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  1. All the stuff you said about Keslier is true, but only matters for later books. Even still, there is definitely a possible version of the story where Leras survives long enough to do everything Kelsier had to do. Regardless, TFE requires no cosmere knowledge and Ruin and Preservation aren’t even characters. In fact, all the scheming and metalmind changing that lead to the Hero of Ages prophecy and the betrayal and the well of ascension I find to be a less compelling story than that of a jealous, nationalist, packman who ends up a tyrant for 1000 years. I think you can argue he still was but it just feels worse to me.
  2. Thanks so much, from this I would conclude that inquisitor heights likely aren’t changed in the process.
  3. Hmm, I really loved Vins character arc I think her growth into a trusting person was believable, especially after she was cared for in bed rest for weeks and found out Reen died defending her. Also I agree Kelsier is a morally ambiguous character but he’s what the final empire needed. He’s the type of person Taravangian might praise, but now he seems like just a villain, especially knowing what we know about the ghost bloods. But yeah everyone else in the crew were clearly good people
  4. I’d like to hear everybody’s unpopular opinions on the mistborn original trilogy. I’ll go first: I think “Mistborn: The Final Empire” is better as a stand alone novel. So I’m a huge cosmere fan and have read all the Mistborn novels and novellas and some of them are really good, however I find it taints some of my favorite things about Mistborn. Obviously Mistborn ends leaving the reader with some questions like what the Lord Ruler meant when he died, what are Koloss…; my biggest one was “wait, who was Kwaan?”, but I don’t think those are very big deals as unanswered questions. So firstly, the Zane storyline is so bad it might be the worst Cosmere storyline I ever read and the makes me not like Well of Ascension. I thought the realization by Vin at the end that Rashek killed Alendi simultaneously surprised me and made so much sense it was my favorite Brandon reveal and I liked thinking Rashek was selfish, greedy, and evil. The next books kinda retcon that and make him into this struggling hero who saved the world by killing Alendi. And KELSIER ISNT DEAD, sucks!!!! His death was the main focus of one of the best fantasy books I read and now it just didn’t really count I hate that. Anyways, I think Mistborn as a stand-alone is my favorite cosmere novel even more than WoK, and I wanna hear some more opinions y’all think aren’t super popular.
  5. In Mistborn, it is often mentioned that Steel Inquisitors tower over regular Scadrians. Vin comments that all steel inquisitors seem to be 2 feet taller than her which would imply they are at least 7 feet. It seems incredibly unlikely that inquisitors would be chosen for there height when it appears they are chosen for their allomantic abilities. I previously didn’t associate inquisitors as hemalurgic constructs like Koloss or Kandra, which are physically altered but more just like a human being with a ton of hemalurgically stolen powers. (Like Pewter enhanced Spook) but the height is enough to make me question this. Are there any book quotes or WOBs explaining the height of steel inquisitors?
  6. What’s about “Knights On the Wind”, I like that the most if it’s going to follow K.O.W but also plausible is “Knowledge of Worlds”. I also like “Killer in White” cause Szeth though it doesn’t fit perfectly
  7. Ever since Rhythm of War and finding out that Nergaoul was sunk in the ocean I’ve thought about the logistics of a physical realm mission to the bottom of the ocean. It’s even possible that Ba-Ado-Mishram was sunk too. Kaladin or any radiant could probably do it holding stormlight with Navani’s arm fabrial or lashings and possibly using adhesion to manipulate currents if possible. However I also believe a Fabrial Submarine is possible. The first major challenge would be overcoming the pressure of the depths which could either be done by having the submarine soulcast into a strong material or using half-shards to hold it together. It could move using paired gemstones like the 4th-bridge. Depending on how long it needs to stay underwater it may require a transformation surgebinder to replace the air periodically. If the bottom of the ocean corresponds to underground in shadesmar then the submarine would probably be the easiest way to retrieve the Thrill.
  8. I just had this crazy idea of this overpowered bondsmith ability. What if a bondsmith took several people and connected their souls together in a web. Then they could trap all their immortal enemies in this prison. What could possibly go wrong with this plan?
  9. Do you think it’s possible for a skilled enough Elsecaller or Lightweaver to use transformation to essentially mimic Division, and maybe even tension, cohesion, and progression. The surge of division turns stuff into nothing. If a soulcaster or radiant with transformation can convince the spren of an object to become nothing then it seems to be mimicking division. Similarly if it can convince said spren to become harder or softer versions of the same element then that would be like tension and cohesion. Progression would be the hardest and not quite a great comparison but we do see Jasnah try (and fail) to soulcast strawberry jam, but it is implied to be possible. Could we see Jasnah soulcast air into a persons cut off arm the connects perfectly if she was skilled enough? It seems like the surge of transformation is quite powerful and can cover some of the other surges, though I’m inclined to believe all that I suggested is impossible though I don’t know why. What are your thoughts?
  10. In Oathbringer, we see the King’s Drop Ruby shining brightly in the Thaylen vaults. However, we also know that it is a perfect gemstone and that it never leaks stormlight. If this is the case, why do y’all think it is shining? If no stormlight can escape than it seems like it should appear dun. Also note it is shining and not reflecting as the Thaylen Vaults are really dark and even with a cloth covering the gemstone it still shines through it. In a way it seems like energy is coming from no where. I mention this because Wyndle refers to a cosmere equivalent of conservation of energy when explaining to Lift that she cant grow food with stormlight and eat it and have a net positive gain in calories or stormlight. However many Cosmere examples seem to contradict this so my best conclusion is the Wyndle is an unreliable source.
  11. Yeah that kinda shows that breath isn’t conserving energy. Since all the breath after awakening is accounting for, that investiture can’t be what is powering awakened objects. Similarly the heightening seem to cost nothing once a person has enough breath. If I invest a price of cloth with the command “turn turbines” then I will just get unlimited energy until I reclaim the breaths if I ever do. This is showing that the energy stored in breath isn’t corresponding to the energy used in awakening. I have no idea how color bleaching plays into this
  12. That make sense. So then the amount of stormlight used would be proportional to distance traveled, or surface area covered. (Perhaps why sliding on foot is preferable to paddling around on knees). Still you’d need to use more stormlight moving faster cause you’d be covering more ground
  13. What do you think friction is?
  14. If that’s how you see it I don’t see why Abrasion can’t also set the resistance coefficient (based on density) of gaseous mixtures to 0.
  15. True even if those Fused are the deepest ones (cohesion?) and not the flowing ones (abrasions) I don’t know how to differentiate between Tension and Cohesion honestly