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  1. I think of a boisterous voice for grandpa smedry, he may be old but he has alot of spirit in him. For sing sing I would imagine a low Jamaican accent. Alcatraz would be a normal amarican boy. At least that's how I imagine it. ( :
  2. My dad noticed it when I read it to him. I had no idea!
  3. I know he was actually tall for his time, but every single movie makes fun of him for being short.
  4. My tanlent would be catching things that fall off tables, or doing awful cartwheels. Can somebody tell me how these would be useful in the world of Alcatraz?
  5. Harrier's Lenses magnify the pain of someone you focus on.
  6. Let's test your knowledge. Can you guys name what these lenses are? Yes, I am an oculator
  7. Rutabaga! Fire over the inheritance!
  8. Napoleon Bonaparte would love this list!!! Napoleon: Pay your taxes! Villager: Why? Napoleon: Rule number 1, never argue with a short person. I am always right!!!!!!
  9. This is a group where you can just say anything you want about Alcatraz vs the Evil Librarians. Share your artwork, your fan theories, your questions, or just why you like the books. I do want to keep this group clean, so please no bad language or bullying of other members. You are allowed to debate topics you don't agree on. Thank you for understanding. Enjoy your taste of Alcatraz freedom. Free Kingdoms rule, Librarians drool!!!
  10. I love this idea!!! I am a harry potter fan as well as an Alcatraz fan! I'm replying a little late. Sorry!!! I hope you guys still see this and I realy hope we could talk more about this amazing mash up of these amazing stories.