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  1. What is that? I thought you were getting a new hamster... Oh, just a dead yak? I was worried for a second there.
  2. Lylac's timeswitch dinged. She tapped it, seeing a skyletter from... Kalan. Paul's friend. She knew him fairly well, but she couldn't think of any reason for him to message her. Unless... No. Lylac, you're being dumb. You've been reading too many books. That's where these things happen. Not in real life. A holograph of Kalan's message popped up, lighting Lylac's makeshift bedroom in Tria's cottage. Despite her confident self-assurances, Lylac still devoured the words as quickly as she could. Then read them again. Lylac, it read. I'm so, so sorry. I didn't want to have to tell you this. But your brother Paul is dead. He was killed by a rebel. A Starbreaker. I don't know how. I'm sorry. I tried to stop him. I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. Kalan Lylac stared at the message, feeling as though her heart had been stolen. She felt empty. Your brother Paul is dead. Paul is dead. The words echoed in her head. Breaking a little piece of her soul with each repetition. She hardly noticed as she drew her knees to her chest and tears trickled down her cheeks. Lylac started shaking. She'd never see him again. Ever. He was gone, just like that. Killed by a Starbreaker. A Starbreaker. Why now? Why after she'd sworn herself to their ranks? "Lylac?" a voice said. Tria's voice. "What's wrong?" "Paul is dead. And guess who killed him?" She looked up at Tria, betrayal shown on her face. "A Starbreaker." "Lylac... I'm so sorry. But--" "No. You don't understand. You don't know what it's like." "Well... I might. Do you know why I live alone?"
  3. Rhythm of War: Raboniel:
  4. "Why has this chicken killed a Shardbearer?" - @Odiumiumium
  5. "What's with all the agonyspren around? And the angerspren? And the... gloomspren? Oh, captivityspren... Betrayalspren? Okay, Amaram. Something shady's going on. Who's in your closet?"
  6. I was wondering. So Kaladin was branded by Amaram, and his squad was killed. As we all know. At least I hope you do, if you're here. If not... sorry for the spoiler. Anyway! How did no one notice that the famous Kaladin Stormblessed and ALL of his squad disappeared? I mean, even if he was killed in battle, people would probably hear about it. Also what did Amaram do to get Kaladin into slavery? Did he wait till a slaver came? If so, what did he do with Kaladin during that time? That leads to this funny imagined interaction: Random Guy: Hey Highmarshal! How are you? Amaram[loudly]: I'M GREAT! Random Guy: What's that screaming in your closet? Amaram: OH! That? That's just my... pet chicken. Pay no mind.
  7. YES
  8. It is! Skippy skip, please.
  9. When you show your sister a page at the end of Oathbringer to demonstrate the mighty Sanderlanche and she finds the sentence "Teft huddled someplace dark. Maybe the darkness would hide his sins" and finds it hilarious and now it's an inside joke between you. She's read part of Way of Kings, but decided it was a huuuggge commitment and stopped reading. She's okay with spoilers. Also this funny interaction: Me: Why do so many kids look exactly like Tien? My sister: Because Kaladin has issues. Also when you have plants named Teft and Maya(laran). Rhythm of War spoilers.
  10. I'm writing a story(see the status update before my last one), and I was wondering what a good age would be for the main character to be taken from her parents, so that she has a faint memory of a feeling of them? Nothing concrete, just vague feelings.
  11. I can't really claim getting any crazy insanely good ideas, and I'm not a very consistent writer, but the other day I was thinking, what are some book titles that sound cool? So I made up a few, then thought up premises to go with them. It started when I was wondering what Name of the Wind was about, so I tried making something up, and then I thought "ooh fun, I should do this more". I got the idea for my story Heart of a Dragon this way.
  12. You know when you're reading a book or watching a movie, and you've seen/read it before, and something bad is about to happen, and you're hoping that somehow it'll go different this time... and you're just saying, "Just DON'T DO IT!" because you hope that maybe the characters will be smarter this time, forgetting it'll always be the same?


    I hate that.

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    2. Odiumiumium


      Wait do you also randomly flip to a page and start reading from there?  I did that a ton, going to a random page in a book I'm familiar with, and then finishing the book in a few hours from there. I practically memorized the entire Inheritance Cycle that way. 

    3. Shallan Stormblessed

      Shallan Stormblessed

      Haha, yeah. I do the same thing. Except I don't usually finish it. I often just read parts I like.


      That's why I have Shallan's internal monologue about Kaladin in WoR memorized...

      *cough cough*

      You heard nothing.

    4. Shallan Stormblessed

      Shallan Stormblessed

      Also I just got to Tien's death scene in my reread...

      So, so, so tragic. Poor Tien. Poor Kaladin.

  13. Beautiful colors! They really pop out at you! Wonderful! Amazing! 10/10.
  14. Yeah. Have you ever played Jackbox? It's a product of one of their games. If you haven't played Jackbox, look it up! Skip me.