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    Passionate, with an intense, smoldering resolve. A leashed anger that he used, because he had DOMINATED it. And a certain tempting arrogance. Not the haughty pride of a highlord. Instead, the secure, stable sense of determination that whispered that no matter who you were--or what you did--you could not hurt him. Could not change him. He was. Like the wind and rocks were.

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  1. Theory: Brandon was tired of people shipping Kaladin and Jasnah. So he made Wit and Jasnah a thing, just to spite all the shippers.

    1. Odiumiumium


      Wait Kaladnah was a thing? I thought it was all Syladin or Shalladin shippers.

    2. Shallan Stormblessed

      Shallan Stormblessed

      Oh, it's totally a thing. Google Kaladin and Jasnah, or Jasnadin or Jasnahdin.