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  1. Thanks to everyone who has checked this out! Here's one more process image showing the evolution from Audrey Hotte's initial portrait to the final approved character model. I hope you'll check out the campaign so you can at least see all the character design reveals. They're all looking great! We'll reveal most of the characters on day one, but some will be hidden. We'll post regular updates revealing those character designs!
  2. It is a pleasure! Here's a photo of me and Brandon from my first visit to Dragonsteel HQ! I'm holding a piece by Petar "DNAvenom" Penev, one of the many pieces that Brandon approved as we were working on Call to Adventure.
  3. I'm excited to announce that the Kickstarter campaign for Stormlight Premium Miniatures is just two weeks away! So far, we've only revealed the official miniatures for Captain Kaladin and Shallan. So today, here's a teaser of Bridge Leader Kaladin. Next week, we'll start revealing more characters with previews on a number of websites ...including the 17th Shard! This project is the result of a multi-year partnership between Dragonsteel and Brotherwise Games. When we first proposed the idea of making miniatures, Brandon and Isaac saw the opportunity for a larger visual development project. This wasn't just the way to make some miniatures, it was the chance to truly collaborate with Brandon on official versions of almost every major character. This project features over 20 miniatures, and every one of them involved close collaboration and back-and-forth with Brandon. (As someone who has partnered with him before, on Call to Adventure: The Stormlight Archive, this was a very different process!) It also involved a wide range of artists, from 2D artists like Ben McSweeney and Marie Seeberger to 3D sculptors like Leo Pokorny. Even if you don't normally collect miniatures, we think you'll find something to love in this campaign. If nothing else, check it out to see our process for developing canonical versions of all these characters! The campaign starts on September 13, but if you want a reminder you can sign up here.
  4. I know that Brandon says that Mistborn is his best magic system, and I agree it's the most impressive from a world-building perspective. But I love the emotional resonance of the Stormlight magic system. Tying magical power to character-driven oaths is such a great way to drive the plot... it's what makes the Sanderlanches in Stormlight so good. It's hard for me to choose! Off the top of my head, it's hard not to think of Dalinar, Kaladin, Vin, and Sazed as favorites. But there's a special place in my heart for Adolin, Vasher is super cool, I really loved Navani in RoW, and I'm a bigger Shallan fan than most. I also like Lift and Rysn, and I'm probably still missing one of my favorites. Aww, thank you! The more we work with Dragonsteel, the more we want to! Wonderfully, that feeling seems to be mutual. We have some really exciting projects ahead!
  5. That is safe to assume!
  6. Good news! There will be a miniature for Wit. You heard it here first! As for figurines, the Stormlight Premium Miniatures campaign is mostly about providing as many characters as possible (unpainted 32 mm scale miniatures for 20+ major characters), but will also include a handful of painted figurines (basically double-sized miniatures).
  7. Hi! I'm Johnny "Brother Two" O'Neal from Brotherwise Games. I've been a Coppermind user and 17th Shard forum lurker for years, so I decided it's high time for me to join! As Sanderfans go, I'm about as lucky as they come. I've had the chance to collaborate with Brandon and the Dragonsteel team on two projects, which have become a big part of my professional career. Call to Adventure: The Stormlight Archive is a "create your own Knight Radiant" that I designed and art directed. After the success of that project, I embarked on Stormlight Premium Miniatures. These figurines are part of a larger visual development project to create official versions of every major protagonist in the Stormlight novels. On both projects, I worked closely with Brandon's VP of Creative Development, Isaac Stewart. I'm a huge fan and have pretty deep knowledge of the books -- every miniature and illustration requires a lot of rereading to make sure we're getting every detail right. But I'm astounded by the level of knowledge and insight on these forums. I tell everyone I know that this fandom is the best one I've ever experienced, and this community proves that point!