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  1. I'd go with Lightweaver Elsecaller or Lightweaver Willshaper since I match up pretty close with all 3 of them but I love the idea of putting on shows just using Lightweaving it would be a lot to juggle but I would like to see the implications of orders taking on more domestic rolls.
  2. Here are a few other WoBs about Kelsier that I though were relevant to this discussion I think this one definitely implies some things about Kelsier's character
  3. would you rather

    Probably coinshot with fortune so I can get filthy rich and then flee my capers in style.
  4. I mean I've thought about this and Brandon has confirmed it so we know it's possible. I'm guessing it will do something not good, but maybe if you bonded a sentient Unmade it would go better?
  5. I've been reading a really good book about him right now so I would say Ulysses S. Grant What makes Shallan not a fun character to read?
  6. Granted but you are now permanently deaf illiterate and have severe nerve damage. I wish for the ability to know the history instantly of every object I touch.
  7. I think this is just because cognitive shadows over time get their souls run thin and go insane the same has happened to the Fused. Here is a WoB that corroborates this somewhat I this is close. My guess is that the Radiant's connection to the Honor is increased when they swear an oath and it ties any Heralds nearby to Honor as well and briefly restores their mind.
  8. Granted you are no longer able to wish for anything in other words you have lost all hope I wish to be a Lerasium mistborn
  9. His compassion and empathy Who is your worst enemy?
  10. It caused almost everyone to go insane and started burning the remnants of their cursed fascinating culture to deny the future all the knowledge they could
  11. Hello fellow Star Wars nerd! Everything Thrawn is amazing if you have time and you like him a lot you can watch Rebels which he is in. It is a kids show but he just makes it awesome. It is an amazing series I just finished it I think the author does a really good job with the characters
  12. There also is this WoB which I think clarifies this pretty well
  13. I kinda want to go back to Vwafendal it seems like she is the kind of person that could be manipulated easily if she thought she was doing it for the good of the Terris. Since Wax is very far from her favor and Telsin stayed in the village she most likely would trust her when she offered a way for the Terris to gain power and influence (and possibly a way to gain influence over the overbearing Elendel (I mean we all know at least a near rebellion is coming)) and would be overjoyed that one of her grandchildren had finally chosen to rejoin the Terris.
  14. Probably violence is prohibited which will be hard on several contestants.