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  1. Happy birthday @SpinningSky
  2. Autonomy? (Running out of ideas here!)
  3. A noble. Now I can read, and order around all the skaa on the shard.
  4. I would not use them What would you do if you found your math teacher in your pocket?
  5. BEING YOUNG IS EASY!!!!!!!!
  6. “Wow this thing is squishy!“ *Punctures eye with a toothpick* What would you so if you found MacDonalds in your pocket?
  7. Kelsier? (HOW IS IT NOT MARSH!?!)
  8. Being young is so easy.
  9. Thank you! Whenever someone I don‘t know shows up I get super introverty and stuff. (Aka, public school was a disaster) I‘mostly stay in my room. With the door closed. And if I‘m in a public area, I slouch and get as small and as unnoticeable as possible. Or I start drawing or reading. So. What‘s your advice? @That1Cellist @The Halcyon Girl
  10. How about killer rabbits?
  11. Everyone laughed an evil laugh.
  12. Some, but few. What rabbit breeds do you know?
  13. I'm bad at drawing on a device, so I usually just draw on paper.
  14. So it just made Goomba smarter.