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  1. I chose Wax, but my favorites are really him and Wayne. I like all the characters, but my favorite moments are often their conversations. And like someone already said, they’re more enjoyable to read about when they’re in the same room.
  2. When your mom is reading mistborn and she says she wants to make a mistcloak, and the first thing you say is “Yes! I have successfully converted you. Welcome to the cult.” also at an earlier point in time when she says mistborn is getting good, and even though you were unloading the car you just turn around immediately.
  3. Necromancin’ Dancin’ by Bear Ghost when (warbreaker spoilers)
  4. I’m pretty sure my first on was Steelheart. It was a couple years ago. I was in 3rd or 4th grade probably. I liked it and finished the series, but I didn’t search for Sanderson in bookstores. I started WoT in 5th grade, but I barely finished EotW. The only one I specifically remember him recommending was TWoK also in 5th grade probably. I read it, and it was simply too amazing. And I now have an extreme obsession with/addiction to Sanderson books.
  5. *unintelligible excited screaming*
  6. This is a great theory! You’ve convinced me. Pretty sure there’s an army of awespren around me in the Cognitive Realm right now. They broke the magic system because I felt such powerful awe. Seriously this is awesome! How in the raging winds did you have time to make this?
  7. lift

    Foreshadowing through names is 100% something Brandon would do.
  8. rhythm of war

    This is amazing!! Your writing is so good! I want this to happen.
  9. Just watched that movie and OH STORMFATHER, YOU’RE RIGHT. Funny story, when we left the theater after seeing Thor: Love and Thunder, there was a highstorm. A very mild one. Some would call it a thunderstorm. You know you’re a Sanderfan when you start looking for every similarity between a marvel character and a Cosmere character.
  10. Thanks for following me!

  11. I did this with a microwave, but I figured it out quickly (literally just a heatrial) and moved on to other kitchen appliances I don’t really know if this counts as a YKYASW but one day I walked into my ELA class and put RoW on my desk and my teacher said, “Honey, that’s not a book, that’s a weapon.” When you passed a billboard that said the word Tien and you were filled with immense joy
  12. This is storming beautiful. I want to see more of your art!
  13. Yesterday me and my sister were talking, she said something weird (the best line in the story), and this was born. Enjoy our madness. MUAHAHAMUAHAHAMUAHAHAHA Spoilered for size:
  14. My names been through a lot, I can take it