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  1. Me too! I'm surprised we haven't seen a preorder form for Warbreaker 10th Anniversary Leatherbound Edition yet.
  2. You know what would make for a really great Shardcast episode? Adonalsium. For all that we've learned about the Shards and their origin, the most central question remains maddeningly vague: why? What was the problem to which the original Vessels believed that the best/only solution was to destroy God and scatter its pieces far and wide across the Cosmere? I'd love to see what sort of juicy speculation you guys manage to come up with on the subject...
  3. Also, we were talking with a guy from Dragonsteel while in line, and he confirmed that a Warbreaker leatherbound is in production. I know we all sort of figured it would be since this year is the 10-year anniversary of its publication, but this is the first time I've heard anyone actually authoritatively say so.
  4. My WoBs from this event: Q: You've said before that Hoid has had many love interests over the ages. So does that mean he has a bunch of distant descendants running around the Cosmere? A: RAFO Q: Well that kind of makes my follow-up pointless, then. A: Yeah. (The follow-up was going to be "Is Kaladin one of them?" It's a personal theory of mine.) Q: How many worlds of the Cosmere has Nightblood visited, by which I specifically mean, being present in the Physical Realm in that world. A: More than two. Q: ...seriously? *trying to sort of stare him down to get a less vague response* A: *he just grins and nods* Q: How many shots would it take for Wax using his gunnery to break a section of Shardplate? A: *going into full equivocation mode* Well, it would depend on what gun he was using... Q: His usual. A: With Vindication? Well, hmm, it would depend on what sort of ammo he was using, he's got different kinds you know, but... probably 2 or 3. He might even be able to do it in one shot with the right sort of ammo. So that's what I got. Enjoy!
  5. Q: Brandon has always said that Earth doesn't exist in the world of the Cosmere, but in a hypothetical story where a Dysian Aimian worldhopper visited Earth, where would it end up? A: Seattle.
  6. Did you know that certain colors of Hallandren dye are considered more valuable than other colors? It's true. They have a ranking system for the whole thing, known as the Tiers of Edgli!
  7. WRT form-fitting Plate, I learned from Shadiversity (which was recently featured on the other Brandon Sanderson podcast, though I was watching it before then) that historical breastplates were actually domed, for the same basic reason that modern car bodies have crumple zones.
  8. Q: What's it called if a Faceless Immortal says two things that can't both be true? A: A kandra-diction.
  9. (Have you read The Emperor's Soul, @Inky? It's funny if you have, and if not, explaining the joke would get into spoiler territory...)
  10. Q: How do you get a one-armed Herdazian out of a tree? A: Wave to him.
  11. I thought we had a thread like this, but I can't find it now, so I'll start one. Post your bad Cosmere jokes here. Shallan, you may be crazy, but just know that you're not alone!
  12. Do we have any WOBs on whether the Set's "speaking box" is a telephone, a radio, or something else entirely?
  13. I agree, that would be wrong and very frustrating. But I don't think that that's what's going to happen, because Brandon's books tend to be, at their core, about fixing problems. I think that either The Stormlight Archive will end up being the story of how they fix the problem of the Fused and the cycle of Desolations, or that the "front half" (first 5 books) will be, and then the "back half" will be the story of how they fix some other problem, perhaps something that springs up as a result of fixing the problem of the Fused and the Desolations.
  14. The thing I wonder is, instead of setting up the Oathpact as--let's face it--a delaying action, why didn't they try and actually strike at the root of the problem? Figure out what it is that's keeping the souls of the Fused from passing into the Beyond and undo that! That's what I want to see happen further on in the series.
  15. I may be reading something into this that's not intended, but I can't see those words as being spoken any other way than positively dripping with bitterness and cynicism. Really? Do we have a quote for that? I was under the impression that they were (somewhat) rare, as they made for expensive slaves. If they were that common, every darkeyed peasant could afford a Parshman servant or three.