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  1. True, but then again most of the people capable of actually understanding are the Vessels. Well yeah! When there's a new Shard in town, (theoretically) twice as powerful as any of the others, what reasonable person wouldn't want to watch very carefully from afar and avoid drawing their notice until they had ascertained whether or not this one had malevolent intentions? He would only be in Hoid's way if that is Hoid's intention. You can't use your premise as evidence to support your premise. Yeah, he's what you call a "class traitor." Look at what Endowment had to say to him: you had your chance to be one of us, you turned it down, so stay out of our affairs. Maybe. From a literary perspective that makes sense, but it doesn't appear particularly well supported by the facts of this specific case. Particularly when you consider that his history with a Dawnshard forces him into a life of extreme pacifism. That doesn't seem particularly compatible with an aspiring galactic conqueror.
  2. Oh, now there's an interesting idea! What's your line of reasoning for that?
  3. WoK chapter 54.
  4. This really feels like it's Hoid's ultimate goal, or somehow related to Hoid's goal. Remember his talk with Dalinar, where he name-dropped Adonalsium and just moments later talked about taking a person apart and then putting him back together slightly differently?
  5. Good to hear!
  6. Did we ever end up getting audio from yesterday?
  7. OK, I found and removed the offending spoiler, cleaned up the audio quality a bit (it's still pretty noisy but it's better than what I started with!) and uploaded it to Arcanum. Again, I won't be able to provide a recorder today. Hopefully there are fans in the area who can drop one off!
  8. OK, just got home. My wife and I are both very tired, so I'll get the audio put up tomorrow morning. There was one thing Brandon asked me to scrub from the audio before posting because it's a big spoiler for an unpublished work, and after he said what it is, yeah, I definitely agree! So if you find your question in the transcription but the last few words of the answer are missing, please keep it to yourself. I did manage to get one question out of him, which was after the recorder was turned off, so I'll report it here. Q: Before the Shattering, the original 16 Vessels, how Cosmere-aware were they and were any of them worldhoppers? A: In the current continuity, they were not worldhoppers. Well... the dragons were the most Cosmere-aware. They might have been off-world. Might have. [Emphasizing the uncertainty here. He clearly has not 100% made up his mind on that last point. Also, dragons. Plural.] Also: Q: You've said that in the "back 5," there will be at least one book with Heralds as viewpoint characters, with flashbacks? A: Two. Q: Well, you've gotta have a scene at one point like this. Jezrien and Shallash are flying somewhere, but along the way, they get accosted by the Heavenly Ones. Big chaotic fight ensues. They get separated. Eventually her Stormlight runs out... ... ...and Ash falls from the sky. A: *gro~oan* Q: *cackling at his reaction*
  9. Just dropped it off. Hopefully the sound will be good. Just for the record, I will not be able to do this tomorrow. Can anyone take care of it?
  10. Sorry to hear we didn't have a recorder available yesterday! I'll bring one by after work today. It'll definitely be ready before 6.
  11. If anyone's registration stalls out at a step marked "Checkout" after hitting the Add To Cart button, there's a glitch in the site's coding. It's attempting to send you on to and failing. Go to there after the Add To Cart step and you'll be able to check out.
  12. Suddenly I'm thinking back to a year ago, when the Kickstarter for The Way of Kings went live and the page was all but entirely unusable for the first half hour or so as it got swamped with so much traffic. Registration goes live in approximately 1 hour. Anyone care to speculate on how well the server will hold up? EDIT: Yup. The site is slowed to a crawl, with page loads taking over a minute when they don't fail entirely with nginx errors.
  13. Sounds fun! I'll definitely be there!
  14. The obvious problem with the Chana theory is that the Stormfather's visions have shown our heroes accurate depictions of what the Heralds look like. If Shallan had seen her mom there, she would have mentioned it!