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  1. The first point you bring up, was sort of discussed in a previous topic I belive. The "simple solution" to that is that you could have the arrow being connected to the bow via some sort of chain, this would also allow (and would be a major application) for a Radiant to fight with both spear and shield at the same time, for instance. Wether Spren can make such complex structures, such as a chain, up to the trebuchet, I think comes down to the Spren "awareness" and capability to make such complex structures, but I think Brandon is keeping is options open still: The second thing you bring up I found quite troubling actually, you make a very good point. I honestly didn't pay atention to that detail for Lopen, but if it is the case that spren can materialize not being in contact with the Radiant, it would have a number of applications. The only thing I think we can say, and probably must assume in order for radiants to not be overpowered, is that there is a limit to the distance and it might be tied to the strength of the bond, but it must be something that can happen only really close to the Radiant. In the way "crazy" people interact with the congitive realm in the Cosmere, I wouldn't be surprised if Lopen was the one capable of doing something like that actually
  2. I subscribe to the line of thought that Intent is intrinsic in what the Shard is. To be clear, this is all veeery foggy, just having fun making weird theories To me the better example would be gravity (our universe gravity), can you have a force of gravity which does not "want" to pull? does even it want to? would it be gravity if it didn't? for a more practical in-cosmere example, the most powerful artifact we know of is Nightblood, and the thing is basically only intent, I belive your ability to hold investiture is directly related to your intent. Allomancers have no proper intent, and thus handle directly no investiture, except for Vin, and her intent was very much aligned with Preservation's. As for how to make it, I also find it difficult to understand. Combine Preservation and Ruin, you get Harmony, combine all of them, you get Adonalsium, which I expect to be all intents, rather than none. I also don't see how mixing anti-investiture and investiture might help with neutral intent, wouldn't you just get, no investiture? that's how waves would do it, I might be missing something if that wasn't the case in RoW. Thinking about this, what if the Shard's Vessel was divided from its identity? The shard would be contained in a vessel not shattering, but also more focused on its natural intent than any shard before, much like Nightblood actually. That's also a scary thought, raw power, would it even be tied to the rules vessels have?
  3. This very well might be, though I feel that anything is little more than a guess if that's the only hint we have. So to play devil's advocate: Cultivation's voice has been described as sounding as "tumbling stones", which wouldn't line up, besides we can expect a Shard's "voice" to be more than "something distant", unless we state that Syl simply isn't attuned to it, which then would make it inaudible I think. While I think Honor\Tanavast's voice, Syl would know and recognise immediatly, even if we accept that there was somehow some remainder of that in Kaladin. A theory going around was that that "voice" was Tien's "call" towards a spren, it is WoB confirmed that Tien was in the process of becoming a Lightweaver. It seems more likely to me that Syl could "hear" a bond in the making, I guess if anyone an Honorspren would. Another option, if you don't accept that Syl would hear a Cryptic around as a 'Pure' song, is that there is some other special Connection in Kaladin's family, which would explain why both brothers were going to be Surgebinders, and could easily tie into future development for Horoden (possibly with ties to the "Champion Baby" theory). That kind of sound makes me think of Lightspren as they do have this sort of communication with rythms apparently, but I'm not sure how it'd fit, either you could guess she showed up very very early to bond Horoden, or that Lirin himself was rejecting some kind of possible bond, but this is pure speculation. What do you think? This does not invalidate your point that Cultivation has had her plan going on for a long time and had a hand in all of this, I'm inclined to believe that actually.
  4. To try and simplify the whole idea, how about just having "theory" tagged posts tied to the option of having this "believabilty" poll, plus the option to filter and sort topics according the "believabilty" rating? It would require no mainantance, though of course I'm not sure what it would require from a technical standpoint, but it would stil provide an easy way spot the most belived and accepted theories. Maybe the proven\disproven state might be handled by the section moderator on a case by case basis, only for the most outstading ones, so to avoid "already proved" theories to clog the section when ordering by "believabilty", but it might not even be necessary if it becomes complex from a maintance standpoint.
