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  1. Wynn took a step back, confused. "...Tors?"
  2. "I'm going to end him by any means necessary." Wynn picked up Tors gingerly. Come on, please be alive. She tried feeding a small burst of Shadow to the weapon, not daring to hope.
  3. She growled at Malum. "No need to state the obvious. But for now, I am in possession of myself. If this is my last chance for all time, then I'm going to make the most of it. I'll start by killing you." Wynn turned to Lerac. "Good. Now get away. I don't want you getting hurt."
  4. Wynn grinned. "Don't worry, Lerac. Mr. God of Destruction here doesn't know how to use his weapon properly." It's done, Justitia. I hope you're happy. With a quick movement, she stabbed Malum with the fragment of Stacis.
  5. Wynn gritted her teeth, knowing what was coming but unable to do anything about it. Tors, are you alive? She dropped the weapon and picked up a chuck of Stacis that didn't fit into the circle's pattern- something she had prepared in advance. Justitia, I sure hope you know what you're doing.
  6. That was no escape. The circle flared to life, trapping the energy. Wynn continued her unrelenting attack.
  7. "Stacis crystal in a witch's circle. Now die." Wynn lunged with Tors.
  8. No! Wynn suddenly remembered- the circle. With a strain of effort, she pulled the Stacis circle into the clinic, dimensions overlapping for a split second. "You aren't getting away that easily!"
  9. "By your existence, you have sworn oaths. By your actions, you have broken them. Without justice, there is chaos." Wynn wove a net of Shadow to catch the energy.
  10. Wynn brandished Tors in an arc, attempting to strike as much of the energy as possible. "Malum, as an avatar from the court of unaligned gods, I am here to bring you to justice. You have broken too many rules- rules you were bound to follow. It is Justitia's command that you understand your wrongdoing before I destroy you."
  11. Hang in there, Tors. Let's try and make this quick. She jabbed Tors at Malum with the speed of a flitting Shadow.
  12. Tell me if anything changes. She turned to Lerac. "I'll keep the energy feed going, but it'll cut out if I get hit too hard. Try to take it easy until we find you an alternate energy source. Ciao." With that, she ran at Malum full speed, Shadows writhing. Here goes... the future.