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  1. I approve of this new profile picture.

  2. In romanian, the word "arde" means burning,so I think it is related...somehow....
  3. Guys,has anyone around here watched Castlevania?Cuz' I reeeaaalllyyy wanna' watch it but heard that it's even gorier than Attack on Titan....I don't really trust the reviews on the internet,so I ask you instead!^_^

    How gory is it actually?

    How good is it?

  4. Wit.Because.....well,HE IS THE BEST!!!!Also ,it might seem a bit weird ,but....El.He is sooooo mysterious and I just like him! Edit: El just eliminated one of the characters I hate .
  5. I don't really think Odium wanted Lezian dead.While he was a bit hard to control,in the end Lezian had done everything just as Odium had planned.El just kind of acted on his own. Plus ,I just have a feeling Odium doesn't like El.
  6. Wit.He's an intellectual and likes humor,just like me.Aaand,maybe El.
  7. Agreed!You've read the manga or watched the anime?
  8. Suuuper cute!He looks a bit like Eren in season 4 ,from Attack on Titan.
  9. Nope,no redemption arc for him.We shall not spell his name,for his betrayal was far greater than we all thought it would be. Let him pay the price!
  10. for fun

    Sorrryyyy!!! I'm kind of new to this place ,and I haven't figured it out yet !
  11. Will Hoid punch Vasher? Will Jasnah be her usual extremely arrogant I-am-always-right self? We may never know....
  12. It doesn't matter if it's popular or not ,because if Jasnahoid and Vivasher meet.....it might get interesting,to say the least. Btw ,I ship them too,so no worries,you are not entirely alone.
  13. I meant their If they are less sticky then they can go wherever they are taken.
  14. I mean,if Mraize has an Invested Aviar,that means he had to take it off it's native planet first,right? So it can be done.The Ghostbloods have figured it out I think.....But that means Hoid's rival know's how to do it.Bad luck for Hoid.....
  15. 1.Lift 2.Venli in RoW 3.Wit 4.Also Wit 5.Lopen 6.Amaram & Sadeas 7.Navani 8.Adolin 9.El 10.I don't know....