  5. My guess was that the carapace growing out of Amaram was comparable to how Singers grow armor with certain aspects, I would expect Yelig-Nar to think of its host as a Listener rather than human, given he inhabits them via a gemheart, if that makes sense. This instinct towards acquiring a "stronger aspect" could be enabled by Progression as Tremayne suggested. But if it is indeed tied to corrupted spren and unmade, I don't see it likely that you can easily get the proper "cousin spren" to make the plate like for Kaladin, I'd expect the different set of powers to handle defence differently
  6. Hi everyone! I've recently joined the community and it's been a blast, I especially love the theorycraftig aspect, it's great ot get a chance to theorize together and get feedback from all kinds of people. One thing that I wish we had, was a section where people could find linked all the "majorly accepted" theories. That is, a place where a newbie can go an quickly access all the currently unproved theories that a big part of the community found to be very plausible, so to be able to catch up with all the major ideas floating around without having to comb through the huge archive that is this forum. What sparked this idea in me was this particular theory: https://www.17thshard.com/forum/topic/95749-theory-taln-wasnt-the-herald-who-broke-it-was-chanarach/ In this case, I was lucky that someone had answered to the theory recently enough that the topic popped up, but as far as I know there might be many theories with this level of quality and that received this level of agreement that I'll never see because there's just nothing more to say and they remain hidden under the newer content, and can only be found in Chaos's "about me" section now What I'm envisioning would be a more curated area, where every theory is presented as a single post rather than a conversation, which the theory crafter would get a chance to put together following the conversation on the forum. The original post, and any realated ones if it applies, would be linked to it. This would be sort of a "theroy wiki", with sections where theories which were proved\disproven can be moved to keep it organised and accessible. It'd also work as a theory "hall of fame" of sorts Of course defining what would make a "comunity accepted theory" must be very complex. One idea I had was a poll function for people to vote whether they find the theory correct or not, and the theory would be taken into consideration by mods for the "special section" after a set number of people voted on it and the agreement rate is above a certain percentace. Much like the [discuss] tag, this poll function should be availible only the OP requests it, as I understand that negative feedback can lead to a negative environment if not handled properly, but I personally appreciate it when people argue against my ideas in a post. I also feel it'd be different from negative reputation points, as it doesn't affect your user but rather than a proposed idea after an explicit request for feedback. What do you guys think? Especially I'm curious if the mods think if something like this would be doable or if there's some major problems with it I'm not considering ah of course if something like this is already availible and I havn't realized it, "shame... shame... shame..."
  7. So I'm re-reading WoR. Chapter 46: This is totally a WoB and our boy Kal just got RAFOd it's stupid, whatever, I lold, thanks for your attention
  8. In terms of her ascension, it makes sense within the theory, if you think that Dalinar himself might become Honor (or Honor+Odium=War). I also think that the idea of her "unchanging nature" escalating to a deeper meaning (not aging->not influenced by shard), much like the "Unite Them" for Dalinar, is quite neat, so I think it could work with this theory without much conflict! But after looking into Lift a quite a bit my feeling is that she's too unique to "simply" () ascend. To me she feels more like a Hoid-type charachter, if that makes sense. This just occured to me, her future or past might entail something tied to Dawnshards rather than Shards. We know the 'Change' dawnshard is currently on Roshar and walking about, we also know she almost centanly met Hoid at some point in Marabethia and we don't know what happened... actually this is probably worth some thought xD I appreciate the qeustions it helps me flesh this out! The Stormfather is free to keep roaming around even after he bonded Dalinar, so I wouldn't expect the Nightwatcher to have to go somewhere, and if indeed Cultivation plan is to keep this part of Lift's nature hidden, then she wouldn't explicitly talk to her either. Bondsmith powers, I can easily see how she doesn't use them, Radiants need to be aware of what they can do, Kal could "fly" but didn't manage until he found out by seeeing Szeth, Dalinar himself is not doing everything he's capable of, it'd be worse for Lift if she isn't even aware of the bond, let alone the powers. You make an interesting point about Windle. He could either not know about the other bond, or be keeping it a secret. I looked into it a bit: Coppermind (info mostly from Edgedancer): It is true that he didn't want to bond her at all, but that's often explained out as "I wanted to keep gardening chairs", plus the whole Recreance thing. He could just not be fully aware, sort of like how Syl doesn't fully understand how her bond with Kal works. Maybe Wyndle felt something was off about her, not quite putting his hand on it. As a counter point, Wyndle always seemed more aware than Syl. Another option, which could spiral into something very interesting story-wise I think, is that he might be tied to secrecy due to spren politics. We know very little about the Ring, but I expect spren politics to grow more important in the next book. Spren tend to share very little about these things anyways. It also makes sense she'd be easier to bond if she was already connected to Cultivation's power. Then again, by logic saw in Mistborn, "crazy" people tend to touch the Cognitive Realm more easily. I don't feel these points count as strong "evidence" towards my claim, as they would work for a number of theories, but I think it fits in quite well!
