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  1. My exact reaction! Those look epic!
  2. A couple of years ago, I was in a thrift store, and, as usual, instead of shopping for clothes, shoes, and other 'necessary' things, I went for the bookshelf. There was this book called Steelheart, and the prologue was really good, so I bought it, then read the rest of the series ASAP. At least 6 months later, I happened across Alcatraz and the Evil Librarians at the library (why the Librarians would allow it on the shelves, I don't know), and read that as well. The second time I read it, I made the connection that the authors were the same Brandon Sanderson. I looked up the names of his other books, then forgot about it again. A while later, I was at the library and saw The Way of Kings... huge Sanderfan and Cosmere nerd ever since. I've read the Stormlight Archive 5 times for sure, maybe more, and I can never find a copy of Way of Kings. I buy one, read the series, lend it to someone, buy it, read the series, lend it to someone. But hey, surely they'll give them back eventually, and you can never have too many copies!
  3. I can understand this argument... it's actually pretty compelling in some ways... but I would say that while lots of horrendous things have been done in the name of religion, all horrendous things that have ever been done were done by humans. Saying that humans have done lots of horrendous things in the name of religion means (to me) that: 1) Humans have the capacity to do horrendous things (and they will, with or without the involvement of religion), and 2) Religion is extremely powerful. To many people, it matters more than anything else in their lives. Which means, unfortunately, one of the easiest ways to get people to agree to horrible things is to tell them 'God approves! He told me so in a vision!' A lot of horrible things have been done in the name of religion... but a lot of wonderful things too. And neither of those things are proof of whether believers are correct.
  4. No virgin birth by the Holy Spirit? Unless you disagree with Rune that the Bible is the Word of God, how would you interpret this \/ ?
  5. Welcome to the Shard! I've also read RoW in two days. (Granted, I was on vacation and able to read for multiple solid hours). I know people with my reading speed exist, but sadly I've never met one in real life
  6. I disagree- if just killing them was enough, the Raysium dagger would have been unnecessary for both Jezrien and Kelek. The fact that equipment made of a God Metal was used suggests that a normal weapon wouldn't have permanently worked.
  7. Joining! I think it's a great ship because Jasnah is way too serious, so she needs some humor in her life; an excellent scholar, so great things could happen if he shares all his Cosmere knowledge with her, and really smart, so she needs someone who can match her intellect. It's also great for Hoid because Jasnah is awesome! They're both really powerful- put them together, and I'd be terrified of getting them angry at me.
  8. Thanks, @Rune, @EmulatonStromenkiin, for answering all my random questions! This has given me a much better idea of the differences between our faiths; I'd like to try for the similarities. Here's the text of the Nicene Creed, the classic statement of the Christian faith and our doctrine of the Trinity: Would you agree with this?
  9. Gack, I'm part noble now... I was hoping I could be friends with Kelsier once I make it to Scadrial... *sadness* Also, I have green eyes, so Kaladin would hate me as well... *double sadness* I think I could still get along with Wit, though! *hopefulness*
  10. How do we know the Bible translators didn't also have God's inspiration? Two people are omniscient. Can they know exactly what the other will choose to do? Can said other choose not to do it because they know how the other will react... goes into a spiral. The omnipotence thing is similar but irrelevant because it would involve the omnipotent people trying to kill each other, doesn't apply here. God the Father's physical body is a concept from the Mormon scriptures?
  11. Yep! Only once, though.
  12. Lol, that's the sort of thing I would do. Wait, are there Brandon Mull forums? @SymphonianBookworm, can I join the Knights Radiant of Jasnahoid Shippers? What is our First Ideal? Three languages at once? Wow... are you anywhere near as good with French and Latin as you are with English? Seriously, half the people I know have worse English than you (and that drives me crazy)
  13. How could two beings be omnipotent at the same time? Or omniscient, actually- wouldn't that work like two Mistborn burning atium at the same time? What's the Apostacy?