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  1. The question came up, is there anyone who doesn't like Jasnah? I'd have to answer this one with a yes. When I think of her character traits, the first one that comes to mind isn't her intelligence or her scholarship, it isn't her Radiant powers, her beauty, or her humor. It's her cruelty. Everyone hurts other people from time to time. It's part of being human. But Jasnah is portrayed as someone who derives far more satisfaction and enjoyment from it than remorse. And that's not someone I can respect or enjoy.
  2. Woah! That's a great WOB there! Congrats on getting it.
  3. I have fond memories of this place. I was living in Western Washington when Brandon got started, and my first signings were at this church. If anyone needs a question, could you ask this on my behalf? I didn't get the chance to ask him at the release party. Q: You've said in the past that Hoid has had many love interests over the millennia. Does that mean he's got a bunch of distant descendants running around the Cosmere? A: (I'm assuming the answer to this is yes.) Q: Is Kaladin one of them? This is my theory, and I'd love to get a yes or no answer to it, if someone would be so kind... Rationale: When bantering with Kaladin, Hoid at one point said "perhaps you've got a bit of Wit in you afterall." (May not be an exact word-for-word quote, but close enough.) I think this may be literal.
  4. I'm about halfway through the story right now, (chapter 29,) and here's what I think so far: Fun main character! Spensa is weird but her weirdness actually makes sense from the perspective of her POV, much like Wayne. Why was Spensa surprised to learn that Cobb was the one who shot her father down? It says in the prologue that he was shot down by his own flight in retribution for breaking and fleeing, which really narrows it down to a few candidates, and with the way he behaves towards her, it seemed pretty obvious from the start that he felt guilty and was trying to atone for something in his past, with "being the one to shoot him down" the most likely candidate. I love the AI. I'm a computer programmer, and Brandon's done a pretty good job of taking the bizarre ways a program with corrupted data can behave (while having no idea anything is wrong because its code is still operating exactly as designed) and mapping it onto a sentient being. I'm really liking the character of Jerkface. He was set up as... well... a real jerkface, by casting him in a specific character archetype, (OK, let's just say it; he was basically introduced as this book's Draco Malfoy,) but every time we get a closer look at him we see those expectations subverted. It almost feels like he's being subtly set up as a potential love interest for Spin eventually. (Possible love triangle with Rig? Not sure, but I could see it happening.) Cytonic hyperdrive! Doomslug is not, as some people on here were expecting, the ship's AI. So then what is it and why is it so important in those first few chapters? (And why has it fallen off the radar ever since then?) On Writing Excuses, Brandon & co talk a lot about "promises," the idea that when you set up certain questions or expectations at the start of a story, they need to pay off by the end of the story. Here's what I feel we've been promised: Learning who/what the Krell are (this one might wait for a later book) Learning what really happened on her father's last flight (this book) Getting to fly M-Bot in battle (this book) Learning where M-Bot came from (this book) I think Spin is going to "break" at some point. She's going to end up running from a battle, and she's going to have a very good reason to do so, which others won't understand/believe, leading to her being branded a coward. By the classic trilogy formula, that should happen at the climax of book 2, but pacing-wise it kind of feels like it's going to happen in this book. Guess I'll have to see...
  5. I didn't get much this time. There weren't any outlets available, and my computer ran out of power before Brandon was finished with the reading. (One of the more interesting ones quite in a while! He was reading a Taln POV scene from Way of Kings Prime, for the first time ever according to him. I saw @OrangeJedi recording it and I hope his came out well!) So I wasn't able to record people's questions during the signing portion, and I ended up not staying for the whole thing anyway because it was getting really late and I had work today that I couldn't skip out on because work-related reasons. I did manage to get in one question during the general Q&A, though: Q: Several times we've seen Shards that can hear people's thoughts, or send thoughts to people. What we'd call "telepathy" in another setting. A: Yeah... Q: Are there any Shardworlds that have a magic system where ordinary people get telepathy? A: I don't want to actually canonize this yet, but yes, I do have a really fun idea for a world like that in the Cosmere.
  6. So I dropped by the store on my way in to work, and @JoyBlu recognized me, showed me where the sign-up sheet was, and offered to get my wristband and buy my book for me and let me pay her back tonight. This fandom is awesome!
  7. Blargh. I have to leave for work before 9 in order to be off work and back here in time for the event, and I'm sure I'm far from the only one in that particular boat. Why do the people running this not take that into account?
  8. As usual, I'll be there to record stuff. Looking forward to seeing you guys!
  9. Hey @Chaos, voting seems to be broken on this page specifically. Trying to upvote anything ends up with the vote never registering. Any idea what's going on?
  10. Well that was fun. Due to other obligations, I missed basically everything before the signing, so I'll be looking forward to seeing other people post recaps. I did get one good question in, though. (I have more, but I'm saving them for the Skyward release.) Q: So Taravangian's changes happen during the night, while he sleeps? A: Yeah. Q: Has he ever thought to pull an all-nighter and see what happens? A: Yes, and it still happens. Q: He changes, while he's awake and conscious for it? A: Yes.
  11. I'm not sure if it can go back that far, simply because there had to have also been time for civilization to arise on Ashyn, for their knowledge of magic to have grown to such a high degree that they were able to lay waste to the entire planet, and Odium's involvement means that a lot of this, at the very least, happened post-Shattering. And after that, the refugees came to Roshar and spent several generations (apparently) living in Shinovar before the whole Girl Who Looked Up bit kicked off the original Desolation. Make the Desolations period too long and you start butting up against the start of the timeline.
  12. Woohoo! You opened with my Nightblood questions! Yeah, that was a lot of fun getting those confirmations from Brandon.
  13. Argh! I just saw this and I was thinking "I'm totally going to go," and then I saw the time and I have other commitments at that time. I may or may not show up towards the end of it, but... ugh, I wish I'd known about this last week!
  14. I can't put my finger on why, but I'm totally envisioning Cobb as Laurence Fishburne here. Anyone else see it?