  9. Disclaimer: I originally posted this theory as a response to another topic, I worked on it some more, but some of this post will be verbatum from that I was looking through everything Lift-related to try and make up my mind on what could explain... well Lift. While there's clearly something important weird about Lift's origin before her visit to the Nightwatcher, I don't think we have enough data to theorize about that, but I do have an idea what happened with the Nightwatcher, and, yeah, you read the title To show you I got there, I'll copy here the evidence that I found most relevant (I took notes notes Jasnah style) and then just summarize "my findings" and explain how I connected the dots. I'll be using Spoiler tags for spacing, and I bolded the snippets that I found most interesting, all the relevant info in the quotes is repeated in my final thoughts 1) WOBs on what Lift is\her origin 1) WOBs on the mechanics of Lifts powers 3) General info on Nightwathcer, Bondsmiths and multiple Naheel bond: So to summarize what's in the info I looked through and just some known facts: Lift is something very special only possible through an act of Cultivation, result of meddling with her spirit web. What she is and how she is however fits within a certain mechanic and is not a one-off thing, but Preservation's experiment on her is a first on Roshar. Wyndle guesses she has a stronger connection to the spiritual realm, which makes sense in how for instance she can see Szeth's afterimage, and touch spren. This connection to the spiritual realm is probably related to how she is slightly different from other radiants (at least in how she would react to a dead shardblade). Still Wyndle bonded her as he would have a normal radiant, though the decision was made because she had been touched by Cultivation. She can only burn foods (not metals) and transforms the resulting energy as lifelight, with mechanics much like those of getting energy from digesting sugar. She does generate the investiture from the food, not quite like metals (allomancy) work though there's a similarity there. Finally, we know that she asked the Nightwatcher: I put this together with the fact that Bondsmiths can generate their respective lights for personal use, with not clear mechanics, and with the fact that the Nightwatcher is different from other spren, in how she's disconnected from human perception and thus more unchanging. So back my thesis: Lift has been bonded to the Nightwatcher since she was ten, and is already the third Bondsmith This explains how she can self-generate Lifelight, which as far as we know is only possible for the Nightwatcher's Bondsmith. We know that it is possible to bond multiple sprens, and we know that Cultivation is very capable of meddling with one's memories, so it's easily explainable how she could be bonded to both her and Wyndle without knowing it. With what we know about surges, it makes sense she can't do Bondsmith things beside istinctive Light generation until she's aware of what she can do. There's a lot of wiggle room on the details on how her Connection to the spiritual realm and not-aging, as we know Cultivation ultimatly gives boons and curses as she pleases, so anything is fair game. From a thematic perspective, the Nightwatcher's "untied to human perception" nature works well with Lift's boon request to be unchanging when everything else does. Tt would also make sense that the Nightwatcher's Bondsmith would have a stronger focus on the Cognitive realm and spren, as she is less connected to the Physical, this expelaining Lift's Connection with the Congitive realm. This could make a nice simmetry with the 3 bondsmiths being "more focused" on the three planes, Spiritual for Stormfather, Physical for Sibling, Cognitive for Nightwatcher. Of course this clashes with the simmetry between Shards and Lights, so it's just a thematic idea not a mechanic of their powers. In terms of mechanics we have to go with some wild theory, as she's supposed to be an "experiment that's never been tried before", so here it goes: Her bond is unique because it's a somewhat backwards Nahel Bond, so rather than the bond making the spren more tied to the Phyisical realm, it's Lift who grows more Connected and aware of the Spiritual. This would explain her special connection with the Spiritual realm and all that comes with it, and could be worked in the explanation of her 'not aging' Of course there's a number of reasons that could explain her not aging if you accept she's a Bondsmith plus Cultivation shenanigans. Bondsmiths' mechanics are not really clear, and supposed to be very Bondsmith-specific. I mean she burns Lifelight for breakfast for the Almighty's sake But that's it from me, what do you guys think? does this make any sense?
