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    Passionate, with an intense, smoldering resolve. A leashed anger that he used, because he had DOMINATED it. And a certain tempting arrogance. Not the haughty pride of a highlord. Instead, the secure, stable sense of determination that whispered that no matter who you were--or what you did--you could not hurt him. Could not change him. He was. Like the wind and rocks were.

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  1. Ohmigosh that's so AWESOME!! Jealous! And welcome, my friend.
  2. Can we pleeeeease revive Cosmere! The Musical? It's not quite dead yet, but it doesn't deserve to die ever. I remember happy hours before I even had an account on the Shard browsing the songs. Don't leave me, thread. I love you.


    1. Telrao


      *gasp* We need to do Frozen 2 Cosmere parodies!

  3. I want to revive this thread. It's taking slow, shambling steps toward death, and that's a right cryin' shame.
  4. Rhuhbbeckaugh winked.
  5. @Witless of Shinovar you are a young-ish male with purple hair to me. Something like that?
  6. ...Huh. I have absolutely no memory of that. Can one see it after one has already registered?
  7. Where do you find this joke? I've heard it mentioned but I don't get it!
  8. Has anyone else watched/is anyone else watching the Lockwood and Co. TV series?

    Or read the books?


    Okay. I'll just be in the corner quietly grinning insanely to myself.

  9. So... how do we know he exists?
  10. WELCOME my child! You shall enjoy it! (sorry my welcomes are just getting weirder and weirder.)
  11. Kay. King Bean was before my time. What's up with this person?
  12. slightly salted hot dog

    Heeeeeeeellllllllooooooooooooooo!!!! Glad to have you, and WELCOME, my friend!
  13. Tag it as hero of ages spoilers?
  14. WAIT. THIS EXISTS? I must see it.