use for an online purchase.
  8. To be clear - the Kickstarter for the 10th Anniversary Edition of The Way of Kings is the first Kickstarter Team Sanderson has done. Snapshot, Defending Elysium, Firstborn, Perfect State, and Shadows of Silence ARE published in physical book form if you want them. But I don’t know if specific plans for an omnibus. check subterranean press and Vault’s site to see if they’re still selling or not Dreamer and H.A.R.R.E. are in print as part of short story collections. I’ll edit when I find the titles as I can’t remember them off the top of my head
  9. I think there are two different questions here. 1. what order seems to fit Adolin the best based on the quiz order descriptions 2. what order does he seem like he’ll end up in? If he ends up in an order at all, which is still in the air... I agree he fits the stoneward fits the best on profile. At the same time, his blade that seems to be reviving is most likely a Edgedancer blade. New things feel like they’re happing with the spren and bonds and orders. He’d make a beautiful Edgedancer gliding around the battlefield too...
  10. Depends on you. I've bought all of them so far as they've come out and just pledged the kickstarter to get the way of king 2 volume set. They are beautiful, and I love them. But they aren't really reading copies of the books. I use my digital copies or the regular hardback/paperbacks for actual reading.
  11. I like this theory. It is something that I could see happening in book 5 of SA actually as a culmination of the 5 book arc, as well as his and Vivenna's stories. It would be sad too. He's one of my favorite characters.
  12. Bummer. Mine has been pretty responsive. They've bought at least 3 of the 5 I've recommended.
  13. Killer of Words perhaps also. Seems more inline with the theme of books and dissemination of information
  14. Could be that you somehow have the audio narration on it as well? Those are big... mine is hundreds of MB
  15. I would argue that Kelsier is True Neutral when we meet him. I would honestly say what we hear of his past that before he went to the Pits and Snapped, he was NE. He was a selfish thieving Con man, out for only himself and those few he cared about. I'm in the camp that Evil can actually love, so that might be coloring my view here. Once he snapped he went to NN and started thinking of others. I don't really think he's chaotic because he is all about having the crew set up a new government and such after they pull off their job. Just because he wants to overthrow the current regime doesn't mean he is anti-law.