  10. While there are some classic "battles between miniatures" games (see warhammer) which is what you're probably thinking about, I think these minis would work for any more modern "dudes on a map war game" (e.g. War of the Ring, Inis, Bloodrage, and many many many others), but I've seen very beautiful minis used in less war-focused board games (Fury of Dracula 4th edition comes to mind). Having said that, Brotherwise games already has this in their catalogue, so I expect the next Stormlight game to might be something similiar, as they did with "call to adventure": https://www.brotherwisegames.com/thedragonprince I'm really looking forward myself to when they actually annouce what the game will be like
  11. The idea is thematically cool and interesting, but I find myself not inclined to believe it. For one thing, I feel it'd be somehow boring to have most not-ordinary charachters being some variant of a Congitive Shadow I do see this argument in your favour: we know SA 6 should be her book, and her being a CS easily explains her surviving the time-lapse, assuming she can't already be Cultivation (if that is what happens) and also be a POV charachter, though that would definitly be quite something. But in genera l see very little in the way of evidence to support this. Thinking about it brought me on quite the tangent, soooooo welcome to my TED talk I put some WoBs together that I found relevant or just somehow interesting, as a starting point for brainstorming. I bolded the most relevant sentences. The spoiler tag is mostly for spacing. So to summarize what's in the WoBs I looked through and just some known facts: Lift is something very special only possible through an act of Cultivation, result of meddling with her spirit web. What she is and how she is however fits within a certain mechanic and is not a one-off thing, though Preservation's experiment on her is a first on Roshar. Wyndle guesses she has a stronger connection to the spiritual realm, which makes sense in how for instance she can see Szeth's afterimage. She can only burn foods (not metals) and transforms the resulting energy as lifelight, with mechanics much like those of getting energy from digesting sugar. So she does generate the investiture from the food, not quite like metals work though there's a parallel there. She is slightly different from other radiants (at least in how she would react to a dead shardblade), still Wyndle bonded her as he would have a normal radiant (Brandon brought her up as an example of different spren politics and culture in regards to bonding), though the decision was made because she had been touched by Cultivation. Finally, we know that she asked "When everything else is going wrong, I want to be the same. I want to stay me. Not become someone else". So I put these together with the following info: About the Nightwatcher, from Coppermind: About bondsmiths, from the coppermind: About bonding multiple Spren: So my thesis: Lift has been bonded to the nightwatcher since she was ten, and is already the third bondsmith This explains how she can self generate lifelight, which is a power supposed to be availible to the nightwatcher's Bondsmith, this explains her connection to the spiritual realm, the fact that she's not aware of the bond makes sense with what we've seen with Cultivation's effect on Dalinar, as well as Shallan's shenanigans with multiple bonds. The fact that she is is a "first experiment" makes me think it might be a special kind of bond, or that she might actually be the first bondsmith bonded to the Nightwatcher (I didn't find evidence of previous nightwathcer bondsmiths but please correct me if I'm wrong) She is also bonded to Twindle, multiple bonds are possible. and Finally, she somehow got her wish, as she got bonded to the one spren which is not affected by people's thoughts and is somehow more independent in that regard. I do believe that the Nightwatcher\Cultivation will do whatever they please when it comes to blessings and boons as Cocoa said, but I like to think there should be some connection. How this is tied to her not aging I'm not sure. There might be something else going on, and as I sad I'm not fully explaining the not aging with known mechanics. However I think that if you accept my reasoning you can believe that once we get into bondsmith territory, plus her unknown origin, there are a number of ways those things can make sense. What do you guys think?
  12. you're probably right about the section, we need a moderator to move the post right? To argue with your point:
  13. Very well put together theory and post! I am convinced that a bondsmith will be putting Honor back together, and I woldn't be surprised in the Bondsmith himsel will be able to put together shards, thus creating "War", or, as some corrupted bondsmith, divide the shards, thus diving Harmony again. I think the general idea of this is correct and it makes a whole lot of sense to me, the later Cosmere will have a background of combined shards fighting in the greater war, and I think more clear hints ofthis will come in SA 5. There are a couple of details that I think will turn out differently: 1) I think that War's vessel will be either Dalinar, fantastic god of war, or Szeth, just because he's not Dalinar\Taravangian\Lift but he has a depth and contradicting nature that allows him to bond several shards, and is not as obvious. Or Nightblood, that'd be fun, quite an intentful shard 2) I don't think it'll be necessarily as linear as Honor+Odium= War, there's a good chance, as to not make it as clearly parallel to Mistborn as coolsnow7 was saying, that it'll be a bit more complicated and involving Cultivation as well. in this regard, there's for instance a more interesting connection between "preservation+cultivation+ruin" than "cultivation+hor+odium", but now I'm just putting shards together like legos and see what fits, then again I expect a very advanced bondsmith\corrupted bondsmith to be able to do just that,
  14. Hey everyone! This came up in another topic about SA, but I was curious to see what the mistborn crowd thinks. The topic is invested metal, question is: If a feurochemist had a metalmind shaped like a dagger capable of storing some attribute, could they store so much in it to make it so invested that it would start cutting like a shardblade?
  15. It's a bit mainstream, but if you havn't read it already, I can strongly reccomend the "Six of Crows" duology. It's more teen oriented than most of Sanderson's work, but I find that if you liked Mistborn, especially the Final Empire, you'll very much enjoy Six of Crows. The main Grishaverse series, the "Shadow and Bone" trilogy, is fine and might be worth reading for world-bulding and explaining the magic system (and I don't think you can really go back to it if you read Six of Crows beforehand) so you might as well read it if you have the time and are curious, but Six of Crows is where it's at