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  1. I have always thought of it as a Caterpillar face. I don't know why. When I use it I don't mean it to be coy. :3
  2. I know, but I introduced it. I think. Who knows? :3
  3. Your fruit mutants ran around and killed everyone. *Runs far, far away.*
  4. Nothing happens. The machine forgot you were there. How sad... *Inserts the inator-inator (Laser gun)*
  5. hmm.... *Dies* *Inserts Perry*
  6. Gets hoof of winter *Inserts loneliness*
  7. Well, yea, when you BOMBED POLAND, THE WHOLE POPULATION DIED!! Eh, clouds aren't worth dying for. Choose potatoes instead.
  8. It's fine... maybe... *Aggressively add smiley face*: (It's really fine though.)
  9. It should not. You just gotta remember our profile pics.
  10. "But I want you to get slappeded and turned into a hamburger!" - 5 year old brother, today at a restaurant.
  11. Chuck-E-Cheese is an orphan who doesn't know his own birthday so he throws birthday parties for other kids. DEAL WITH IT!
  12. What do you do at school? *Fall face first on the floor* I would rather eat snails.
  13. YESSSS!!!!
  14. Yay!! More sketches!!