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  1. Chances are, even if Mat is an Elim (though I don't lean that way currently), we still have another probably two to catch. @Vorros, where do your suspicions lie right now? I'd be curious to see who you find suspicious (especially given your MU experience) because if I'm not wrong, you haven't really made an elim read on anyone since Illwei Cycle one.
  2. I mean cheesy specifically in terms of special effects. The way the hair might change color in a tacky way or awakened dolls might move awkwardly and seem out of place. I mean, it's still doable, but not as easily and as naturally as it could be done in an animated form.
  3. Wait actually never mind lol you're right. I totally forgot about that haha
  4. Since Wiz was a Warder, one possibility is that he was partnered with the Forsaken and they removed him to cover their tracks. But that doesn't seem very likely. I'm mostly confused about this turn of events.
  5. Exactly! Are you calling me WEAK?
  6. Their sadness was apparent in a way that was indescribable SUDDENLY A VOICE RANG OUT "THOU SHALT NOT TELL LIES" it thundered "YOU JUST DESCRIBED AN INDESCRIBABLE THING! NOW YOU SHALL BE BANISHED" it roared, then minimized and struck through Silhouette's text
  7. I agree with Symph. I think that though modern CGI on humans might work, full animated CGI could fully flesh out the color and make things so much more grand. It also might make a cheesy live action film.
  8. This makes sense to me. I think an Amyrlin elim could be possible, though if there are only two elims, maybe not probable. A two elim team without the Amyrlin doesn't seem as op; I feel like three seems more balanced (though what do I know about distro, this is my first game). I think either way we're safer betting on three elims so we don't get caught off guard. Anyway, we still have either 7-3 odds or 8-2 odds depending on how you look at it which isn't too bad. I agree with Mat here. I feel though we should discuss which hypothetical is most likely, we shouldn't use that information to say that a certain player must be an elim. You're entitled to your own opinions and you do go on to provide some arguments, but saying that there is only one option for the Forsaken at this point just doesn't make much sense. Could you explain your reasoning for Araris being mild Vil? I don't necessarily disagree, but I'd like to hear what you think. I also think it's strange that Wiz just vanished. Where do you stand, @The Wandering Wizard?
  9. Welcome to the Shard! What's your favorite Cosmere novel?
  10. Okay, so for those of you who don't know, I'm love to improvise on the piano. The problem is, lately a lot of my playing has taken on the same vibe. I'm trying to experiment with different emotions and feelings, but I keep going back to what I'm comfortable with and staying "inside the box" (for me, that's playing really melodramatic and emotional music).

    So my idea was to come to you guys to get inspired. Give me your craziest prompts! Surprise me with the most bizzare and wild stories! Hit me (don't actually hit me) with the awesomest concepts that you've been dying to be turned into music form! 

    Who knows, if I'm inspired enough I might post a recording of one of the prompts :P

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    2. Elf


      A person walking through a seedy area at midnight, hearing footsteps behind them, footsteps get closer and closer and the person tries to run and eventually the footsteps reach the person AND 

      the person takes out theri knife and stabs whoever was making those footsteps 

      What is this? Idk. Can you turn it into music form? Idk

    3. Shining Silhouette

      Shining Silhouette

      LOL Elf!

      That sounds like so much fun. I'm going to try that today

    4. Shining Silhouette

      Shining Silhouette

      @Elf, I recorded a short take on that prompt. It was tons of fun! Let me know what you think!

      Anyone else want me to record their prompt for them or have a new prompt for me?

  11. Caelus Lock scowled. It was an expression that often marred his youthful face, twisting his handsome features into contorted ridges that lined his shiny forehead and crooked nose all the way down to his stiff jaw. His frame seemed perpetually tense, muscles clenched in apparent anticipation. His spine was perfectly straight, complimenting a defiant chin that jutted out contentiously at the city. His pupils, paranoiac and mistrusting, swung like pendulums in his eyes and shifted warily at each person that passed. He stood on a unloading barge that was filled with people of all sorts and, by consequence, noises of all sorts. Groups of teenagers rushed past him, eagerly chattering about their planned adventures. They energetically sauntered across the floor of the boat, filled with juvenile arrogance and vigor. Next, there were there were the elderly, who walked dignantly, making their way through the throng of people with an air of assurance. Mothers with children in tow guided their families down to the dock, familial jabber drowned out by the harsh call of incoming vessels. The crowd's shape was sculpted by individuals that pushed past the crowds, swiftly navigating their way off the watercraft. Caelus waited until the mob somewhat dispersed, then carefully made his way toward the exit. He slipped on his hood, then stepped over into the city streets. Center City. The metropolis of opportunity. He smirked wryly at the colloquialism. For his father, it had certainly proved true- he'd heard all the stories. As a boy, Caelus had often wished to travel here, to make his own fortune as others from the Storm tribe had. Though today, he was here for different reasons. He spotted a nearby tavern well lit with festive colors. Lanterns hung in the windows and boisterous noises echoed from inside. Might as well try to blend in, he thought, and walked in to order a drink.
  12. "I think we need to have a party" said an invisible voice. "It's 2022, after all" "Karaoke, anyone?"
  13. A voice that sounded suspiciously like Steven rang from beyond the grave. "Just rip a stone in half. Make three clean tears and all will be well. It's the same effect in the end, anyway"
  14. Silhouette peeked his head in just as Bloodsealer turned away. "He's with me!" he whispered. "He's that shapeshifter! The one that constantly and randomly changes shape. First he was Arbiter, then he was Misting, then he was SG. Now he dabbles in sealing blood and thus has been redubbed Bloodsealer." Silhouette hesitated for a second. "Just don't let him find out about his nature. That could make things particularly...messy," he said, then vanished
  15. Bloodsealer walked in. "I have experience with seals," he remarked.