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  1. This has probably been discussed before but I came across a very interesting quote while I was looking through the Theoryland interview database: It's an interesting answer by Brandon all around but I'd only like to talk about the last sentence. It's not exactly certain but it feels to me like Brandon's talking about the return of Surgebinding here. First, I want to start by eliminating characters that I don't think is our innovative culprit here: Szeth: Brandon specifically says "random interlude" and I don't think the Szeth interludes can be classified as such. They are like character development chapters for Szeth but not necessarily important to the overall plot of the book. Additionally, I can't think of anything important Szeth discovered in the interludes. Most important things are in his regular chapters. Nan Balat: No discovery here. The chapter shows how screwed up the Davar children are. Ishikk: Again no discovery, not one that is important to the plot anyway. It shows a different part of the world, expands Hoid's story a bit and introduces us to the Seventeenth Shard. Important for cosmere probably, but not much for Roshar. Also Galladon is back, so that's good. Baxil: There is some stuff about Old Magic here, but I don't think this is it either. I think this just shows us Shalash. So what's left and what do they discover? RysnNo spren in Shinovar Shin culture, He Who Adds, farmers being ranked highest, no mining Szeth becoming Truthless and being sold to Vstim Axies the CollectorAlespren Cusicesh Geranid and AshirSpren size and shape are locked if they are measured and recorded Note that, all three discover something about spren. Which do you guys think is what Brandon was talking about? Can you think of anything else?
  2. I've always thought that Radiant spren are naturespren (was that the name Shallan used?) that transformed into emotionspren. Like honorspren are basically windspren, but they got a bunch of Honor's Investiture and over time they became to be associated with keeping promises and protecting people. Or maybe windspren got associated with protecting so they became Invested with Honor, which doesn't really make sense but whatever. The point I'm trying to make is all Radiant spren are emotion spren and they are associated with one Surge. Their "cousins" are whatever spren that represents that Surge. My thinking is something like this: honorspren - Adhesion (air pressure) - windspren Skybreaker spren - Gravitation - gravityspren Releaser spren - Division - decayspren Edgedancer spren - Abrasion - lifespren (okay, this doesn't make sense but Wyndle seems lifespren-y) Truthwatcher spren - Progression - lightspren (same as above; Ym's spren looks lightspren-y) Cryptics - Illumination - patternspren? symmetryspren? something like that. remember when Pattern said dead Cryptics become patterns in nature? that's my thinking Elsecaller spren - Transformation - shadowspren maybe Willshaper spren - Transportation - uhh, no idea really Stoneward spren - Cohesion - again, no idea Bondsmith spren - special case, they bond with Godspren for lack of a better term like Stormfather, Nightwatcher, and whatever else there is Admittedly, it's not a perfect pattern. It breaks down with Edgedancers, so maybe it's not the Surges but Essences or maybe a mix of both? I don't know. But I still feel fairly confident with the whole "cousins" are always naturespren thing.
  3. No, Autonomy is Bavadin. Survival Shard, IIRC, isn't on a planet.
  4. It's inspiring to see there are noble warriors in cosmere that are fighting to protect college students from starvation or, God forbid, cooking.
  5. I was more talking about the institution factor actually. For women, sexual assault and childhood abuse are probably the primary sources of trauma. They are isolated incidents. Women choose to go to support groups and therapy or not, rely on their friends and family or, again, not. War veterans, which I would imagine make up a big chunk of PTSD victims among men, on the other hand are conditioned to feel like a cog in the machine. When they return home, they have counselors to transition them to civil life and free psychological support. It might make a difference. I'm just speculating on the spot here, though. Mental disorders fascinate me, too. But yeah, let's shut up. PM me if you want to chat.
  6. Well, for gender, about 60% of men and 50% of women go through a major trauma in their life time in the US. But 10% of women and 4% of men develop PTSD. I'm not really sure why this is. It could be because women are physically weaker so feel more threatened by the trauma, or it could be women get less support from their community, which is apparently important in both prevention and treatment. I couldn't find a source for these, so I'm typing from memory. Take it with a pinch of salt. Wikipedia may have something. For other stuff, you can take a look at this. Edit: Just checked. NIMH article mentions gender too. Edit 2: Found a source for those stats.
