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  1. It came! And it's beautiful! My collection continues to grow...
  2. I'm so sorry. Every single time I've ever had something shipped by UPS, there's been some sort of screwup. Remember on the first Iron Man movie, the scene with Jim Cramer trashing Stark Industries? "This is a weapons company that doesn't make weapons!" This is basically how I view UPS: a package delivery company that doesn't deliver packages! So... hopefully you'll get your book. Eventually.
  3. Just got my notice. It probably won't be here in time for Christmas, but it'll be here soon!
  4. We know there's some level of dark magic in the Jesker Mysteries, though details are a bit light...
  5. I got some interesting answers to questions. Paraphrasing by memory here, especially the last one. Q: So Vasher moved to Roshar to live off the easy Investiture from Stormlight. A: Yeah... Q: Does he know about larkins? A: He's heard of them. Q: How afraid of them is he? A: He's really glad that they're extinct, or so he's heard at least. Because a larkin would kill him. Q: The Double Eye of the Almighty... is that just religious symbolism, or does Tanavast have weird pupils? A: Just religious symbolism. However, if you were to meet Tanavast after that symbolism had gotten enough traction, you might notice he has weird pupils. Q: Sort of a "the god is shaped by the ideas of his believers" thing? A: Yeah. But he wasn't born that way. Q: When you got picked to finish up The Wheel of Time, I remember thinking two very different things. One was "oh cool, he writes good books," but the other was "he's only published a few books; I wonder why they picked him and not someone more experienced." What was that like, the process of you getting chosen to finish the series? A: Well, the main thing was that Harriet had read Mistborn, and she liked it. The other main contender was George R. R. Martin, but they decided not to go with him because it would cause his fans to riot; even back then he had a reputation for taking a long time to publish new books. But a lot of it was that Harriet liked Mistborn, and she wanted someone with a strong understanding of the world of The Wheel of Time, which I had. But also, I think she kind of wanted a writer without much experience, so she could help guide and teach him on the project, rather than someone who was already really established and set in their ways. That's what she did with Robert Jordan afterall; she was the editor who first discovered him. So that was fun! Anyone else get any good WoBs?
  6. Argh, I missed the photo!
  7. Thanks for the update. I'll see you guys in a couple hours.
  8. Someone remind me, what time does it actually open?
  9. @Ark1002 That's because they're anonymous!
  10. From the site: Sure looks like you should be able to pick up everything you need at the high school after 5.
  11. You're "super close by" but have to take the bus? Where do you live? (I'm local and might be able to give you a ride home if it's not too far.)
  12. Already got my ticket. Who else will be there? (Ticket link for those who haven't seen it yet...)
  13. Anyone else reading M-Bot's voice as an Elcor from Mass Effect now?
  14. Me too! I'm surprised we haven't seen a preorder form for Warbreaker 10th Anniversary Leatherbound Edition yet.
  15. You know what would make for a really great Shardcast episode? Adonalsium. For all that we've learned about the Shards and their origin, the most central question remains maddeningly vague: why? What was the problem to which the original Vessels believed that the best/only solution was to destroy God and scatter its pieces far and wide across the Cosmere? I'd love to see what sort of juicy speculation you guys manage to come up with on the subject...