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  1. I think this is relevant to Discord's emergence. Less Lerasium was left over after the explosion. I am interested in the metaphysical implications the chemical reactions of the metals. Perhaps it's reading to much into it, but I view it as an "as below, so above" situation. I think it the interactions of the shards could happen the same way. Autonomy injected a bit of itself into the Scadrial system which blinded Harmony. I think that clearing that Autonomy cloud would have had a similar reaction for the shards. Autoomy could have Caused Ruin, and Preservation to A) become more independent, and B) destroyed Lerasium/Preservation at a higher ratio than Atium/Ruin. I think it plausibly describes how Ruin gained influence over Preservation to the point that Harmony flips to Discord. Agreed. God Metals are elements rather than alloys to my understanding. So to split one into two others would literally be the splitting of an atom. Well known to be be the trigger for nuclear weapons. The power output, and description implies this as well. Which makes sense as Investiture is described as being the same thing as matter, and energy. Investiture "nuclear" explosions do seem cleaner without deadly radiation though. There were no descriptions of radiation sickness.
  2. Have Brandon, and Dan explained their co writing process? The vague idea of the process I have picked up so far seems to be that Brandon outlines, and then Dan writes the first draft passing back to Brandon for a draft. I do not have anything to site for that though. Is their process something that is known?
  3. It makes me think of John Constantine in DC comics. He battles the forces of hell putting himself in danger, and constantly almost dies. His loved ones die instead. It’s at least insinuated that he unconsciously steals his loved ones luck. This is why they die instead of him. Because he is “lucky”. Bad luck to get in the situations, and lucky to survive indeed.
  4. Here is a two session version of what I used to picture the Pursuer in particular, and singer warform to a lesser extent to look like before I saw art of them. The top of the head is blatantly stolen from the protheans from mass effect. The face and body design are also kind of from reference but from three pieces of art each blended together.
  5. I know Brandon, and Isaac just did a bunch of branding work for Stormlight recently. Brandon also talks about how you can think of fantasy texts as translations. This got me thinking. I combined the ideas and added some translation to the Bridge Four logo to make it more merchandising friendly. Attached are my first and my second drafts. Still a work in progress, but I proved the concept to myself. I have since moved on creatively. I’m not sure if I will ever circle back to it to get it to a finished state. I figured I would just share it as is. Second draft is next to official original design for reference. I tried balancing keeping it close to the original design while still making the 4 readable as possible.
  6. This is what I think will happen. I think of honorspren as two generations. Essentially the entire first generation of honorspren became deadeyes with the recreance. I like to think of the second, and current generation of honorspren as made from the rest of the remnant investiture that did not get placed into the Stormfather when Honor was splintered. I think the mantra to “unite them” was always talking about uniting the entirety of one of the generations of honorspren along with the Stormfather to recreate the Honor Shard. Dalinar’s previous interpretations of the command where just him misunderstanding the assignment, and learning leadership, and his powers well enough to “unite” the correct “them”. To speculate who will take up the shard, I think it eventually goes to Taravangian making him into the “War” Shard. It might have a fancier name than that. RoW spent too much time on how to mix Stormlight and Voidlight to get Warlight to not think the shards will join. The changing hands of a Shard is a huge deal so I think it’s too soon to give Odium to someone else. Taravangian is likely to remain the big bad. The biggest evidence in the text is when Cultivation says to Taravangian that he can bear the Odium Shard “with honor”. I have to think that is intentionally placed as a clue, and not just a mundane compliment. Odium’s previous vessel had resisted the idea of taking up additional shards because he thought Odium fit him so well he didn’t want to dilute it. With a new vessel in charge that may no longer be a guiding principle. If we want to go another step further out onto a limb I feel like adding the Cultivation Shard to the “War” Shard would continue to make the Rosharan Big Bad Shard extra terrifying. Cultivation is all about growth, and change with little regard for cost. Adding that to War would be become something akin to the Military Industrial Complex Shard. Which could sweep out into the Cosmere as the Biggest Bad. This is a speculation too far out to put money on however. Especially since I fear cultivation more than Odium at least to a degree. Cultivation is the mastermind behind the fates of Lyft, Dalinar and Taravangian. Aka the main forces of the plot so far. So she is not a push over to be underestimated.
