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  1. Thank you!!!! Thanks! Thank you!
  2. It’s a little tricky, with the ski mask and the pattern, but I have an eyehole, so I am able to see enough to not trip over myself…
  3. Spoilers for RoW Also, sorry for the late replies, my phone has been wacky until recently
  4. Welcome to the Shard! Glad to meet another Brandon fan. Now for the important question; Kaladin or Shallan?
  5. Hello, and welcome to the Shard! High fantasy is a very good genre, although I haven’t been reading much outside the Cosmere lately. What’s your favorite series?
  6. I very much do dislike Shallan, mainly because she stole Kaladins boots.
  7. Do we know if these changes are permanent? Say Ati had given up the shard, would he eventually(or maybe instantly) return to normal?
  8. Yeah, and some Vessels will completely disregard their Shards Intent. And wow, I completely thought fortune was a shard.
  9. It’s hard to tell what some of the Shards we haven’t really met yet are, like Fortune, but the comments above have pretty much summed up what I have to say about the Shards. Preservation wants everything frozen, nothing changing, Honor wants people to stick to their word, making and not breaking their oaths, etc.
  10. Would it be possible, if an inanimate object was given enough Connection, , they would be able to become a Shard? If so, would they basically become their Shard? Objects that people see as something have rudimentary thinking, like Would that be enough to become a Shard? It seems they don’t need a physical body, or at least not once you have enough Connection Would you need to intend to take the shard, or could you just stumble into it on accident and ascend? If you need to consciously take the shard, I doubt an object would have enough Identity to do so, but I don’t know how all the schematics of complicated Cosmere parts fit together on this… Help!
  11. Oh, ok! That makes a lot of sense. For some reason, my brain mixed up Raoden and Adonis. Thanks for clearing that up for me!
  12. Thanks, excited to be here!
  13. I don't know if you would group these together, but Allomancy, Feruchemy, and Hemalurgy all work together in really interesting ways, and are probably my favorite.
  14. My favorite series is definitely the Stormlight Archive.