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  1. Love Steris now? She's been pure gold since her first appearance. Going back five and a half years: So obviously the Marasi/Wayne thing didn't happen, but Marasi has at least grown up a lot since the first few chapters of AoL. I'm happy with both those things. But I'm much happier that Wax and Steris are finally married. I still want Steris to punch Wayne in the face at some point for his dickishness to her in the past. Steris did finally get several chances to have fun in BoM, and was very cute about it in the process.
  2. Good stuff, I partially expected that Telsin would turn out to working with their uncle at each stage of the story, from her being bait to lure Wax, from her botching of their rescue attempt, but was never 100% sure. I feel like having the spearhead as the Bands was a bit sloppy from a hidden treasure point of view. Sure, it's subterfuge, but it was also too easy to get to, probably took Wayne less than 30 seconds to grab. Steris continues to be best girl. I feel bad for those of you who didn't realize that from the first few spoiler chapters of Alloy of Law. I really wanted someone to punch Wayne in the face for ruining the initial wedding, even if Wax wasn't quite ready to commit at that point. I'm glad that Wax stopped him from talking rust about best girl near the end of the book. The whole Lord Ruler thing didn't seem to quite match up with the facts from the first time we're told it. Oddly enough, despite Kelsier being dead and never having Feruchemical powers, it still makes more sense to me that he took his place for the Southerners. We had already been told that he was partially? holding Preservation after his death, and never moved on to the cosmere's version of afterlife. Rashek on the other hand, seemed to go from being dead to just being more dead. I actually didn't realize there was going to be another book with these characters after this one.
  3. I made that thread over two years ago. Steris the best girl in Alloy of Law. I'm still trying to argue her as a tsundere, but some people complain that she hasn't gone "dere" enough yet, also, some people in that thread confusedly thought that tsunderes have to be violent, which isn't correct. Still shipping her with Wax, even if she's better than he deserves. Besides the Wayne/MeLaan interaction, which was primarily non-romanic, none of the other characters really had much interaction in Shadows of Self that made me want to actually ship them at all. Wayne and Marasi worked together in a few places, but none of it was interesting.
  4. I didn't see the Lessie thing coming, and it bothered me because Wax can faintly detect hemalurgic spikes, as he did with TenSoon. So he spend years around Lessie and never noticed that she had two sources of metal inside her body? I did expect them to stop Bleeder by adding a second spike from the beginning, and found it odd that no one actually mentioned the option until after the fact. I agree with Arkennys, Steris contined to be best girl, and got even better. Wax should appreciate and treat her a bit better, and I don't understand Wayne's assholish attitude to her either. Maybe Wayne was just feeling snappish since Tesla (Tarcsel, halfway between an anagram and portmandeau with "arc") girl reminded him of the girl whose father he killed, but acting that way towards best girl Steris annoyed me. I imagine most of Wax's emotional distance is Lessie-related, both before and after the reveal, but how can you not love Steris? Hoid is Wax's carriage driver... I kept expecting either him or Sazed to say something about it, but we never even saw Hoid. Shardpool in the broadsheet, Trell is another Shard and the main antagonist in this trilogy? Things got a lot more Cosmerey.
  5. I really wanted to lock this poll after WoR came out, but I couldn't find a way to do that. Not that I think people would be so shameless as to change their vote or to vote after something has already been confirmed... And although WoR stated it was Helaran, we have a new host of questions in relation to him. Basically, who was he working for and why? It's apparent that I was wrong about the Shards being loaned to Helaran temporarily, he'd had them for some time. And Mraize says that he "sought the Skybreakers" but doesn't say if he found them or even whether he was allied with the Ghostbloods, as Amaram assumed. Shallan's father's lines about "his new friends" pushes it a bit towards being the Skybreakers, but they might have similar goals to the Ghostbloods in any case. And what would they have actually accomplished by killing Amaram? One less person in authority who wanted to bring back the Heralds, Knights Radiants, and Desolations? That might have been worth it.
  6. I'm assuming the unanswered ones are either RAFOs or the answer would be too long and involved to answer casually. I don't have a whole lot to ask at this point, since I feel like any good questions that I have these days are just RAFO bait themselves. (Mostly Hoid and Adonalsium stuff at this point, but I guess I could throw the Taravangian thing in there.) It turns out some of us are literally asking too many questions.
  7. @Kurkistan I guess it just felt that way. To be fair, I did almost the same thing with "Kaladin killed Helaran". Maybe I should necro that thread with a "Booyah!" or "In yo' face!"? I guess next on my agenda would be "Taravangian's boon", even if I didn't make a thread for that one. On the actual topic of Weiry's Royal Locks question, I think I've made some comment that I thought a really confident/foolish person could trim their hair/nails with a Shardblade. Shaving would probably be a bad idea.
