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  1. It is a good question, which I do not think has a clear answer. Two options occur to me: As Brandon hinted on several occasions, the Cosmere has many systems that he hasn't talked... We cannot rule out that they are planets, moons, stars... that are not Invested, so they have no relevance to the plot. (or aut the Cosmere)
  2. I asked a similar question, to which the answer was that it could, but that the spren could break the Link, and if it remained, the efficiency of the Link would be greatly diminished.
  3. I really like that idea, which is also theoretically plausible. However, I see little chance of getting ahead because First of Sun is barely invested, I don't think a Worldhopper can catch up to it (let alone one with hemalurgical knowledge and conventional methods), however, it's a good idea. I don't think we'll see anything like it, but if it is, there are several options: Law 0 of Thermodynamics: every system A (Radiant) that is in equilibrium with a system B (Spren), if the system B (Spren) is in equilibrium with a system C (Avian), the system A (Radiant) is at turn in equilibrium with system C (Avian) –> so it should be possible. However, since Radiant Bond and Avian Bond establish Connection between two Souls, and sharing Connection does not necessarily mean sharing Identity (or even Investiture), this law would not apply.
  4. It must be possible. I think more is revealed on the matter in future Stormlight books.
  5. You can't burn metals in the cognitive realm (if you remember, in Mistborn Secret Story, when Kelsier tries to burn a nail, he fails).–––Or may be because Kelsier was a Cognitive Shadow... And also you shouldn't be able to use magic with cognitive aspects of objects.
  6. The physical aspect of a Returned depends mainly on how they see themselves, so it depends on the Alethi. Generally yes.
  7. It's plausible. However, it has several limitations: 1.-The distance can be hundreds or even thousands of kilometers to perpendicularity. 2.-The previous limitation can be circumvented in only one way; burn duralumin (Mistborn or Hemalurgist), because given that if you could infinitely fan bronze (an impossible thing) you would need huge amounts of bronze.
  8. Thanks @ShardlessVessel!
  9. I really like this theory. I wish you were right...
  10. Two days reading all the time (or almost).
  11. What Shard do you think the history of kites will have?
  12. How does a Dawnshard change owner/carrier?
  13. I don't see why they would want to do that... but I don't see any problems with that reasoning either.
  14. How much perfection... Very good theory.