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  1. You seem to have a knack for picking gorgeous profile pictures. May I ask where this one came from?

    1. JaySurge


      Thanks! It is the logo of an organization called the Starset Society,  which I only recently discovered they formed the band Starset to spread their message.

  2. What number is this? So you still refuse to answer. Not again!
  3. The Damge Guild is an actual-play dnd 5e podcast. They are focused on family friendly dnd and get into many shenanigans. I found them on Spotify and listening to them takes up much of my free time. I highly recommend, if dnd podcasts interest you. Also thanks for explaining shardbuddies and for me Truthwatcher and Lightweaver were really close, but Truthwatcher is closer to how I see myself.
  4. My own to feet, gives me more time to think. Where do you feel most happy/comfortable?
  5. Hi

    Hello and welcome. Do you code, or is there another reason javascript101 is part of your name?
  6. Very true. I love to walk trails near where I live, very peaceful and lots of beauty. 10/10 Also I replied to your sig on the sig forum, complete coincidence, Def not lying. Seriously though, I did the sig first then made a title and came over here so, I blame the universe.
  7. *Excuse me while I turn on desktop site on my phone* OK, Windrunners are cool, but alas I am a Truthwatcher. Need to take Hogwarts quiz again, so... maybe I'll update sig later, maybe. Oh, I'm an assistant teacher for a Sanderson fan in Primary, he has a website called one man book club with book reviews. That's a lot of books, random guess for me would be about the same maybe a little less. Played Meteoid 1 & 2, played Twilight Princess and others. What are shardbuddies?? Overall 10/10
  8. I stumbled upon this thread today, and oh what a find. Awesome, wonderful, great, writing. I loved reading all of these especially the sad/depressing ones. I like to just read through threads and not post anything, but I sometimes see something I have to acknowledge and your writing is one of those things. Also you inspired me to begin writing a sad/depressing song that's been in my head for quite some time.
  9. My favorite shade of blue is Teal. What is the color of your toothbrush?
  10. Welcome voidrx! I cubed for about a year, but life got busy and I stopped. The fastest I did a solve was about 28 secs.
  11. Thanks for following me!

  12. Hello and thank you Kelsier'sGodComplex for creating this.
  13. Great representation of how I feel anytime I enter a theory forum and realize how much I still don't understand in the Cosmere. 10/10.
  14. It took me one week for each Stormlight Archive book. I was also doing school and work at the same time, both full time.
  15. I started reading Mistborn in 2017 and got all the way through era 1 and Alloy of Law, then school ended and I never picked the series back up. Fastforward to 2020 when I got the Stormlight Archive for my birthday, finished those 3 in 3 weeks. Would've been faster if I wasn't doing full-time school and work at the same time. This is the point when I became Cosmere aware and began reading through all of the books in the cosmere. I still need to read Sixth of the Dusk, Shadows for Silence in the Forests of Hell, and White Sand. During this time I also discovered he had written the last three books in wheel of time and so I read that as well. *not that great at writing so hope you can follow this*