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  1. Based on the general physical descriptions of the characters in the series... Kaladin - Luke Pasqualino or Sungmin Siddiqi (Alethi - tan skin) Shallan - Annalise Basso (Veden - lighter skin, red hair) Wit - Taylor Kitsch (Angular face) Szeth - Elijah Wood (Shin - pale skin, big eyes) Kholin Family Dalinar - Ben Barnes Navani - Jessica Lowndes (Alethi - tan skin, smaller eyes) Jasnah - Liza Soberano (Alethi - tan skin, smaller eyes) Adolin - Troye Sivan (Half-Alethi, half-Veden - lighter skin, blonde hair with black highlights) Renarin - ? (Half-Alethi, half-Veden - skin more tan than Adolin, black hair with blonde highlights)
  2. Thank you! I just used a ruler to figure out the proportions XD
  3. My favorite character is Wit/Hoid/Cephandrius the Worldhopper/the Storyteller, whichever you call him!
  4. As long as it isn't the Cult of Moments... I love cults Thank you, and also to Robin Sedai.
  5. From the album SART - Brightness Solivagant

    What I start doing when I get bored. Copied it from Shallan's sketchbook. Outlined it with a pencil first, then literally colored the curves with a black pen. The biggest challenge was probably keeping the curves' thickness consistent. I do like how it turned out though!
  6. Hello, everyone! I'm a storming fan of Brandon Sanderson and the Stormlight Archives series, and I thought, well, this is where I belong! I'm really looking forward to all the amazing future discussions and the great people I'd be able to meet here!