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  1. I remember reading a discussion on Reddit a few years back where someone claimed that Jasnah was said to be a potential (future) worldhopper. Not sure of the veracity of that claim and I doubt that if she was capable of worldhopping, that it would mean others like her were also capable of doing so. But if anyone could it would be her. My own personal view is that I don't believe just being an Elsecaller or Truthwatcher grants you this ability. I think that maybe its something else entirely but that having the ability to reach Shadesmar in the first place, is probably the first step along that path.
  2. One of down sides to reading this at work. 'You ok over there?' 'Yeah, yeah, just these legal documents get me all emotion at times.'
  3. The beauty of being behind a desk. Everyone thinks your working.
  4. Yay, I need an excuse to stop working.
  5. Not sure if he's underrated - not by me at least - but I really like Moash and I hope he has a much bigger part to play in the whole. I agree with him wholeheartedly. Kill the King. Kill them all mwahahaha
  6. Anthony Hopkins for Taravangian surly. Also Yes Tom Hiddleston for Hoid
  7. Very cool. Y'all have at it and let me know the results. I would offer assistance but I'm well aware that any interference on my part would only serve to cause confusion in an already confusing matter. very cool idea though
  8. New chapter releases tomorrow. Hopefully may get a few more clues. Literally a spur of the moment hairbrained theory but one I'm taking more and more of shine to.
  9. Would be cool. Although if any book in the Cosmere has the potential to stand up in the theatrical world of online gaming, I would put my spheres on Mistborn. The mechanics involved seem a little tighter than those of SA. For the moment at least.
  10. How far can a two armed Herdazian get walking on his own two hands? About as far as the one armed Herdazian, minus the painspren gancho.
  11. I do feel that the Dustbringers are being held back for a good reason, that being that they're most likely going to be insanely cool and powerful. Still,we haven't fully seen a Skybreaker go to town either. If nothing else it would be an awesome showdown.
  12. For some reason this thread made me think that the author could potentially be from Dalinar's wife shhhhhhhh.
  13. That's a shame there wont be more, but still. This is pretty cool.
  14. Yeah definitely going with Skybreakers, at least with the information we have to go on so far. Although I'm really excited to see what the Dustbringers can . . . bring.