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  1. I don’t no how that would work because shardplates are incredibly heavy and the power comes from the chest so I think it would way the radiant down to much
  2. I think the clash between odoim and ambition could have caused the population to die. Maybe the population was all invested like breath but they relied on it to live?
  3. stormlight archive

    I made a Home Screen for 4 different orders of night radiant. Row spoiler
  4. I don’t think this would take place on roshar but the sergebinders can have there spren/ honour blade so high storms still happening is a 50 50 chance because stormfather would probably refuse to play.
  5. No one can get attacked and it is a normal person trying to find them.
  6. Imagine if a bunch of cosmere characters played a game of hide and seek? Shallan would lightweave a wall to hide behind. Breeze would manipulate the seekers emotions (not a bronze misting a seeker in terms of the game). Vivenna would awaken lots of objects to make different noises to distract the seeker.
  7. theory

    Hoid definitely got breaths because I remember when he visits kal in prison he mentioned having perfect pitch
  8. I think I would have cadmium-f. This is because I could explore places that have never been explored before and it is always a safety net if I drown or suffocate. If I lived on scadrial I would have nicrocil because I could be quiet about my powers but also if I could get the cube/dice thing then I could be very powerful
  9. Mine is probably warbraker because it was my first Sanderson book after I really got into the cosmere lore