  7. Do we know exactly what spren corruption is, and the extent to which Sja-Anat corrupts spren? I just view it as her changing them to be more attuned to Odium. Do they fully become Odium Spren? Could they stop somewhere in the middle, and become the first War Spren?
  8. Is there a thread with best practices for spoilers?
  9. Thank you guys for the constructive criticism. Let me first immediately concede that Me using the term voidbinding was a nomenclature error. I was also actually thinking more of how regals work than fused. I know how important terminology can be for these discussions so I apologize for that. I also admit there is little evidence of origins of the current Unmade, and that part of my theory was mostly based on the number of powers, 9 vs 10. Which could very easily be more to do with the nature of shards themselves. The Unmade are endlessly fascinating, and can’t wait to find out more about them. Ba-Ado-Mishram in particular. I can’t help but try to fill in their backstories in the meantime. As for the power coming from Odium I do in the end agree it comes from him ultimately. I was thinking of it as an extra intermediary step he purposely placed in his process flow. I have always kind of found it odd that the magic systems of both factions are so closely mirrored. I was reaching for a reason, and a mechanism for it. Odium high jacking parts of Honors system would have been an interesting explanation. After your posts, and thinking on it more I will argue against idea, and debunk it further. Honorspren disprove the idea. Honorspren have a voidspren analogue. They were made first by Honor, and later on by The Stormfather. Neither of whom are now, or were ever an Unmade. I want to circle back to Odiums known magic system mirroring the Radiant magic system. Do we know why they are so similar?
  10. Do voidspren in The Stormlight Archive have the same ill effects Radient Spren experience when transitioning to the physical realm? I know our sample size of onscreen speaking roles for voidspren is small, but Ulim doesn’t seem to have the amnesia, and naïveté about the world when he is introduced like a radiant spren would. I know he came from a gem so it’s not as clear to me when, how he was placed in the gem, or which realm he was in when captured into the gem. Just curious if there are answers out there about this.
  11. How connected were Spren to Honor? In general I view them as functionally separate. I do wonder about the economies of scale of this assumption however. Would an event like the recreance be directly felt by, or be able to directly hurt Honor?
  12. This is my first Theory Post. I apologize if this has already been put forth before. I suspect the voidbinding the Fused use come not directly from Odium. Instead they are channeled via the 9 Unmade. In Rhythm of War the Sibling says they will be unmade if the corruption of the Tower is completed. This leads me to believe that perhaps The Sibling is not the sibling of the Stormfather, and the Nightwatcher, but instead more like one of their 10 children. One powerful Spren for each type of Surge. These are the true 9 siblings to The Sibling. These 9 powerful Spren of Honor and/or Cultivation were Unmade. 9 Unmade, and 9 voidindings. Not only would this explain why there are only 9 voidbindings, but also why the binding that is missing is the Bondsmith binding. None of the 3 known Bondsmith Spren have ever been corrupted into Unmade. If the Sibling, the Stormfather, or the Nightwatcher ever get corrupted into Unmade made it could allow for the 10th type of Binding. Taking this speculation further into territory that maybe should be a new post. If my theory is true this could also be the cause of the changing of the true tones of Roshar. My understanding of planet, star system, and magic system investiture is that the investiture is imbued by Shards into the planets. Which ties the Shards to the planets. On Roshar the Singers seem to be able to hear this investiture as rhythms. If Powerful Spren are tied to the investiture closely enough it would make sense that the corrupting of said Spren with the addition of Odium’s void investiture would change the investiture rhythms of the planet in much the same way that mixing of investiture Light changes the type of Light as discovered by Navani in RoW.
  13. Thank you. I appreciate the responses.
  14. Greetings. The Stormuncle's cognitive aspect reporting for theorizing. How thoroughly are new forum members expected to search topics before posting questions and/or theories? Thanks, The Stormuncle