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  1. Welcome to the shard, it's great to have you here!
  2. "Q kept mum." This seems like a typo. "After a few shakes to jostle his brain back into alignment," This seems odd. Knocking his head on the ceiling wouldn't put his brain out of alignment. I could see this as an exaggeration, but shaking his head back into alignment doesn't seem like the right response. "put it in writing and everything." It's good to finally know why Q and F have been traveling together, but personally, I think It would be nice to know a little earlier on. "With a gun that, being a woman and therefore incapable of properly handling a firearm." He did not just go there. "He had to, having no hands and all." F seems pretty ok with being of ostrich. It seems odd that he wasn't made more of an effort to be changed back. "and nothing came to her. And QW continued to die." And is used twice, reading this felt a bit clunky. Pg 11-I'm wondering what Q's backstory is. If she's such a powerful witch why is she a journalist? How did she get to this point? "How many centuries back did he send feminism--" I'm glad to see this addressed. "You’re lucky that Her Holy Majesty’s not her mother." Your mother? "FN" This is a nickname F gave, it seems odd that Q would come up with the same nickname unless F shared it with her. Nice cliffhanger. Overall I enjoyed these chapters. I really liked seeing the other witches. I also like how the sunspots have been repeatedly threatened, and are entering the story. I found that satisfying. I was quite annoyed with F for his jab at women and was glad when Q addressed it. Thanks for sharing, I can't wait to read the next chapter!
  3. Welcome! It's great to have you here. What's your favorite series?
  4. Incorrect quotes that may or may not be completely accurate, but (I think) are pretty funny. Wayne: I'm tired. Wax: You slept for three hours last night! Why are you surprised?! Wayne: I'm not surprised. I just wanted to complain about it. Steris: Wayne is not allowed to violate the dress code, even on 'casual' Fridays. Steris: No matter how many times you say please, Wayne. We won't put any of the hats you've been asking about into the dress code. Syl: Kaladin: >:( Syl: Turn that frown upside down! Kaladin: ):< Syl: Not sure what I was expecting...
  5. Lol, my brother does both of these things too. He seems convinced that real life should work like Minecraft, meaning that if he builds a tower a pulls out the bottom the rest will stay standing. He gets upset when it doesn't. He's also great at having conversations while tantruming, the second my mom tells him to stop gaming he throws a full-on tantrum, manages to have a conversation with my mom, and manages to keep playing the game. It's actually quite impressive.
  6. I haven't read any of Stephen King's books. TPBM has peeled the coating of an M&M and eaten only the chocolate inside.
  7. "Wait, you wanted to keep the bones?" When boarding a airplane
  8. The internet says it'll come out in 2023, but that could definitely be incorrect. I'm hoping it's true tho.
  9. Stellarlune was so good! The only issue is Shannon and her love of cliffhangers. Only a year of suffering until the next book.
  10. I'm assuming your username is either a reference to something or similar to your real name. 7/10
  11. i exist

    Welcome to the shard! It's great to have you here!
  12. Here's a meme of what it was like the first time I read Way of Kings
  13. Pg 5 "After a sustained bout of charades, got his answers: The Crescent—bloody smart-aleck—shrug, no, and no." I had trouble matching these to the questions in the previous paragraph. I'm thinking that maybe "smart-aleck" was a comment rather than an answer. The part where Q was writing on her typewriter was a little disorienting to read, especially with the bigger font. It took me a minute to realize that it was Q typing rather than a shift in the font. "Q's link to her typewriter back at her apartment in B died with an electric screech when she finally noticed who the F N was going up against" This sentence was a bit confusing. Is the typewriter electric? And why does it die when she notices F N's opponent? Do her powers short it out or something along those lines? I really enjoyed this! You have a very unique writing style. I can always envision everything clearly, and the unique descriptions you use add a ton of flavor to the story. Q and F are extremely interesting characters, and the world is so complex and chaotic that I'm constantly wanting to know more. Aside from a couple of slightly confusing sentences, and the bit where Q was writing on her typewriter, I don't really have any suggestions for this chapter. Thanks for sharing!
  14. Yep! just look at my username. TPBM likes to drink pickle juice.
  15. Tagged for violence because of a character kicking another character, and a character in pain. I'm looking for whatever feedback you have. I've also been working on making my submissions tidier, so hopefully, there are fewer mistakes. I'd love to know how I'm doing with that. I hope you enjoy! -FlowerGirl Here's a short summary for anyone who hasn't read the previous chapters. Jenah has been taken to the gifted's compound for reeducation. While there she discovers that the gifteds aren't as perfect as everyone believes. While in the compound she's lectured, tortured, and fed slimy gray mush. Her family is threatened by the leader of the compound, and she discovers that her sister is dating the gifted's president's son.