  7. Fair enough. There's a host of factors that determine the likelihood whether a given person will develop PTSD, like genetics, social circumstances, alcohol usage, gender, et cetera. The thing is, PTSD is a really common illness. Over ten percent of war veterans develop it. Even outside military, most people go through at least one trauma in their lives. I think about seven or eight percent of US population can be diagnosed with PTSD at some point in their lives. Considering bridgemen assault contested plateaus pretty much weekly (those plateau assaults are like the quintessential PTSD trigger) and they have no community support whatsoever, I'd expect it to be much more common among them than soldiers. Then again, maybe they just don't live long enough for it to be a problem. Or maybe the Alethi are magically immune to PTSD. Who knows? Anyways, I know I'm getting really off-topic. It's the thing in WoR where bridgemen find comfort back running bridges. That really rubbed me the wrong way. I though that was an unrealistic response for people like them.
  8. For what it's worth, I highly doubt Kaladin has PTSD. PTSD has these really vivid flashbacks and a tendency to avoid situations that remind its victims the original trauma. I read about this woman who went through a really tough labor and would unconsciously avoid taking care of her child because it reminded her of the birth. Kaladin doesn't have anything like that. The only symptom he shows is hyperarousal, which isn't particularly surprising given the life he's had. In fact, I don't think any of the bridgemen we've seen has PTSD, which I find weird. Shallan probably has it though. What Kaladin has is clinical depression and seasonal affective disorder, and bunch of other emotional problems besides. But yeah, he's my favorite character, too.
  9. Huh. That's interesting. I'll bet they get trace amounts of Stormlight from drinking highstorm water.
  10. Dude, I apologize for being condescending in advance. Your profile says you're 13 years old. If that's your true age, take this as a well-meaning, if arrogant, advice from someone who's a little older than you. This kind of passive-aggressive behavior is not going to take you far in your relationships. If something's bothering you, just say so. And you're being unfair. The whole point of this community is sharing your thoughts with others. No one is going to give you crap for doing so. But other people are also entitled to their opinions, which they are also here to share. Try to see things from their perspectives a little. If you still don't agree with them, don't let it affect you this much. We're all just random strangers on the Internet. You should stick around. You are definitely welcome here.
  11. It's probably the most secure building in Roshar because of the altitude. Besides, if the structure stood against thousands of years of highstorms, it'll probably be fine against the everstorm too even if it's blowing from the opposite direction. So they can take shelter inside as long as they stay away from the windows. And it's the mythological center of power for the Knights Radiant. Even the psychological effect of that should be enough to discourage your average dissident. Never mind that almost everyone will be dependent on Shallan if they want to get out of there. It makes sense politically, too.
  12. He is a spren of Honor, probably the strongest piece of Honor on Roshar left after his Splintering, and his cognitive shadow. He didn't bestow stormform, that wasn't in his power to bestow or deny. He is bound by certain rules, like he had to send the visions to Dalinar whether he wanted to or not. Eshonai chose of her own will to bond with a stormspren (a Voidspren, i.e. Odium's spren), and Stormfather claimed that he couldn't stop it. I guess this is another one of the rules he's bound by. He is also a guy who watched hundreds of his children (the spren that were bound to the Radiants) die in the Recreance, and he's very human-like in his reaction to that. So he's a little screwed up to say the least.
  13. That's good to know. I hope we get it soon.
  14. Yeah, is the Q&A off-limits too? We don't get a reading at every signing, but there are questions asked practically every time. Are we going to have to wait for the end of tours for them in the future? That seems like a problem.
  15. Sounds like the only sensible thing to do. Anyone who has access to Brandon willing to beg him for the good of everyone?
  16. Has anyone mentioned this yet? The way Kaladin goes on about it, I was expecting he was asked to get vajazzled or something.
  17. Eh, I don't know. What you say could fit. But feels kinda like it's trying to bend the narrative to suit the death rattle. I don't think any of the three can be said to have saved Eshonai. Not yet, at least. And as I recall she didn't really promise Adolin peace, just offered to talk about it. Plus, they summon the storm way later in the book. It could fit, but there are a lot of holes in it. On the other hand, what happens to Kaladin is just perfect. So I'm still gonna go with that.
