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  1. fanfic

    Love the stick detail!
  2. Amazing! I really like the Stormfather detail. I also think you captured Urithiru perfectly. Please do more art like this!
  3. oathbringer

    Dang that was really cool! Good work!
  4. Im learning French and I thought it would help to talk to other ppl who are
  5. im homeschooled and actually manage all my stuff. It's great i can study all i want and most topics are available to me. I mostly use acellus, anyone else?
  6. Dude same! im incredibly introverted but LOVE being homeschooled! I can eat or sleep whenever. Also, im a girl so can i join? anybody else have crem brothers? My older brother spent 45 minutes the other day trying to convince me that girls were physically dumber than boys.
  7. I'm super selfconscious but i tend to cover it up by acting super arrogant. Like someone will ask me what im doing somewhere and i'll reply with "gracing you with my presence" or something dumb like that. I also tend to ramble so i dont talk much unless talked to first
  8. A small girl with the distinctive look of someone who did not get outside often peeked around a bookcase at Mistrunner. The mighty leader of the knights awkward sat huddled in a chair, reading some cosmere book or another. I've got this The girl thought I'm third of stars, I've read practically every cosmere book there is, and I'm a master at being awkward. With a deep breath, she strolled around the bookcase toward mistrunner and fell to one knee. "I am Third of Stars, Your awkwardness. I wish to join the Knights Awkward. Books before friends 17th shard before the real world release dates before birthdays I will offer cookies to those who have not been spiked initiated I will sustain the knowledge of Hemalurgy because it is fun I will seek to avoid being avoided in dark alleys" The girl rose embarrassed, she'd stumbled on her way over "so, uhhh can i join?"
  9. I KNOW!!! we live in utah so mom wants me to read boring pioneer books and histories which i understand (to a degree) idk if i can even be here because i have 0 experience dating and am so young its fun tho
  10. oh

    aww thanks ppl are useless idk what my fave book or character is but my fave quote is "aim for the sun, that way if you miss your arrow will land far far away and the person it kills will probably be someone you don't know" -Hoid talking to shallan in kholinar
  11. hya 

    i love the shard so much i get to share my insanity with others thanks a ton sry if i ramble

  12. oh

    soooo, i really have been out of it and living under a rock ive been here for like a month and completely missed that this was here any way im 13 serious sanderfan and have maybe 2 friends irl (books are so so much better)
  13. lol I'm 13, homeschooled and hardcore introvert and book nerd its actually really nice the only annoying thing is my parents keep trying to get me to be more social and give up fantasy