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  1. As the title says, I am planning a short story set on Monody, first planet in the Threnodite system. Is this something you guys would want to see posted, or should I keep it to myself? Also I am not sure about Dragonsteel's stance on unapproved derivative works, does anyone know if they would have a problem with me posting a story set in their IP? I've got some pretty decent brainstorming done and I think I came up with very interesting ideas. I wanted to hear your opinions on this before I started though.
  2. I see! That does indeed save a lot of trouble. Thanks for the response
  3. So I've been reading Mistborn Era 2, and found a big problem with the bendalloy allomantic power. So the power is greatly increasing time flow in a bubble by burning the metal. I had no issues with that, until a scene where Wax falls out of one. He only describes a slight discomfort doing it. This makes no sense if you look at the actual physics of how that would work, and since Brandon and this community are generally interested in integrating "realistic" physics into these worlds with magic, I thought I would share my thoughts. So the biggest problem is that you should absolutely not want to move in or out of the time bubble. You might've heard of a phenomenon regarding black holes called "spaghettification". Since black holes have such a great gravitational pull, if any part of your body is closer to the singularity than another (which would always happen), you get stretched out by the differing pull on your, let's say feet, compared to your upper body. Essentially, by moving out of the bubble, a reverse spaghettification effect would happen to you. Since time flows slower on the outside, the part of you out of the bubble would also move much slower, while the part of you inside much faster. I think this would compress your body to an extreme degree, maiming, or in the worst case, killing you in the process. What are your thoughts on this? I just wanted to share my opinion, because it nagged at me. I'm not very far into the books, so there might be an explanation for it later on. If so, hit me with a RAFO