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  1. I guess there are many ways of doing it, of varying difficulties.
  2. Those are rare though. I guess that's the "easiest" way of doing that, but for example Odium provides free Voidlight to Fused. Powering Allomancy with Odium's investiture sounds like an awesome deal. Stormlight is plentiful and replenishing as well. Would burning Raysium, for example, allow one to draw in Voidlight?
  3. Would it be possible to change the source of Allomancy's Investiture? Like for example make Allomancy pull from Odium's investiture? Hemallurgy is the magic system that seems most likely to be able to do this. The Dor seems pretty flexible, maybe some shenanigans could happen to get infinite allomancy while on Sel? Then Connection hack yourself to Sel to keep that wherever you are?
  4. It seems the most solid theory is that Feruchemy is independent from Trell. Thanks for the wobs, I hadn't seen those. I'm very interested in seeing how Feruchemy was introduced into the population. We'll probably get an answer in the future.
  5. I saw a good explanation of this idea: You Ruin yourself (weaker while storing) then Preserve that. The Autonomous part is where Trell comes in I guess, that one is much less likely. It might be Autonomous because it is not dependant on any shards to work. Hemalurgy is like that too but it leaves you open to Shardic influence.
  6. I know that there isn't a canon answer yet, but what are the main solid theories behind the origins of Feruchemy? In my head, Trell is involved somehow. Since Feruchemy is Ruinous, Preservative, and Autonomous.
  7. We'll probably get to know more in era 3 or through wobs in the next years.
  8. I'm sure Wax knows this though. He already knows a decent deal about Hemalurgy from the book Marsh himself gave Marasi. I'm 90% this comment about duralumin is truthful. I don't dismiss the possibility that Marsh is hiding something tho, just not that its as simple as his stronger allomancy.
  9. What do you guys think about his comment on practicing with his powers? Could he have become a duralumin savant and gained control over the boost? I don't think he'd waste his reserves on a random gun, he has to have a way to control duralumin bursts.
  10. I think that Feruchemy actually produces a decent amount of Investiture. per WOB, tapping a metalmind is enough to fuel Nightblood, even if not for much time. Filling a metalmind also produces a constant stream of investiture, but It's not confirmed if that makes you any less invested, since you are pulling from attributes. TLM spoiler: I think this also fits Allomancy's theme. With savantism, you gain stronger powers but are hit with debuffs. This follows the same format, more power with a debuff. There are real benefits to a Reverse Compounder: 1) Allomancy is limited by having access to metal. A Reverse Compounder would only need the 1 fabrial and have access to a constant stream. 2) The Investiture is inside a metalmind. Feruchemy has always allowed for you to tap as strongly as you want for an exponentially less efficient power burst. For example: Storing weight for many hours but not tapping that Investiture, and using it for a single powerful Pull. This is essentially a more controllable Duralumin/Nicrosil burst. Remember that Vin's Allomancy was significantly more powerful when she had a large amount of Investiture in her instead of relying on a burning metal. Bendalloy, Atium, Electrum, and Iron have the most powerful combinations for this that I can think of, although others have potential. I agree with you that Surgebinding is VERY nice for this. The Selish magics require that constant stream of Investiture, so I could see some niche uses for that as well. And like all magics, if you can turn that into Breaths you could get some very nice effects.
  11. What if Reverse Compounding involves using the Investiture from filling metalminds? For example, permanently losing your sense of smell, touch, and taste to create a constant stream of Investiture which could power Allomancy. Not really permanent, but it's a trade-off in line with Feruchemy's philosophy. I don't know how the Invesiture would be repurposed, however. Maybe a special fabrial or modified metalmind could do it? Aluminum has Identity-modifying properties and can do weird things with fabrials, so it's a possibility.
  12. Kandra Returned: Ultimate spy. I figured Returned shapeshifting might help kandra make their own bones. Getting around the hair problem is huge tho. The Hemalurgic spike would probably be consumed by the Divine Breath though. You still need to circumvent thst somehow.
  13. It's not really a problem for most Allomancer's, no. But for compounders, the amount of steel you have is basically your speed supply as well. If you become a strong enough savant, I imagine you'd be compounding much, much faster to keep up with tapping insane amounts of steel. The winning strategy then is to Soulcast steel directly in your stomach, fill it with speed from your other metalminds, and then burn it as it is being soulcasted. I'm imagining TLR levels of allomancy here, or maybe even stronger. All this really does is switch your fuel from steel to Stormlight though. BTW, I imagine become a savant of a Feruchemically charged metal basically means you get more out of Compounding, as Allomantic savants receive more Investiture from Preservation.
  14. Do you guys think a kandra could Return in Nalthis? Would this restore the kandra to their original human form if they haven't been a kandra for long enough? If they have been a kandra for thousands of years and the Return keeps them that way, what would happen? Would they still need spikes to stay sane? Would they still need bones (Returned have some control over their shape)? I would like to know what kind of resonances would happen, in your opinion, or if it's even possible.
  15. Probably, but I think the real issue comes when trying to leave the planet at all. The issues with worldhopping surgebinders are: How can your spren leave Roshar How do you get Stormlight off Roshar Leaving your spren in Roshar but compounding duralumin to Connect with it strongly could definitely work but it might damage the bond to be so far away for such a long time. Could a Bondsmith maintain their strong Connection to the Stormfather and have infinite stormlight to do it? Leaving the planet whenever he wants to? Would he still be able to get infinite Stormlight off planet?