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  1. Thanks for letting me know
  2. Are you calling THE Lopen crazy gancho??? How could you?!?! He is the most normal, sane person to ever exist in fantasy.
  3. Could you make a legit shardbow? Like make a bow out of the metal and shoot arrows of the same material? Huio in dawnshard throws his spear at the greatshell or whatever nd it keeps its form. And if this is possible why do shardblades have to form in your hand? Lopens first shardblade, also in dawnshard, forms as a dagger on his desk. If this is possible why don't the spren just fly above the enemy and form as a dagger and just fall through them? With this as a possibility why don't they just fly in their mouth and do the same?
  4. Both eras
  5. I think I'd want to burn pewter due to the enhanced strength and dexterity, this is extremely appealing to me to have. For the feruchemical aspect I'd probably take mental speed, It would just be extremely useful for just everyday application and I don't think it would be too annoying to store either, in fact it might be nice for when you are waiting for something to make it pass faster.
  6. What jobs do you think the characters of the Mistborn series would have if they were in modern day society? Discounting how their personalities would have been different growing up in our world.
  7. Whoops. Probably true that it would fit better in the mistborn forums.
  8. We are talking our world. The athlete thing is a great idea, idk how pewter would affect gold, but I think storing health would be little bit impractical. It may just be me, but I don't get injured very often. Although, it did mention that because Miles was always burning gold his muscles never burned and he never had to breathe. Seeing as you're not compounding though, you'd only be able to do it in bursts.
  9. What combination of twinborn would you be? (Compounding doesn't count but you can mention what you think would be cool). Personally I'd like to burn Pewter and be able to store either mental speed or weight. With weight you could make yourself extremely light then launch yourself due to pewter. And weight isn't that annoying to store. Mental speed would just be generally useful but a pain to store.
  10. would you rather

    If you could be a twinborn, which combination would you be? compounding doesn't count for this fyi, it's just too good. Personally I'd want to be a pewter burner and be able to store speed, or maybe weight.
  11. would you rather

    Also having to get a good metal dealer who makes the alloys with the correct percentages. that's gonna be the most challenging part
  12. would you rather

    I'm literally the only mistborn person here. XD Love some of the ideas for being a full feruchemist tho. I just love the idea of bendalloy and pewter along with being a coinshot. although some of the mistborn metals are absolutely useless *cough gold *cough *cough. It's just more appealing to me to not have to store them up first for a while first. I'd just need to find a metal dealer. Imagine if I found some atium.
  13. would you rather

    I completely agree, although I really would rather be a mistborn, while it doesn't have quite the range of applications Feruchemy has, I reallyyy want to be a coinshot. And along with bendalloy and cadmium for time manipulation. And, I'm a ballroom dancer so I would absolutely LOVE to have pewter to enhance my grace while dancing. Considering all this I think I would go full mistborn.
  14. If you had to choose between being a full mistborn or a full feruchemist, what would you choose? And Why?
  15. In the general franchise, Donkey Kong. Newest is Incineroar