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  1. *Minor magic system spoilers for Stormlight Archive, no plot spoilers I've been re-reading Mistborn, and I'm curious whether feruchemical healing is fundamentally different from stormlight healing. Namely, if we ever saw a cross over between Metal-born and Radients, could a gold feruchemist heal an injury inflicted by a shardblade? Obviously feruchemy has to be stored fist, but assuming a feruchemist with infinite health storage, is the way they heal fundementaly different? Wayne mentions in passing that regrowing fingers is a pain in the but, but that means he can do it. This implies that gold healing can heal things that wouldn't normally heal with the passage of time. Healing in the Cosmere seems to be more that purely physical. In the real world, if you broke your arm and splint it incorrectly it could heal in the wrong position. This never happens in the books, implying that the power somehow knows what the "correct" position for everything is. I suspect that this is related to why shardblade wounds can be healed. My understanding is that shardblades sever the connection between your body and soul, but investiture healing is able to re-establish that connection. It is just difficult.