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  1. WRT the question of which world will get into space first, Brandon has said that the next Mistborn era will have a technology level analogous to our 1980s time period. By that time, we'd been going into space for a couple decades... but Earth and Scadrial have one crucially important difference in this regard. A major motivation for the American space program was specifically to get to the moon, and Scadrial doesn't have any moons! I wonder how that will affect their development...
  2. The title really says it all. Do we have any official word on whether a person can Soothe or Riot their own emotions, should they wish to do so?
  3. Sure. We know that happened once in the past. The question is whether the "more directed ways" includes anything less extreme than a Sword of Adonalsium Shattering. (Which is unofficially officially what the original Vessels used, until we find out how it actually happened.)
  4. WRT the question of how enmeshed Sazed's two Shards are, I asked Brandon several years back at a signing event whether, if Sazed were to be killed, he would drop the two Shards Ruin and Preservation, or one single Harmony, and Brandon said he would drop Harmony.
  5. May the Farce be with you!
  6. So people were asking questions about the Sleepless... in Seattle?
  7. Just realized something: Dalinar's fatal flaw is his rage and his addiction to the Thrill. Evi's fatal flaw is her naivete. Tanalan's fatal flaw is his pride. Everything collides at the Rift to produce a horrifying problem for Dalinar that isn't truly anyone's fault, simply the inevitable result of everyone acting according to their character. It gets resolved through the personal intervention of one of the Gods. The Oathbringer flashback sequence is a classical tragedy.
  8. What does that even mean, and more to the point, how did anyone manage to discover that in the first place?!? (Also, this power is less awesome than it sounds, because what if you manage to steal the destiny of someone who had a really bad destiny?)
  9. Roshar?!?
  10. Holy crap, that's a scary thought! With the WOB we just got about how Hoid wants to avoid Nightblood because he believes/worries that it's one of the few things that could actually kill him, it makes me wonder if he's aware of this power...
  11. Didn't we have a WOB from a while back to the effect that yes, you could do exactly that, but it would be incredibly wasteful as, with a smaller amount of lerasium than it would take to make a spike you could already make someone a Mistborn?
  12. Never heard of this book, but one thing is sure: no one but a Mormon could have produced The Hero of Ages. When you know what you're looking at, thematic elements of Brandon's religious background are everywhere in that book in particular.
  13. Just picked up my copy at the BYU store, and wow, it's beautiful! Not just this chart, but all the artwork inside... wow! Now I have the whole trilogy, and Elantris! Looking forward to Warbreaker, which will hopefully come out this year.
  14. I once asked Brandon a similar question, if the Weeping was caused by a specific alignment of the moons. He said no; it's from the planet's orbital position around its sun.
  15. Yay! You used my Cosmere Character and it didn't get randomly guessed on the first round! I was half-expecting that it would, just by someone automatically guessing "Hoid" as a stock first-round response.