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  1. ...Fine. I'm in. Have only read the first Wheel of Time book, so I'm expecting be confused. Welcome to Sanderson Elimination, Silhouette and Vorros! Word of warning, from my personal experience: Don't trust people. Like... ever. Not kidding. But also kinda kidding. You'll see.
  2. Welcome to the Shard! I read RoW in 24 hours once, but not in one calendar day. Gg!
  3. Welcome to the Shard! What's your favorite Metalborn power?
  4. Belated welcome to the Shard!
  5. oh

    Agreed. Talk to people, though; one does need both. Belated welcome to the Shard, Thirdofstars!
  6. Welcome to the Shard! What's your favorite Sanderson book?
  7. Welcome to the Shard! I did the same thing a month ago
  8. Welcome to the Shard! We don't bite... usually
  9. Welcome to the Shard! What's your favorite Metalborn power?
  10. Welcome to the Shard! What's you favorite Metalborn power?
  11. The Stormfather has no ability to stop the Everstorm.
  12. *Pulls out notebook full of book quotes* "The storm catches everyone, eventually. Does it matter?" -Wit, Fleet story. I find this really fascinating- we're all gonna die. Is that bad? I don't know, is it? "A good king is one who is trusted by his people- and one who deserves that trust." -Tindwyl? WoA. Made me think, has a lot of truth to it. "I kind of lost track of time." "For two hours?" "There were books involved." -Elend, WoA. So very much me. "You asked me about faith, You asked what good it was, if it just led people to hurt each other. I've been thinking about that ever since. And... I think I might have an answer. Faith means that it doesn't matter what happens. You can trust that somebody is watching. Trust that somebody will make it all right. It means that there will always be a way." -HoA, don't remember who said it. I won't call this completely accurate, but it has a lot of meaning, and I spent a lot of thought time on it. "It seems to me that you're searching for something that cannot be found." "The truth?" "No. A religion that requires no faith of its believers." -HoA. Has helped me through various moments of doubt.
  13. You're making a lot of fascinating connections. With any other author, I'd saying you're reading too much into the story, but this is Brandon, so.... maaayybe. Cool idea. One nitpick: If Kal is racing the storm, he doesn't have limited Stormlight. Being in a highstorm refills Stormlight constantly. If Kal's ahead of the storm, then he could run out, but then the Stormfather stopping the storm would kill him, because his power source wouldn't catch up before he hit the ground.
  14. Sheeeesh these are good. I'm out of upvotes.
  15. Why <Conq, JNV, maybe Kas/Archer> ? Because they're not Devo, TGK, or me. Conq because he seems marginally more suspicious than the other two. Looking at my arguments, they honestly are kinda wobbly, because I am having a really hard time finding anything more than slight suspicions. On anyone. I... think I believe you. Cuz why on earth would JNV vote on you if you were both E!, which is what I've been assuming? I guess there could be only two elims, so that would be JNV and Archer... It doesn't quite make sense to me, but I can't find any arrangement that does make perfect sense to me. Conq, JNV Edit: Just noticed that Archer is also voting for Conq, so... yeah... who could even be Conq's teammate if he was evil? I'm convinced. @Devotary of Spontaneity, @The_God_King, we're going to need some village votes in here in order to not lose the game. So... vote, please?
  16. And then there were six. Devo, JNV, TGK, Kas, Conq, Luck. Devo: Voted on Fifth to break a tie. Fifth was an elim. Pretty clear Village. TGK: Was voted on by Fifth as Fifth’s attempt as self-pres, voted on Fifth, distancing and bussing unlikely because he wasn’t doomed. Attacked, survived. Clear Village. JNV: ?? Voted for TUN for two cycles. Not much info clear enough that I can read it. Kas: It looks very sus that he’s voting along with Fifth on the TGK train (Fifth’s best chance of survival), but when he voted on TGK, he was the only vote on Fifth. ?? Village-ish. Conq: Has a habit of voting, then taking it back off early in the round. Happened with Fifth, looks like distancing. End of cycle votes for Ash (village), WW (village), WW again (still village), me, and now me again. Elims: <Conq, JNV, maybe Kas/Archer if there is a fourth elim.> I am not an elim in the currently existing world. I've posted to survive, but also some player reads. I've explained that I have IRL reasons for my inactivity several times. I am, again, female. I have been defended by Fifth and Kas, but here's a post (it won't quote properly because the thread is locked) where Fifth is jumping on Kas as being sus for voting on me and sus in general. They haven't acted particularly teamed with each other or with me. Start Fifth's post from C1 Posted July 22 · Report post Well, we do need to kill someone, and so far none of the Exe targets have been particularly responsive save Matrim, who is no longer under threat. I would eventually like @Kasimir to explain why he went onto Luckspren and not back onto Ash, but I’m not gonna vote him for it (especially since he probably won’t be back). Overall I have no problem leaving my vote on Ash, especially if he has been on the Shard, and if the Exe develops elsewhere I’ll look at reasons to switch. Nobody has really been pinging my gut so far except Kas and Mat (very lightly), which is weird, so I don’t know if people should say more or if I’m just not paying as close attention to things as I ought >> End Fifth's post from C1 @Conquestor, are there any other suspicious things I've done, or clarifications of existing things, you want to know? I'll answer whenever I get Wi-Fi.
  17. I dislike bandwagoning, and that's not what I was doing. I'm very inexperienced at reading players, so I was scrambling about trying to find anyone who was at all suspicious to me. TUN was the only player that I couldn't come up with any V! indicators for. That's why I voted for him. I'm a she . I have posted very little, but that's due to lack of time, Wi-Fi, and any real idea what I'm talking about. The lack of votes is due to an inability to suspect people who haven't done anything clearly elimmy. (Is that a word?) Sorry for lack of... anything helpful, I know I must be annoying to try to read from so little information
  18. Hi

    Welcome to the Shard! Which book are you reading/reading next?
  19. Welcome to the Shard! This. Exactly this. Working on a few friends, though.
  20. Two possibilities: <WW train was pure> <WW train wasn’t pure> <WW train was pure> is unlikely, but if so, <JNV, Devo> as the remaining elims. I don’t believe it, considering E!Devo could probably have saved Fifth, and JNV is coming across V! not sure why, gut reads? Funny in PM’s at start. <WW train wasn’t pure> is highly likely, so there should be at least one elim, maybe both, in there. <Joe, TUN, TGK, Kas, Conq> Joe: E!Joe probably wouldn’t have let Fifth die TGK: Voted for Fifth, voted on by Fifth, could’ve tried to save him and didn’t, voted before bussing would have made any sense, would probably have taken it off if distancing, and now he was attacked as well. Strongest V! read out of all the players. Conq: Was voted on by Fifth. Not much, but still a V! indicator. Kas: Voted for Fifth. Not much, but still V! indicator. TUN: I have no reason to believe either V! or E! Suspect pool: <TUN, JNV>, because I have V! reads on everyone else from voting history, and nothing on them. Possibly <Conq, Kas/Archer> but not really. JNV or TUN, not both, because JNV broke a tied exe to vote TUN. Hi Archer, probably going to need to read that a couple times to comprehend properly, but thanks for your thoughts!
  21. Hi everyone, sorry I haven't posted much; it won't get any better now, since I have limited Wi-Fi access for the next two weeks. Here are the reads I was going to post last cycle, but was too late: TUN because I expect at least some of the WW train was E! and wanted WW dead more than they did TUN.
  22. Welcome to the Shard! If you could have one Metalborn power, which would it be?
  23. Welcome to the Shard! Elantris first because publication order or because happened to find it, recommend, or other?