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  1. … why is this me though. YKYASW you manage to derail your strict-as-heck Physics teacher on to Sanderson and book recommendations with your Sanderfan friend and he actually goes on amazon and gets the final empire and the way of kings right there in the lesson. Best class ever. Also - me and the same friend were discussing curses from other fantasy series. I meant to say ‘by the lost kings’ (from the inheritance cycle) but I accidentally said ‘by the way of kings’ and we both cracked up so much. Andddd - whenever I read another fantasy book that has some form of foretelling the future in it. My immediate thought was ‘HERESY’ and I literally stood up and shouted ‘Hey its Jasnah wearing one of Shallans illusions.’ (I did not do that once in the middle of the night, and my parents did not think there was a burglar. It was very embarrassing.)
  2. creator games

    Can I ask if this went ahead, and if so where to find it? Don’t worry if it didn’t, there’s completely no pressure
  3. Haha really? Must be a good name then Thank you for the praise!! (for some reason I can’t get it to quote)
  4. So I just finished the second chapter, from the POV of the other main character, so if you wanna read it here it is Please bear in mind that I haven’t had time to do a proper read through and edit, so if it sounds like a semicoherent mess that’s why, lol. EDIT: I just realised the top of the chapter says 1. Arelis rather than 2. Arelis since it’s the second chapter and I can’t get it to change. Just imagine it says 2
  5. Noted - I’m changing it from a thieving crew to a group of prostitutes in a brothel, which I think would actually work a lot better for the overall story. Thanks for the constructive criticism, much appreciated
  6. This is my first post on this board so please bear with me So a while back, I had this idea for a fantasy book. It’s currently very Mistborn era 1-inspired. For some context, there are two main characters who start off with different storylines then meet up. One is the boy in the dream and the other is Kaya who is a peasant (I named the poor people the kalil) who has a similar mindset to Kaladin in his slave days. I’m trying to copy Brandon’s style of having a huge war or something that threatens the whole world, whilst also having smaller subplots of personal growth - in this case, understanding that it’s ok to let someone love her. It’s a fairly short chapter by actual novel standards, but it’s what I’ve come up with so far. If people like this, I could post more chapters as I write this? (I put it in spoiler tags for length) I hope you like it
  7. Granted, but you can only use it for an hour each day. I wish to be able to transport myself into any Cosmere world and back again at will. … basically I just want to be Hoid
  8. If you’re still unclear, you can find a topic on a similar subject here.
  9. Jasnah because, well, she’s just awesome. And ridiculously clever. And incredibly brave. And a literal queen of one of the most powerful countries on Roshar (pre-desolation at least.) And a storming Knight Radiant… I could go on
  10. I think maybe the honorblades were much more powerful when wielded by their Herald than someone else? I feel like I read it somewhere but I could be wrong. EDIT: From that WOB by @StormingTexan it appears I was wrong. Sorry for any confusion
  11. So I heard this song on the radio this morning (‘Hold The Girl’ by Rina Sawayama) and there was one line that said something like ‘teach me the words I used to know.’ To me, that sounded so much like it was referring to the Knights Radiant/their spren even though I’m 99.9% sure that wasn’t how it was intended. I thought it could be fun to see if anyone else had any of these - random phrases you come across in life that sound like Stormlight/Cosmere references
  12. This is what I think! Especially since I have a theory that the people who Cultivation visited were the people marked for Ascending to a Shard - Lift for Cultivation, Taravangian for Odium and Dalinar for Honor - and someone ascending to Honor would mean the shard would have to be unSplintered somehow. What would this mean for the Stormfather though…?
  13. I think, from what we know (which is admittedly very little) that he has the power to bring things together and make Connections in the Spiritual realm. ‘Bringing things together’ is a very subjective phrase - part of his second Ideal, for example, was to ‘bring men together’ but it didn’t specify whether this meant on the scale of unifying Roshar or solving arguments in day-to-day life. I took it to mean both. Here is a list of examples of Dalinar using his powers: (I will have missed lots off, but these are all I could think of) - Connecting with a man in Azir to give him the power to speak Azish - Rebuilding a fallen temple, stone by stone, in Thaylen City - bringing the stones back together (to be honest, this one’s a bit tenuous but it works) - Opening Honor’s Perpendicularity into Shadesmar (unifying the Physical and Cognitive realms) - Uniting several monarchs of Roshar and forming the coalition - Uniting (some of) the highprinces (admittedly this was before he bonded the Stormfather, but he was on the path of Radiance so we can probably assume his fledgling powers may have something to do with this) As I said, we know very little of his actual powers because Dalinar himself is still figuring them out. The Stormfather has hinted that there is lots more Dalinar can do with his Surges that he has yet to discover. And now that we have another Bondsmith, Navani and the Sibling, we will have two Bondsmith discovery arcs. (I’m assuming, since Bondsmiths are very unique and don’t have as much in common with each other as other Orders might have with other members, that Navani’s powers will differ slightly from Dalinar’s.) I hope some of that helped
  14. I like this, I feel like it could be something themed towards knowing the difference between ‘perfection’ and reaching their true potential as a person. So perhaps something like ‘I will not let my desire for perfection stand in the way of personal growth.’
  15. I thought they only had access to 9 Surges because they couldn’t access Honor’s Truest Surge which was only of Honor and not Cultivation - Adhesion, the Surge that Bondsmiths and Windrunners share. (That’s why, when Urithiru was invaded in RoW, Windrunners seemed to be closer to waking than the other orders.) Edit: I just had a quick look on the Coppermind. Very little is known about Voidbinding, and there are no confirmed Voidbinders (although there was some speculation whether Renarin/Rlain’s abilities were related to it) however you were correct in saying that Voidbinding does seem to stem from the Unmade even if that’s not quite what you seemed to be saying in the original post (not how I interpreted it at least.) - Coppermind, found here Sorry, I read that back through and it sounds really heartless. I think your idea is great and I would totally support it, it just so happens that we have evidence to the contrary that you might not have known about - and that’s fine! I’m still relatively new to the Shard as well and had the same thing with my first theory post so I totally sympathise