  8. Wouldn't the very fact that they're on Roshar make Odium's splinters behave more like spren than Returned? Returned themselves are basically normal people with Endowment's Splinters attached/fused to them. I got the impression that its partially the shard/partially the planet that determines how Investiture gets expressed. Which is kinda why BS refers to Nightblood as a Shardblade. That said, I got the impression Odium didn't like to do things like Splinter himself, could he have been forced to do that? Weiry's question also got some Royal Locks answers, and the reminder that we won't see too many answers about the Royal Locks until Warbreaker's sequel. Makes me wonder if Vasher and Vivi's child would be a Returned with Royal Locks. (Like, sigh... Denth )
  9. The author I respected more than any person who wasn't family. I'd give a quote, but there are far too many to choose from, each perfect for different aspects of his life and work. His books have shaped the way I think about myself, the rest of the world, and even the very act of thinking. RIP
  10. That is literally the topic of the bottom half of my post, just above yours, between your post from yesterday and this quoted post. Kaladin arrives in the warcamps either in the middle or near the end of the 7th month, and WoK covers the 70-100 days to the battle of the Tower. 1173-6-5-1 could possibly relate to when the Parshendi scholars first got access to stormform and stormform spren, but it's pure speculation, since we don't have any viewpoints from near that date, or anyone who mentions precisely how long ago a particular event during a point in which we have a known date.
  11. I made two timelines, one that's open to editing by anyone: Not too sure why someone changed the date for WoK chapters 59, 62, and 63 in that one though. There's definitely a line in ch 64 before the battle for the Tower where Kaladin thinks that they've had 10 days to practice with the Parshendi carapace armor. And seeing as the additional suits of armor were only made in 63... Anyways, the timeline before the end of WoK is a bit shaky, I've got another post for that here.(Same one as in my signature.) But the main thing to remember is that the vast majority of WoK takes place in a two month stretch beginning either around the middle or near the end of the 7th month of 1173 with Kaladin's arrival in the warcamps. So yeah, the 1000 days epigraph has bothered me for a while now, because 1173-6-5-1 takes place between the most recent flashbacks and the start of the actual series.
  12. Except that Hoid was a person before the Shattering. Liar of Partinel might not be canon, but he almost certainly still started out as relatively normal Yolen human. Adonalsium developing sentience on its own is a worthy topic in its own right, and Roshtarfarian2.0's thread that I linked to earlier was about that, and Adonalsium being a created being as well. (I give his thread additional weight, since it got 22 upvotes but only 10 or so people replied to it, which means that a number of people liked what they read, but for some reason didn't comment. Possible reason? He got too close to the truth, and they'd be breaking the rules by replying.) Our main questions of note: Did Adonalsium exist from the very beginning, or was it created? (I'm fine with either, but more partial to the "created", it's probably the humanist in me.) Was it sentient? (WoG: Any large enough collection of Investiture will eventually develop sentience.) Did anyone ever hold the whole of Adonalsium? (I'm favoring Hoid, if there ever was an individual. If he's a Sliver of the Whole, it might explain some of his abilities.) Was it Shattered intentionally? (Almost certainly. We have both a plot to destroy it, which failed. And a weapon created by its opposition.) If so, by whom? (I'm partial to Hoid again, the current Shards, and Frost.)
  13. Brandon's been pretty clear that Hoid isn't a Shard. Less clear about whether Hoid is a Sliver or not. Even if Hoid is a Sliver, there's more to him than just that. His level of immortality seems to be the highest tier of anyone we've seen in the series, since BS has said Hoid could heal from beheading or being cut with a Shardblade. (Including being beheaded with a Shardblade? That's less clear, but Hoid would probably be fine.) If Liar of Partinel was originally hundreds of years before Dragonsteel, he's had at least some form of immortality even before the Shattering. I'm honestly a bit surprised that Hoid's level of Cosmere awareness is far below Khriss's and on par with Nazh's though. I would think that since Hoid had been around since the Shattering and he is constantly travelling between the worlds that he would be the expert. That's even without considering his possible involvement in the Shattering itself. That might be a sign that he operates more by gut instinct than careful planning. He has a goal, but hasn't carefully mapped out the steps to achieve it, instead he tries to make the most out of lucky opportunities.
  14. @Lightning More or less the same phrasing BS uses to describe Dragonsteel whenever it comes up in Q&As, and why he doesn't want it easily available online. The "inaccurate spoiler board" isn't something I've heard before, but it makes sense, and I like it when someone can distill a major point into a few well chosen words. The fact that you can get a copy of White Sand by emailing him (or Peter?) but that has the same restriction as Dragonsteel (no discussing in an open forum or being made publically available online), makes me think that it is similar in nature, so I'll probably just hold out until the White Sand Graphic Novels come around. In relation to my last post: I finally found who it was on these forums that implied that violence is straight up impossible for Hoid to commit, it was someone who read the unpublished stuff, and he also asked some pointed questions about how Hoid's immortality works, which is why I thought the two things might be connected. Again, given the innaccurate spoiler board nature of the unpublished stuff, this all might have changed.
  15. Hmm, I'd read those epigraphs as the Skybreakers being very good at starting debates/arguments, much to the annoyance of all the other Orders. But you could read it as them being good at separating the guilty from the innocent. The term used ("for making such") works a bit better for the first intrepretation, it would work better for yours if it was along the lines of "for making such a determination", but even without you can stretch it to work.