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  1. No, FLOOFY BUNNIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Can we make Fused abilities, instead of merely Fused, to Shanay-im for example?
  3. I believe it's actually Cultivation.
  4. Welcome fleshy being with multicolored liquids inside of you (some of them should remain inside and some should definitely go) Ya I know I'm super nerdy and weird....
  5. slightly salted hot dog

    Very happy, you're here. Hope you have great time here!
  6. Hello fellow human being! What's ur fav book?
  7. @alainesp i completely agree with yah, but the Tom Holland one.... I don't think an actual 15 year old would work. They must make him at least 18 or something, and the yah Holland would work (he's younger in Spiderman and Chaos walking)
  8. I think that Tom Holland would be a very good Spook. And I don't know if this may sound as racist, but we should try to be as close as possible to physical appearance, if not in everything then at least in most.
  9. @Sequence not that one. The 5 seconds of Summer one, "late night devil put your hands on me, and never never ever let go"..... it's also edgy :),
  10. Teeth, any song be Eminem, there's an awesome Arab band called Cairokee. Moral of the Story, Billie Eilish. (hey, pardon me for my choice of songs. I'm 17)
  11. @bmcclure7 I did read Warbreaker, but all bodies were "resurrected" after very short time from their death. not 10 years.
  12. A Shard can't bring a body back from the dead after it goes to the Beyond.
  13. the use of Fate here reminds me of the use of wisdom in TWOK, are they the same thing? one may be a Splinter of a Shard or a Conjoined Shard, and the other is the sixteenth unnamed Shard. hover Fate here is cappitalized but wisdom was
  14. @Toaster Retribution Shalash doesn't have Surges. But she's a half immortal being that is mad. I do not think any of them will bond any Spren. Nale bonded his Spren before the False Desolation. when he was not mad.