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  1. The Aos si's energy source felt so good. Ranryu had never experienced something so relaxing, yet invigorating. After an undefined span of time, she felt the stream of light slow to a trickle, and then she was alone in a dark place. Well, not alone... technically. Now wasn't that nice? I hope you're rested. "That was amazing." Ranryu felt more substantial- that terrible feeling of fading away was almost completely gone. "Can I do it again?" Perhaps later. We need to be on watch, as I have a feeling a fight is going to break out soon. We can't afford to lose anyone so close to the beginning of the war. ... Grandpa Yupper was perplexed. Just two hours previously, he had put down some nice, fresh wooden floorboards in this little room on the second floor. Now those boards were rotting away, practically disintegrating into nothing. That entire wing of the clinic smelled off. Like rot and destruction. Beware the unbinding and the rot it brings...
  2. "Yup.*"* Do not underestimate the Aos sí, although I do not think they intend harm. I sense Ranryu knows I have been searching for her, and has chosen to conceal herself.
  3. "Yup yup.*" *They would be the sìth, or the people of the mound. If you do not know of them, there is little I can tell, for I know almost nothing of them myself. Their realm is very close to this one, and they have an interest in protecting us, for some reason. They make many bargains and cannot lie, and this pocket dimension prevents them from physically entering. They have a great magic, but I know not of what kind.
  4. "...yup.*" I created Ranryu to free our kind. When this pocket dimension was created, our kind was displaced from our rightful homes and locked in the basement caves for eternity. Part of the bargain I made with the ones who gave me the creation spell was to allow them to choose the body which I used to animate her. I fear they chose one of their own deceased, giving the soul of that body an intimate connection with Ranryu's soul. If she has made a bargain with the Aos sí, there is nothing I can do to stop her. I have been searching for her for quite some time. I doubt she had ill intent when brewing that potion. My granddaughter is many things, but evil is not one of them.
  5. Grandpa Yupper notices the tiger. "Yup?*" *Why do you come, soul-tiger?
  6. "You sure nobody can find us here?" Yes. Even if someone managed to trespass, I would be able to hold them off until you were capable. "It feels strange, leaving myself vulnerable like this." Just relax and let the energy soak in. We need this body to be at maximum working capacity.
  7. "Yup yupyupyupyupyup. YUP. Yup yup up up yup....*" *You speak Yupper? Excellent! Grandpa was walking around trying to figure out how to fix the holes in the building when he had a bad feeling that baby dragon child was making trouble so he ran all the way across the clinic and now he's missing. Do you like fish? I like fish. The other day, I was cleaning the white water chairs when a fish popped out of one and... (The Yupper continues rambling on with no regard for his uninterested audience)
  8. Ranryu's body laughed, though the mirth did not completely belong to her. "Our poor lost kitty thinks Grandpa made the potion!" The Rightful One laughed with her. Of course he does. These beings know not with whom they deal. Just as your dear Grandpa bargained your body from our rest, unknowing of the promises being made, so will these- dealing unknowingly. "Should I stop him?" No, let them be for the moment. If they are to be allies, then they must become such on their own. Besides, our form requires recharging if we are to keep the contract alive.
  9. Ah. Someone's finally figured us out, I see. Worry not, our spell is a boon that will protect you from the coming danger. Consider it a gift from the Aos sí. Come Ranryu, let us take our leave now. And with that, Ranryu's presence winked out of existence.
  10. "It worked." You sound surprised. "Well, it's not like I have any experience in potion brewing or mental invasion of privacy." Lucky for you I do. Do you still feel bad? "No, I see why it was necessary. I thought for sure they had us figured out for a minute though." They never do. I doubt they even noticed the spell at all. It's better that way. They'll stay safer. "What's next?" The next clause of the contract, I would suppose. We have work to do before we rest.
  11. And these delusions gave him power, for he had no idea that he was actually stealing Nameless's shoes.
  12. He hired Goomba as an office clerk.
  13. Goomba the Emperor of the Universe demanded Cheetos.
  14. The Narrationblade gained sentience and named itself Goomba the Emperor of the Universe.