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  1. Peter for Misting for sure F-Bendalloy because I LOVE to eat and I'd never have to stop Compounding Steel for sure
  2. This is just my front room desktop display "shelf", my other Sander-shelf is in my office, but since I just got my Alloy/Shadows leather I thought I'd show that shelf off!
  3. If the choice was only Mistborn or Feruchemist, I'd have gone with Feruchemist, because it would jive with my avid indoorsman lifestyle... ... but you also offered me 5th heightening Awakener giving me all the coolness of Heightenings 1-4 + Immortality without having to have an Atium cache for compounding or being bound to a specific planet or something I can't remember if Elantrians are natively immortal, but I seem to remember them dying or being spoken of passing away in the novel itself by Galladon, so yeah. 5th Heightening Awakener for me please
  4. :shrug: I mean she also calls the Shaod "Shay-ode" post transformation and Tia as "Tye-A", though that could be due to Marisai' hearing vs what is being said specifically. Maybe calling herself "Shay-I" is Sanderson's way of saying this is Shai. Don't get me wrong, I love Shai and Emperor's Soul, it's one of my favorite stories. I just don't want this to be Shai is all, though the Coppermind seems to have decided that it is 100% her since Moonlight's transformation is referenced under the Shai page's Essences Mark's entry section now The Cosmere is a big place, so it's just a bit disappointing to not expand our cast of characters with a new Forger to me is all.
  5. I've seen people mention that Moonlight must be Shai and ... I just don't see it/feel it I know worldhoppers can age slower and all, but... this person really didn't feel at all like Shai to me. Plus she used color references as an analogy like a Nathian. Dunno. The only thing that says Shai is 1) Soulstamps 2) woman 3) Shais' the only one we know, but there is an entire culture of Maipon forgers who have been working at improving Soul Stamps for like 1500 years between Emperor's Soul and the Lost Metal. Not every character has to be a crossover character just because they have similar magics. I'd be disappointed if Moonlight were Shai honestly.
  6. I'm not at all bothered by the lack of mention of metalborn security/law enforcement in any of these books myself. These books are about a crew of metalborn law enforcement working together to combat stuff. It's all from their POV and they don't know any Nicrobursts... so they don't show up. There's enough going on without having to mention every little thing. Absence of something in the text doesn't equate to absence of it in the world itself. Yes Wayne could compound gold... if he had empty goldminds to fill/use/burn and the time to do so. Which he didn't have. There is also the very real possibility that Wayne never thought of it, and Saze didn't want to keep him alive post action so purposefully didn't mention it to him while they were talking about the plan. Wax should be able to compound weight not iron pulls/steel pushes once he figures out he's mistborn, though that wlll def help in Steel/Iron push/pulls. I also thought the difference in Ghostblood demeanor was well covered in the book. Different people leading the "missions" with different students/outlooks. Also Scadrial's survival being the groups main mission and Scadrial being in danger leads to far more lenience and cooperation from them towards Marisai than on Roshar (which they're just trying to resource/technology mine, not save). There is also the fact that Era 2 comes after SA 1-5 so their methods may have shifted slightly by then or new members may have joined. I loved the parallels between Shallan and Marasai re: the Ghostbloods. I wonder if they manner in which they were treated by the Ghostbloods plays into how they reacted to their offers to join as well. If Shallan had encountered the same team as Marasai, would she have been more wholehearted/on-board? Hmm...
  7. Saze is purposefully obscuring truth from Kel here. Semantic it up however you want, but he's straight lying to Kel's face. Saze says "all the Lerasium is annihilated" which is a lie. There was enough to make one or two full Mistborn through ingestion/burning out of it, that is not "all ... annihilated" See also the difference we see between how Saze portrayed himself when talking to/with Wax/Wayne/Kandra vs. how he talks to Kel Something is up with Saze already and it's very worrisome for the future of Scadrial.
  8. Yes, Saze also thinks that Wax inhaled misted Lerasium, though how he burned it to activate it isn't seen or shown That doesn't change the fact that Saze is lying to Kel's face straight up though about Lerasium being created when Harmonium is split, it in fact doubles down on it. Lerasium and Atium both CAN be created by splitting Harmonium, but Saze is saying just Atium can be created that way
  9. Oh he’s lying for sure, but is he aware of it? :shrug:
  10. Got my copy yesterday from Amazon and read through it last night SO MUCH STUFF in there I'll need to re-read it probably with some note-taking going on... SO much happened. Loved the ending and Wayne's choices/arc. Loved the vignette epilogues, that was neat Gonna spoil some specifics just to be extra careful for now:
  11. Great answer and further explored in the Lost Metal just released today! It was a great read!
  12. I think its just retention of Ashyn stuff
  13. I doubt you're the only one, but I think you're in the minority Every time he appears "on screen" in the books since WoR I want him to go down hard, and I get disappointed when he keeps not. Especially in Oathbringer and at the end of RoW.
  14. I like this idea... that the seeds of their individual madnesses came from their rationale for ditching the Oathpact at Aharietiam Certainly could be seen in Nale's case, I agree. Kalak too could be similar (RoW spoilers): Not sure for the others though, and I too am tired
  15. That WOB actually makes me more inclined to believe that Helaran wasn't actually involved with the Skybreakers with how Brandon answered it. I think the best evidence against him being involved with the Ghostbloods is what you already presented. The only other group he could have been involved with that might have had Shards would have been the Diagram if it's not the Skybreakers. Off the wall thought... what if he was a Shin agent somehow? There is a ton of missing shards out there... I think at the end of the day it'll have been the Skybreakers after all, but I do hope we find out at some point more of the "why" they were striking at Amaram/Son's of Honor, and why they loaned plate/blade to Helaran rather than sending a bonded Skybreaker