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  1. I don't think El will be the Champion,because he kind-of likes humans and admires them.Plus,he doesn't seem like the fighter type,he's more assassin-ish.... Edit: also, I really like him
  2. No.But I felt like the Gates of the Cosmere have opened up before my unworthy eyes.....and woke my sister up.( I think you can imagine she wasn't happy about it ... at all.)
  3. In the middle of the night while i was struggling to sleep,a thought hit me: If Dalinar said he'll be his own champion,what's to stop odium from doing the same? Please correct me if I'm wrong.
  4. Actually,yeah,let the traitor suffer for his sins!
  5. How would an idrian describe Hallandren?
  6. I feel Adolin will die.And, the Fused have no more use of Moash,so they might as well kill him...(GOOD RIDDANCE!!!!)
  7. You're right.
  8. You've played it too? Yeah,a good highstorm mod would have been good for Skyrim....but at least the stormcall shout is something similar to it. A little.
  9. No quarantine though....wich means,we can spread it even more!
  10. I'd like to join! SymphonianBookworm It might prove to be quite interesting!
  11. Hmmmm......You could even ask her yourself! No, of course, why would you? Nice username ,by the way!
  12. I think, that the Sibling is literally the sibling of BAM (but BAM was Unmade).
  13. 17
  14. Thanks! Hoid ,Nightblood(sword-nimi is the cutest)plus some of the Fused!
  15. He is quite an arrogant A-hole in my opinion. Oh, excuse me... WAS an arrogant A-hole.(cuz' he's dead and all...instant karma ).