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  1. Pi. Or maybe phi. What's your favorite number?
  2. "I'll do you one better: Why is GOATMORA?"
  3. Peregrine falcon. What is meaning?
  4. What's your favorite thing about life? If someone asks to be your friend again after they've hurt you badly in the past, what should you do?
  5. I think bismuth crystals are beautiful. What's your favorite method of transportation?
  6. Cool! When are those times?
  7. Silhouette walks by. "Yeah, this place is a lot of fun! Just watch out for anyone who challenges you to a foosball game! Those can get out of hand. I think we've had," he counts on his fingers, "three different foosball games and seven of them have ended up in this place exploding." He glances at Random. "Hey! How's it going? I believe we still have to complete our foosball game."
  8. Hey, @Robin Sedai beat me to it; I was about to do the same! Thanks for the follow, Luckspren! :D

  9. Lots of variety! I like it
  10. Totally! The topic is about musicians, and singers are definitely musicians. That's super cool! What kind of music do you like to listen to/sing? Also, piano is really worth the work! Stick with it
  11. Hello! Nice to meet you! I'm sure that you'll find lots to enjoy here! You too, @Wizard Apocalypse100
  12. Sorry to break your long victory!
  13. I know! I've had that same experience! I love rereading Sanderson books and catching little hints or references to the future. Every time I find one I get so excited because it's so fun to find things like this.
  14. Silhouette drops the ball down the middle and the game begins... except, the table's different now. Features form on top of the table, tiny mountains growing, chasms of lava filling in the earth, even miniscule orcs spontaneously appearing... until the board looks something like a pinball machine inspired by angry Tolkien copycat #1
  15. Silhouette pushes a button on the table, and the game resets itself. "1-0"