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  1. Misquote a quote, like, "Don't turn green, horsechild"! The next person has to guess what the original quote is! First person to post can guess either the first one I mentioned or, "Even though goodness isn't alive, maybe I can diffuse the situation."
  2. Hey y'all! So, there are quite a few of you whose usernames I don't understand and have been wondering about... so, here's a place you can explain them to a poor lost circus performer confused young child! If they're obvious, like mine, then you don't really have much of a reason to post, unless, of course, you want to! *cough cough* @WindjoggerTriggerhappy

    Okay, so actually not hacked. It's an electric piano(but it sounds pretty real), so you can transpose the key it's in! So I can play the lame All I Ask Of You sheet music in a boring different key, but it sounds like the original key! It's so cool!!! 

    Also, if you hold down the sustain pedal while you turn my piano on, all the notes are permanently sustained and stop being sustained if you press the pedal. It's fun.

    1. Kajsa :)

      Kajsa :)

      mine does that with the sustain :P 


    2. S. Stormy

      S. Stormy

      I know!! I was so sad that the sheet music was in the lame key, but it sounds SO gorgeous now!

    3. IheartKaladin4eva


      brooo i love transposing things, my favorite thing

  4. Well, you see what the title is. Also what age vibe do you get? Inspired by @Shining Silhouette's recent SU. People who might be interested as far as I know: @The Wandering Wizard @Just a Silvereye @Robin Sedai @Morningtide @CalanoCorvus @Thaidakar the Ghostblood @Cinnamon
  5. Vibrato slowed down is hilarious. Try the main theme for Phantom of the Opera as a reference.

    Oh, and it also sounds awesome on 1.5 speed.

    1. Lotus Blossom

      Lotus Blossom

      sing oOoOoOnce aAaAaAaAagAaAaAaAaAinNnNnN with mEeEeEeEeEeEeEeEeE

      oUuUuUuUr strAAAAAAAAnge duEeEeEeEeEeEeEeEeEeEeEeEeEeEet

    2. S. Stormy

      S. Stormy

      My dad heard it and was like, "[Shallan], stop torturing Sarah Brightman!"

    3. Lotus Blossom

      Lotus Blossom


  6. I know I just did a status update, but...
    "There's still a lot of good in the world. Tell Dally. I don't think he knows."
    If you know, you know.
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    2. Being of Cacophony

      Being of Cacophony

      I honestly loved it.

      "Stay gold Ponyboy. Stay gold."

    3. Edema Ruh

      Edema Ruh

      It was honestly a really good book, but my English teacher was so bad it was impossible to enjoy it.

    4. S. Stormy

      S. Stormy

      Just rereading it, and it's seriously a good book!

  7. So you know how I was all excited about this play I'm in? Where I get to be a lead and have a bunch of lines?
    Well, it's not going great. Mr. and Mrs. Mouse (Mortimer and Myrtle) barely know their lines and giggle every five seconds and the two stepsisters will always go WAY too far with their argument(they start screaming at each other and the only way to stop them is to physically move between them).
    On the bright side, there are at least 6 kids who legitimately doing great.
    Oh, did I mention that the show is two days away?
    It's not a big deal... just a low-key play thing with only one performance... but I've worked pretty hard on this... and I'm frustrated.

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    2. IheartKaladin4eva


      Good luck!!! :(

    3. S. Stormy

      S. Stormy

      Okay so we did a dress rehearsal today and it went SO much better!! I'm so happy, and it's gonna be better than I thought.

    4. S. Stormy

      S. Stormy


      The culmination of two months, over in less than one hour. Wow. That's theatre for ya...

  8. Quote a movie or book! Or something! Must be appropriate, and everyone else will try to guess what it's from and who said it! I'll start with TWO: "It was just a bit of fun!" "...You just gestured to all of me." EDIT: And NO GOOGLING!
  9. Phantom of the Opera:
  11. You know that mom

    1. S. Stormy

      S. Stormy


      By the way, I'm Shallan Stormblessed.

    2. Shining Silhouette

      Shining Silhouette

      I do know that mom!

      Lol my notifications have been so insane lately I just haven't been able to keep up so I just saw this :P

  12. So. No, this isn't about theories. This is about fate. So. Everyone, put a character who you are curious if they will die. I will input them into this website: https://pickerwheel.com/ And I will use the wheel to select four people. And these people will, undeniably, die in book 5. For sure. Foolproof. My person I'll input is Kaladin.
  13. Kay, am I a theatre kid? I haven't really had many opportunities to be in stuff(only three/four shows), but since I've started having opportunities, I've basically taken all of them. AM I A THEATRE KID??
  14. Pop quiz for random bystanders! (no, not Random Bystander, although if you happen to see this, you can respond!;)): In Phantom, is the line "say you need me with you here beside you" or "say you want me with you here beside you"?

    Put your answer in a spoiler!

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    2. Lotus Blossom

      Lotus Blossom


      oh i thought we were talking about all i ask of you when raoul and christine sing it :ph34r:


    3. S. Stormy

      S. Stormy


      Ah, but I carefully phrased it to avoid that specification. I'm evil:ph34r:


    4. TheAlpha929



      Same :ph34r:


  15. "A toad, madame? Perhaps it is you who are the toad!"
  16. THANK YOU SHADOWED THIS WAS SO FUN!!! Do y'all think the ending is rushed?
  17. I started this story, based on the title I thought of. It's a bit random, and I just liked the idea and started writing. The bolded parts are parts I need to figure out. But yeah, this is my story so far. Prologue: Scars Chapter 1: Hurt
  18. THANK YOU!!! I'M SO PROUD OF THIS. I'm very happy.
  19. I AM PROUD TO ANNOUNCE: (oh, also, I went back and made it so Dahlien came with on my Google Doc, so he's with her now. You should know that.) Chapter Fourteen - Yours Nya and the Night Chapter Fifteen - Rise the Night & the Day Epilogue - Heal Watcher @Shadowed @Cinnamon @CalanoCorvus
  20. Yeah, like Carlotta does!
  21. You spent your whole post to only tag me? I'm flattered. I thank thee.
  22. If you've ever been confused by a math problem, you belong here! Ask for help, or just discuss your confusion! Starting this thread because I stared at a problem for around ten minutes before I remembered that the Pythagorean Theorem existed. I felt very silly.
  23. two short chapters: @Cinnamon @Shadowed @CalanoCorvus Chapter Thirteen - Departure Nya & Dahlien Chapter Fourteen - Months Nya & The Night Also: Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again is a good song. Sad, but good.
  24. THANK YOU ALL!! I'm glad my lore made some sense!!!! This feedback is so fun, thank you thank you thank you!!!
  25. Oh, also I use calculators for very basic math. And forget how to add fractions and whole numbers. I really need a refresher on fractions... (yes, that was really long ago. I still know... sort of...)