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  1. Thanks! You really inspired me. I know it's not the best-written thing ever, but I'd rather keep this a fun side activity instead of obsessing over it like I do with some of my other stuff. I'll edit this post with the next installment when it's finished!
  2. Hmmm… @Telrao gave me a good idea a while back. I wrote this and have no idea where it’s going to go, but it’ll be fun! Miniseries time!!
  3. So remember how Potato was in the ER? Well, her appendix just burst and she’s gonna have surgery in it in the next few hours. 

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    2. Potato's Wit

      Potato's Wit

      Maybe I'm a ghoooost... ooooooooo.

    3. Telrao


      Spoopyyyyy :P 

    4. Potato's Wit

      Potato's Wit

      OoOOoOoOoOOooOOoOoo... *makes wind noises*

  4. Happy Saturday people!

    So I have a funny little story to share… Yesterday, Potato was super sick— throwing up and unable to move type sick. That sucks, right? Wellll… This morning I woke up to find that my parents had taken her to the ER. She most likely has appendicitis. We didn’t expect that, because the rest of us have been sick too. 

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    2. Potato's Wit

      Potato's Wit

      Hey! I only threw up once. And I could move. *sticks out tongue*

    3. Ranryu


      Mmmmmm... You were on the couch 23/24 hours a day

    4. Potato's Wit

      Potato's Wit

      Yes, but I could move. My brain is stuck on how weird could looks when italicized. And how weird it looks in general.

  5. Math Teacher: Why did you fail this test? Stop. You lost me at "sentient mobile home unit".
  6. Today was fun. 

    It was my dad's birthday, so he took potato and I out to eat. We went to this really good Mongolian grill. He, of course, got the all-you-can-eat grill-it-yourself buffet. Potato and I shared dumplings and sushi. And then I accidentally committed a terrible crime. I dropped my sushi in the soy sauce bowl, and then it just fell apart. Being the dummy that I am, I sat there for like a minute and watched it soak before fishing it out. 

    I can't get the taste of shrimp out of my mouth. Everything smells like soy sauce. I never thought I would suffer from too much soy sauce.

    This is just like the time I drank vinegar because it smells good and tastes good in teriyaki sauce. Too much is not good.

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    2. Ranryu


      But sharpie burns so bad when you put it on your face; the smell isn’t even worth it.

    3. Aes Sedai

      Aes Sedai

      Yes it isssss

    4. Potato's Wit

      Potato's Wit

      Guys I can smell sharpie just by reading this. I have a love/hate relationship with sharpies. :P

  7. Hey, I think I broke your microwave. Uh... Why do you have that far-off look in your eyes? ... Thanks for that. I'm gonna go claw my eyes out and spend the rest of my life in regret for asking you that.
  8. I mean, I'm a nerd in a group of nerds, but I'm definitely the nerdiest girl and can give the boys a run for their money. TPBM beat up an old lady today and then let her return the favor.
  9. Kiss Wylan, marry Kaz, kill Inej. (I knew one of those, so yay!) The Book, The Movie, The Actual Event.
  10. When I was very small, my family lived in a two-story duplex. Our neighbors upstairs were our best friends, and we had the BEST yard. It wasn't huge or well kept, but flowers would spring out of random places, and we had both a cherry and apple tree. I distinctly remember finding a dandelion that went up to my chest (which wasn't that tall but still) and being so happy when I blew the seeds everywhere.
  11. That's depressing but really good! I like how it goes from third to second to first person. Villanelles for the win!
  12. "My cat looks like a floofy snake, is that enough of an explanation?" - @The Wandering Wizard
  13. I was gonna write a depressing post, but then I realized: the world is depressing as it is. Why should I add to it?

    Here's some baby sea turtles instead.

    See Hundreds of Baby Turtles Hatch and Sprint For The Ocean - AZ Animals So how're y'all doing?

    1. The Wandering Wizard

      The Wandering Wizard

      Because people need to rant?

      I'm doing pretty good, had fun creating some magical creatures or just strange creatures with some help from a friend.

    2. Robin Sedai

      Robin Sedai

      aww thanks, they've genuinely brightened up my day. So cute :wub:

  14. I literally read the series just for Keefe. Sophie's main character development seems to be getting more powers and injuries, and it annoys me a little bit. I also don't like how it makes humans pretty useless. I'll read the books as they come out, but I've kinda lost hope for this series.
  15. I have some great news guys!

    I won the senior level for a composition contest I entered last month! The song I entered is an edited version of one of the songs I posted on here. That means my music will be printed in a book, and I get to perform it later this month. Yay!

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    2. Cash67


      I do believe my statement still stands…. It still STORMING IMPRESSIVE

    3. Potato's Wit

      Potato's Wit

      Yayayayay! :3

    4. Wittles of Shinovar

      Wittles of Shinovar

      That is AMAZING!!! Well done!!