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  1. I thought that too, but then I decided that it has nothing to do with the secret projects, and has all of these different worlds, so I figured that generally it would go in the overall Cosmere section. If you how to change where it is, that would be great, because I definitely don't know how. It would definitely go better in the general Sanderson discussion.
  2. So, I thought it would be interesting if there was a topic-majig about what possibly, (besides what Sanderson has already revealed), could be in the swag boxes. I'll start. Random ideas: Cytoverse swag box- DDF patch Hoid swag box - a flute, with an unknown backstory Mistborn swag box - A mistcloak and obsidian daggers Elantris/emperors soul swag box - randomized hoed mantra or soulstamp Cosmere swag box - A sack full of investiture! Yay! Warbreaker swag box - Vasher plushie! Stormlight Archive swag box - A sack of infused spheres Sanderfan swag box - Official medical diagnosis of Brandofandonitis
  3. Nice name! Welcome to the Shard!
  4. Cosmere theorizing is fun. Enjoy 17th shard!
  5. Welcome!
  6. I actually enjoy it a lot. The book is a worthwhile read by itself for the extra information about Scadrial, and the game is pretty fun to play.
  7. @onironte Pathian or Survivorist?
  8. Welcome! I'd suggest reading Arcanum Unbounded, there's a lot of good stuff in it! I wish you luck.
  9. Quick question: Am I the only one out here geeky enough to play the Mistborn Adventure Game?
  10. Pulser. Now make a twinborn quiz.
  11. Welcome! I would suggest reading the Stormlight Archive after Mistborn, it has a lot of interesting stuff in it.
  12. Truthwatcher is the result I got, thanks for the idea! Might plan something based on that.
  13. Do you have surgery for hemalurgic implants? Also, if I am flaring copper could your seekers still notice any allomantic activity?
  14. This would not work, mainly because nicrosil makes the person instantly burn all of their metal, it does not increase how powerful an allomancer they are.
  15. Basically, a feruchemically filled metalmind functions as an entirely different type of metal including when you burn it, so you would not be able to use it like a normal metal.