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  1. Yeah, just that one minor detail...
  2. The thing I've always wondered about (always since Brandon wrote that, at least) is, if "Surgebinding" is their term for magic in general, then what's up with "the Old Magic"?
  3. We know that Odium was already "injured" in some form due to previous conflicts with other Shards. This most likely means that its power, rather than being stronger than all of the others, was diminished somehow. Rayse won those fights with others based on skill and craftiness, not raw strength.
  4. Are you sure? There are a lot more real-world historical civilizations and cultures that no longer exist at all than there are ones that exist today. The vast majority of past civilizations have been wiped out, either by natural disasters or by their enemies. Our modern view of genocide is colored by a very specific event that proved a spectacular failure, but it only failed because half of the planet worked together to stop it. But from a historical perspective, that's very much the exception rather than the rule. If genocide didn't work, people wouldn't keep trying to do it.
  5. What exactly were you expecting? For him to turn on Dalinar? Try to kill his father? Raise an insurrection against him in the middle of a war?
  6. It was more than one line; it was showing in the entirety of their interactions. (Which admittedly wasn't much because it was pretty early on in the book when Adolin and Dalinar parted ways for their own separate plotlines, but what was there was quite noticeable!)
  7. Remember how in WoR, Pattern classified sarcasm, exaggeration, and figures of speech as very fascinating lies. The imaginations of children would almost certainly prove delicious to them!
  8. Just look at how Dalinar (and to a lesser extent Kaladin) has been able to persuade the Stormfather, a literal force of nature, to change for the better at times. If the Stormfather can change, why not any other sapient spren?
  9. What about Cultivationspren?
  10. I finally finished this. It was a very interesting look at what might have been. WOW that book was dark! Stormlight gets dark at some points, but... it's there for contrast. All the darkness that characters have to wade through sets it up so that when they overcome their problems and get to shine, they shine all the brighter because of it. Here, it's just bleak. Everyone just ends up losing and falling apart, and I'm very glad Brandon didn't end up going this way for SA. Also, it was far less epic in scope. Everyone mentions there not being any spren, but it was more than that. You just sort of get the sense that everything is... lesser. The entirety of human history on Roshar was only 4000 years here; in SA that's just how long they've had since the Desolations stopped happening. Windrunners being some sort of second-rate Airbender rather than the awesomeness Bridge Four gets to become. Highstorms being something that would make you miserable if you're caught out in one, rather than being considered a certain death sentence, and so on. The things I did like: Jasnah. She was a much more interesting character in this, having to struggle with real dilemmas and deal with real emotions. In SA, Jasnah is a bizarre blend of Mary Sue and homicidal psychopath that's just really offputting and hard to relate to. I wish this Jasnah had made it into Stormlight. Onyxeers. Oathbringer really threw me for a loop when we found out that Renarin's visions were related to his spren being corrupted. It always felt obvious, from the way the history was discussed in the first book and especially by the end of the second when we found out about Renarin being a Truthwatcher, that the whole "there are no prophecies and foretelling the future is evil" thing came about as a result of the Recreance and the Vorin church's subsequent slide into general corruption and apostasy, so having Renarin's powers in that regard suddenly turn out to be of Odium in the third book was really jarring! It's nice to see a Roshar where future sight was part of the plan all along. Taln. Just... everything about Taln. I really hope therapist!Kaladin can help him in book 5 so we can get this guy in Stormlight, because so far Mr. Cata-talnic has been utterly useless to the plot. Shardblades shaping themselves to suit their wielders. And just the way that they were treated as generally rare, but not epically rare. Ever since that one vision Dalinar has, everyone's been asking, "where are all the Shardblades?!?" Now we have our answer: they're on Roshar Prime! A minor detail, but we finally get an in-universe answer to the question of why they use gemstones rather than gold and silver for money on Roshar: because Awakening/soulcasting can create gold and silver, but it can't create polestones. So yeah. This was an interesting book, but overall I'm glad that we got the Roshar we did, rather than this one.
  11. completely missed what I said. There doesn't need to be a shorter project in between Stormlight and the next Wax & Wayne book, because the Wax & Wayne books are the shorter projects! They were explicitly created as such.
  12. That's not what I'm referring to. It may not be in that one specific post you linked, but he said several times that the timeline for writing "Stormlight 4" was fixed, and he planned to write The Lost Metal before that, if he could get Starsight finished soon enough, but if not, he wouldn't be able to push back the start time for Stormlight 4 in order to accommodate it. And while this was never explicitly stated as such, it's kind of reasonable to assume that, once that ended up not working out, The Lost Metal would at least be next in line. So it's a bit galling, after his work on that (ultimately rather disappointing) book ended up leaving him unable to bring us a much-anticipated Cosmere work that we've been anxiously waiting for since even before Oathbringer due to the cliffhanger the last one ended on, to hear that it's being displaced yet again, for another year... by a sequel to the book that blocked it the last time, of all things! I'm well aware of this. I've been around the fandom since pretty much the beginning. (My introduction to Brandon was when my brother got me his entire corpus of books -- all two of them, Elantris and Mistborn -- as a birthday present.) The first time I heard about his practice of writing something shorter as a refresher in between longer books was when he was talking about how The Alloy of Law was one such in-between book, and the entire "Mistborn era 1.5" was going to be books like that, which it certainly has been so far. So that argument doesn't really fly.
  13. Doing a bit of Cosmere theory talk with a friend, who suddenly said to me, "I can't help it. I keep picturing some huge room in Brandon Sanderson's house with writing all over every surface. The whole Cosmere plan!" And now I can't get that image out of my head.
  14. True. If you knew they were always wrong, then you could trust them to be consistently wrong. Untrustworthy means you should not put any credence in the idea that they're consistently ether right or wrong.
  15. Is "grunt writing" even a thing when the fans are paying for a premium product from someone with an established style?