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  1. Indeed, I think there is definitely a distinction between naturally being a quiet person and having learned how to be quiet when necessary. Oldest children have, generally, had to learn the art of being quiet. This is all very good. Thank you all for your input! I won't be publishing any papers on it but it has certainly helped toward cementing my theory.
  2. Wait... is this a Mortal Engines name I see, or is that just a coincidence?

  3. Amazing! Could you explain your process? What kind of laser machine do you have? What type of metal? Did it engrave directly onto the bare metal, was it anodized, or did you use a metal marking spray?
  4. Thank you!
  5. There's always bound to be those who buck the trend!
  6. Hey nova, welcome!
  7. Hello fellow eldests! I have a question. Has anyone noticed a correlation with birth order and loudness? Let me explain... My wife is the youngest of four and I have noticed that she is...not subtle in situations where lower volumes are required, let's say. She whispers loudly (but is getting better) and generally moves around without being fully aware of how loud she is. I also have an 11 year old nephew (the youngest of three) who comes over and sounds like a heard of elephants clomping down the hall. My hypothesis is that, as the youngests, they were not required to learn quiet behaviours while their baby siblings were trying to nap. I am interested if anyone else has experienced this within their family or friend groups.
  8. Sometimes I wish that I was less of an adult again. I'm in my mid-30s, married with a 3 year old and a not-quite-one year old. I work much of the day (thankfully from home) then I help with the kids and meals. Don't get me wrong, I love my life, but it would be nice to have more than 30 minutes, after the kids are in bed, to read. I see these youngin's saying they stayed up all night to read TLM on release day and I'm here on chapter 10! Not to mention, if I try staying up all night to read, it will take me a month to recover that lost sleep...hell, I'm still recovering from Daylight Savings.
  9. Welcome! I also pandemic'd with the Cosmere. Do you have a favourite character or are you also like me in that there are way too many to choose from?
  10. It's likely that he was waiting until this moment because Ati and Leras would be too focused on their currently unfolding respective plans to notice Hoid passing through.
  11. I was wondering the same thing. I was hoping for a situation more along the lines of Republic City in Legend of Korra, where benders are seen in many specialist positions. There are also, notably, many associated with crime - hence the need for a metal-bending police force. The world was advanced (from Last Airbender) with more thought to how benders bending all over the place would effect the growth, flow and function of a city. I definitely feel like that didn't happen as much with Era 2.
  12. I like this theory. I personally believe that the entire Cosmere sequence will end with the reunification of all Shards into Adonalsium. Harmony was just the first. Since OB, I've believed that Honor's Splinters would be bonded and picked up by Dalinar but, after RoW and TOdium, this seems like a more likely outcome. Tinfoil hat theory: Odium takes up Honor. Taravangian's "fresh" Intent over his Shard + Honor's Intent tempers War into more like Crusade - seeking to bind all other Shards and Splinters together once again.
  13. Edgedancer, wing Windrunner.
  14. Just a thought but what if the dust Wax inhaled was harmonium that alloyed with, say, the iron case or even Trellium? Or the explosion somehow stabilized a fraction of the harmonium to prevent it from reacting with water?
  15. Depends. Live-action for Mistborn but animated for SA. That said, Brandon has said that money likely wouldn't be an issue. At least in regards to VFX for concealing Earth plants on a live-action Roshar. I don't see the budget being too big for Way of Kings since magic use is still minimal and the locations are mostly set on the Shattered Plains (Brandon has talked about ideal locations to shoot this in Utah) and Kharbranth (could be done largely on-set). The numbers start running up when you consider all the CGI for creatures and spren....