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  1. Aw man Thanks for replying though If I do lurk know that I'll be judging you a little less than the other people who showed up but didn't say anything Oh Devo's here! Would you like to save me today? Fifth, what about you?
  2. So @Elf, @Robin Sedai, and I had a fun cultural exchange on a SU, and Elf suggested making a thread to share perspectives and discuss questions. So feel free to share your unique cultural backgrounds and something interesting about your heritage or culture and ask others about their own! My great-great-great Grandfather was Swedish and he had his father's name, so his name was like this example Lars Larson. He was also a chef apparently and created a recipe for Swedish hotcakes (kind of like Crêpes) that my grandma still makes for me every time she visits.
  3. That's what I'm saying! I turn around and suddenly I have five votes on me Like what Edit: I mean like at least explain why you're voting me
  4. (Double posting cause I'm voting) Well, doesn't look spectacular for me rn so I suppose I need to vote in self pres. If E!Xino then I'm definitely getting lynched today Xino
  5. :0000
  6. Well, if my comment came off as a threat then I have grossly miscalculated and I apologize—yeah looking back it is a tad aggressive. As for reasons I'm village: Did people even have reasons why I'm evil? I've been defended by like two people and everyone else has been like "nah kill silhouette" Bookwyrm and Wiz aren't e/e with me cause I'm village My vote on Fifth was intended to: Apply pressure I wanted to see Fifth's reaction Also see if another train started Wait another train did start.... And be ironic Cause everyone else voted with like minimal reasoning and I thought it would be funny if I did the same Also I like being ironic And everytime I'm ironic people take it at face value But being ironic and saying "I'm being ironic" is like explaining a joke. It just doesn't work I'll just ping the people I'm voting edit: meant people who are voting me and y'all can decide. I'm all for democracy and that jazz. Honestly don't have opinion on Xino atm cause I haven't read through his posts but that's okay. If you think that's e/e behavior there then just lynch me @Fifth Scholar, @Ookla the Forgotten, @DrakeMarshall, @Ookla the Tall, @Devotary of Spontaneity
  7. *walks over* Hey Liahona! Good to see you! BLERGH
  8. Wiz knows whats up Tbh y'all if you lynch me you'll regret it And then the next cycle when you seek me lurking just know I'll be silently judging your choices
  9. Okay let's do another question to help you out What's your happiest memory?
  10. Oh no did I start an existential crisis?!
  11. *reads posts then does a literal smh*
  12. What's your philosophy? What drives your view of the world?
  13. Why thank you! I don't know if I can say off the top of my head, but I just reread Gatsby and no me gusta Tom Buchanan The pah-tah-toh kind? wahhhhh Wahhhhhhhh WAAAAAAAAAAAAAH Who can say? I mean I can but whatever My favorite characters in books are the really witty, suave, and charming people and so one of my favorite words is debonair. It's just a really fun word :D.
  14. Hey everyone! I joined fairly recently and I'm loving my time here! I saw these around, so I thought I'd better put one up for my 100th post as these threads seem like fun. So feel free to ask me literally anything! Random, silly, serious/existential—pretty much anything goes, and I'll answer to the best of my ability!
  15. Pretty solid tbh :P. Lol yes! You know what that's fair Because cats All the cats What more could you want? Cute, fluffy Sweet balls of therapy My beautiful children
  16. Oh shoot I might actually get lynched Guys before you vote for me remember that throwing is bad
  17. Confused Brightlord Silho smiled. "If they're distracting there, then where do you want me?"
  18. Howya doing today Ya like jazz? What's your favorite thread? Why cats?
  19. Good for you! Actually, no. I like to think I'm very easygoing and reasonable. Edit: This is like the second time I've done this what the heck TPBM likes jazz
  20. Immaculate vibes/10
  21. Why so if you don't mind me asking? Who doesn't! TPBM is a magnet for something
  22. It was in fact brilliant :DD
  23. TIME TO SHAME SOME STONES *Yells at stones* Credit to my sister who was reading these stories from some website today XD