  18. Pretty sure that's when Moash and Graves come to assassinate Elhokar near the end of WoR. Moash saves Kaladin's life in WoK by stopping him to go to Dunny (?). Elhokar kills his promise to protect Tien with the whole Roshone thing. The storm responding is Syl becoming a Shardblade.
  19. I know I'm gonna be pretty much alone here, but Wayne. He always came across as too silly for me. I didn't appreciate his humor, because that kind of humor doesn't work for me in books without visual or auditory cues like it would with a stand-up comedian or a sitcom. I didn't see anything else that was interesting about him either.
  20. Gonna have to disagree with that. We learn in Elantris that, for example, a river runs down because the Dor makes it so, at least according to Galladon. In our world, this is done because gravity pulls the water down. Or the hot air moves up, and more air rushes into the vacuum below, creating wind. In cosmere, there is a spiritual component to these things, namely the power of Adonalsium or Investiture. The way I see it, when the wind blows in the Physical Realm, there is Investiture in the Spiritual Realm that's correspondent to that Physical manifestation backing that, and a Cognitive element that's correspondent to that Investiture. Over time, sapient beings shape this Cognitive element that's specific to the Investiture that creates the wind, giving us the windspren. And sometimes, these windspren leak into the Physical Realm. I think that Brandon's been trolling us with that "do windspren cause wind or are they attracted to it" question. I think it's both. They're inseparable and simultaneous.
  21. Don't you use thine with words that start with a vowel, similar to a/an?
  22. Absendiar highmarshal which I think just means general in absentia from the context. I agree with everything else you said, but I don't think most Alethi highprinces delegate the killing business often.
  23. I think Brandon just wanted to go traditional with this. Fun fact: "Stretch forth thy hand" is a Bible thing. Basically Jesus comes upon a man with a withered hand on the Sabbath. The Pharisees ask him if it's okay to heal the sick on the Sabbath. Jesus says "why not?" Tells the man "stretch forth thy hand" and heals him. So. Syl is Jesus. http://biblehub.com/asv/matthew/12.htm
  24. I really hope Roshone won't be much of an antagonist in SA3. I don't think I can believe him to be any kind of threat to what Kaladin is today. All he has to do is summon Syl, even as an empty bluff, and I doubt anyone in Hearthstone would have the backbone to give much grief to Kaladin. Besides, Roshone isn't Amaram. I'm pretty sure it would be within the Windrunners' mandate to take more extreme measures to protect people from him. And I'm calling it now: Kaladin's gonna lead an exodus to Kholinar where he'll get involved with the darkeyes uprising. He won't be able to fully support them and overthrow the lighteyes or anything because of the True Desolation. Because he seems half-hearted in his support the darkeyes are going to be pissed at him, and the lighteyes are going to hate him because they're going to be terrified of what he can do. Eventually, he and Dalinar are going to be at odds over the whole thing. Kaladin's going to believe they're not going to have a chance of surviving the Desolation with the foot soldiers wanting to kill their generals more than the enemy, while Dalinar's going to believe changing the class system while they're at war would be disastrous. After a character growth thing for both characters, they're going to come to some sort of compromise.
  25. Roion was there, and definitely heard it. He is dead, but Sebarial and Aladar were in the vicinity, and unless they deliberately held back, they'd have heard it too. Besides, Dalinar trapped Amaram quite soundly. He waited to confront Amaram until the right time. I firmly believe there's no way he would've done it if there weren't enough witnesses for a court of law. Politically speaking, Aladar is firmly in the Kholin camp until the Battle of Narak. That's probably two most powerful highprinces. I doubt Sebarial would get involved. Highprinces that were neutral in the Sadeas-Kholin thing are unlikely to break their neutrality by outright calling Dalinar a liar when he has dozens of witnesses backing him. Sadeas is gone, so his coalition lost much of its power. They might not be quite willing to take on Kholin and Aladar. Besides, the man doesn't want Alethkar divided. He must know that if he pushes for princedom, it's not going to end well for Alethkar. And he himself admits his reputation is tarnished in his PoV. He is going to do his thing with the Sons of Honor. I think he might end up in bed with the ardentia. But I just can't see Amaram as a political rival after what happened in WoR.