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  1. Lets start it!
  2. you might want to look at the cosmere musical thread. It has some great stuff
  3. cannibalism how many children have you eaten?
  4. It did however incluble fluffleflorf, who had abandoned his job as cake lord and became a llama lord. He rode at the head of an army of 20000 llamas
  5. He is one of my fovorite charcters. There is something about a character in a book creating something that I find really satisfying
  6. as an emisarry I do know that Wizard is an honorspren emissary. dont know if that changes anything but..
  7. I am a bit shocked that there are so many of us. Part of me assumed this site was mostly adults
  8. Joe ran down the halway at top speed. He might not be able to access the life story but man, every cosmere book!! They even had rithmatist 2. Joe had thought that that would never happen
  9. Hey!! I qualify
  10. Wait, you have access to all future cosmere books" Joe said practically panting @The Wandering Wizard
  11. I suspectt archer, and so vote him as my Honor requires it.
  12. im innocent of anything. I mostly was confused about my role/side.
  13. So we have established in a fair fight, radiants always win. How many jedi to take down a 4th ideal radiant, how about 3rd ideal
  14. Fendor wept, Staring at the now lifless body of his friend. Killed by paranoa. Fendor had never experienced much hardship in his life but this, this hurt. Fendor burried his head in his hands, cursing the honorspren for killing his companion. He would find the enlightened, he would kill them for creating the paranoia that had killed TUN
  15. You killed my friend you evil spren