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  1. Aww RIP, I realized have about 18
  2. I've read all of Stormlight and TFE. I'm now on WoA
  3. Frankly, I really like the profile picture of a shardblade, even if it's no longer a ferrel cat.

    1. TheAlpha929


      Yeah! I found that pic, and it looked really cool and I was like, hmm I just picked a different one but… yep we’re using this one 


      If you can follow what the heck I just said 


  4. Aw summit; I would join but I still haven't finished the cosmere. I've been reading too many other books
  5. ferrel cat spotted;
  6. What's this? Sure, I guess. e
  7. but the ferrel dogs... they didn't have the power of the stick religion on their side! In fact they were heretics of the cult-
  8. Yeah, although this is a slow race. The post may likely die only when the shard dies :/
  9. Granted, but no one except for you will ever be able to read that book. I wish to live in the Star Trek "universe" and become a member of starfleet.
  10. Granted, but those spambots will insert loads of malware onto your device and all devices you use in the future. I wish to live in the next 1,000 years so I can see the technological advancements society makes within that time.
  11. Wait- I'm assuming this is a school desk your talking about. How do you manage to steal a school desk? I mean, I have heard people who stole toliets last year, but a desk is an incredible feat. No one has done it without the teachers immediate suspicion.
  12. I think when it's in the RP section specifically, it experiences extra social pressure, and thus already feels that it should mature into an RP without going through too much teenage angst. Plus it's already conditioned to be an RP because of it's natural inclination for worldbuilds and character creation. The parent post has practically choosen its path, and the following posts give it social pressure by creating characters of their own based on the given worldbuild.
  13. Right now I think it's in its teenage phase since it doesn't yet know where it will belong on the forum site, let alone how it should mature.