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  1. Give your breath to your car and have it drive itself,granted this can't be done in Nalthis because cars have not been invented yet but we do know that in the future the people of the cosmere will gain technology far above our own and thus cool creation's combining technology and investiture such as this one will become possible.
  2. Hi

    Also a Hollow Knight fan btw. My favorite character has to be either Zote or Hornet.
  3. Hi

    I have to agree skyward was my favorite non cosmere Brandon Sanderson book
  4. I doubt you'd be able to decipher it anyway (my hand writing is super messy)
  5. YKYASW you're bored in class you start writing and drawing random Brandon stuff for fun.
  6. What if Tien didn't die
  7. Callsign:poy Quick and unique
  8. My talent would be waking up to early.
  9. I was running out of books to read so I asked my friends for recommendations and one of them recommended a series called The Stormlight archive. I was intrigued as I saw them read it in class and it looked great so I tried it and ever since i've read all of the Cosmere books and some of Brandon's non-Cosmere books, including Skyward, Alcatraz Vs The Evil Librarians, The Reckoners and The Rithmatist.
  10. Probably rhythm of war