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  1. Miyako grinned back at Hyron. Don't see how I could be much louder then you. But when did you two learn to scream in my head?
  2. Quest dropped onto the ground, lying on his back while breathing heavily. He pumped a fist in the air while giving an halfhearted cheer. Miyako, who was totally oblivious to the prior conversation, paused at the doorway. She spun around, and squinted at Hyron. Hyron?!
  3. Quest began to draw into his life energy, letting the aether's magic bleed into his and empowering his spell. He gave Kealie a hesitant grin before beginning to, well attempting to, to heal her leg. Quest let his magic slid into Kealie's leg and began to feel around the broken bone. What was so hard about this compared to normal healing is that he had to do this manually. Quest's magic prompted Kealie's body to began to knit the bone back to together, and the he took control. Carefully infusing the bone with the aether's power Quest guided each layer of the bone to fuse back together. Quest tapped further into the aether stone, as he pulled together the last layer of bone. Hopefully he had healed it cleanly. If he had left cracks or built the structure of the bone incorrectly then it would be much more likely to break in the future, maybe even shatter. The staff tumbled from his fingers as Quest sat back, wiping a faint sheen of sweat from his forehead. "I, um, sorry Kealie. I hear that is supposed to hurt. Hope I healed it back ok." @The Halcyon Girl
  4. Miyako bit into an apple, shrugging. "I dunno. Probably gonna go wait while I comb my hair or clean my sword or something." Miyako said as she began drift towards the door.
  5. Quest carefully cradled the staff, leaving his own on the ground behind. Quest walked up to Kealie, kneeling down by her broken leg(s). He pushed the hair out of his eyes and began to gather life energy in his palm. He glanced up at Kealie, letting out a short chuckle. "I, ah, hope this goes well." Miyako glared at the pasta while called back to Hyron. "Guess I'll have an apple. This pasta isn't," Miyako gave a thoroughly exaggerated sigh, "it isn't ready."
  6. "Hmm." Quest nodded absently. Miyako watched as Hyron went to grab some fruit. She guessed that was fair. She probably wouldn't stop him even though pasta was leagues above any mere produce. Miyako glowered at the universe for conspiring to give her pasta and no sauce to go along with it. Happenstance dared to ruin this plate of perfection.
  7. Miyako blinked. "I don't need to explain it. It transcends simple-" Miyako sighed and scowled at Hyron. "None of that fruit junk for you. We're going get you some of the good stuff."
  8. "WHY WOULD YOU-" Miyako paused, drawing in a long breath. "Because it's pasta." Miyako said, stressing the all beautiful word to the extent of abilities. Tides. They don't have any stored or something?
  9. Miyako glanced up from her mountainous pile of pasta, looking in shock at Hyron. "Amazing." Nah. Do ya know where the sauce is?
  10. Miyako grabbed a plate from the aforementioned location and began to pile pasta on it. "Oh, yes. Um, sorry but why are you here again?"
  11. Miyako walked into the kitchen and went over to one of the chefs. "Queen and or chef, where are the plates?" Quest extended his hand to Jane before quickly pulling it back and running it through his tangled hair. "Um, hi. My name is Quest. Sorry, I'm just a bit," Quest glanced down at his burned and soiled clothes, "out of sorts."
  12. Quest mulled over the idea. "I don't think its a matter of strength as much as control. The aether stone would certainly help but, um, it could still end poorly. If Kealie wants me to try I can but," Quest shrugged, "I can't guarantee results."
  13. Quest perked up when Kealie rolled(?) in on her vines. "Kealie! And, um, who is she?" @Random Bystander Quest grimaced in sympathy when he noticed Kealie's legs. "I can heal broken bones but it is more, um, messy. Most of what I do is just simulate natural healing processes, so trying to fix bone can cause it to heal incorrectly and lead to complications." Miyako slid to a stop, swerving around the corner into the kitchen/food place. She looked back at Hyron, laughing as she heaved in gasps of air. @xinoehp512
  14. Stuff: It's a little direct in terms of character emotions but I think it's alright-ish. I mostly just wrote it to began feeling out a world I was thinking about. I'll probably get to finishing it.....eventually.
  15. "In light of this information I will go prepare some new tests."