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  1. Brandon has hinted that fabrials can be made for every surge but adhesion right? Then combustion is a non-issue. All you need is a device that lashes sharp pieces of metal towards a target. Another fabrial inside to remove friction to make the bullets fly faster by removing wind resistance possibly as well. No need for gunpowder or pressure. Just a triple lashing making the "ground" the same as the target.
  2. Yeah, plus I imagine having shardic future vision before learning to talk would do some damage too. Well if anyone running a tabletop wants a really convoluted big bad, here is a great source of trauma to produce one.
  3. Random thought but what do y'all think would happen if a pregnant woman became a vessel for a shard? Would the child grow heavily invested and end up a sliver? A spren or other type one being? Or Would the pregnancy just halt or pause until she had a body again? When vessels have been killed they re-appear with clothing intact. Which means the physical body might be in some kind of suspended time. Or our 16 manifest from time to time for a wardrobe change. So hypothetically a pregnancy would be suspended as well. But the spiritual realm is weird and we don't know all its rules yet, so that's just my best guess.
  4. As far as I can tell there are two things Auxiliary could be. A radiant spren, or a non-radiant spren. Very obvious I know, but its a baseline that needs to be set so the following theories make sense. If he is a radiant spren then we have some logic to follow. I've boiled it down to three main questions. What kind of radiant spren? Why doesn't Nomad have surges? Why does Aux call himself a Knight? For the first question, I'm not sure what kind of spren Aux could be. The name Auxiliary does not fit any of the ten kinds we know. I am going to fit a theory within my theory though. By era 4 there will be 16 kinds of radiant spren. The 6 missing now just belong to concepts that have yet to form. I suspect as society evolves more concepts will generate spren to match. Aux could belong to on of those new orders. My best guess is one dealing with machinery or technology. I'm going to throw in a bonus third theory here and say we will see a surge of Polarity giving magnetic powers and lightning similar to stormform. Second, why no surges. That is easy to answer. No stormlight. We know Nomad can use any investiture to "jump" between worlds. But we do not know if he can use it for anything else. Surges being of Roshar might need Rosharan power. or unkeyed power at the very least. Alternatively Aux could be what Dead-eyes are in the future. And this bond is whatever Adolin and Maya forge. This fits better because Aux is "dead" by his own words. Third, why is Aux a Knight and Nomad the Squire? Best guesses I have are that either spren rights have evolved in Rosharan society to them holding positions of military power. Or this new order of spren works closer to high spren and they consider themselves above their bonded radiant until a higher ideal is sworn. This is honestly the biggest hole in the radiant spren theory. Next: Aux is something else. I have a theory as towards what, but there are leaps in logic to get there. I believe Aux is a cognitive shadow. Let me explain how I got here. First: We know cognitive shadows are like spren. They are an invested imprint of a person caused upon death. Second: Shadows do not stick around on the physical plane unless pinned there somehow. Traditionally this is done by binding them to a body. Third: Investiture can manifest as metal on the physical plane. Godmetal for raw power. But other metals when a spren willingly becomes a fabrial. I believe that Rosharan society advances its understanding of the cosmere enough to use cognitive shadows in place of spren. Pinning them to the physical realm by using the investiture of their soul to manifest as metal, thus allowing them to continue to exist without a living body. The bond is likely what keeps them there. Now this part is even more speculation that whats above, but if we assume by theory about shadows and metal is true then we can guess things about Aux. First: that he likely was a knight and had Nomad as a squire. The name Auxiliary was either taken after death or somehow space age Roshar has strange naming conventions. (or they blend with other societies and Aux is a common name on another planet. Innovation's maybe?) Second: When Aux died Nomad had the ability to bond him this way. Either this is something that can be done on the worldhopping run, or Aux died in a place where the power to do this was possible. Third: This happened when Nomad could still fight. He remembers what Aux looks like as a sword, and had emotions about the fact that he couldn't form him into one anymore. Even more emotions when he could again. That implies they have been in this state for some time. Now this is the part where you all poke holes in everything I've said and Brando-Sando proves all of it wrong in a year when the book comes out. I'll enjoy being wrong though. Love when a story has me itching for red string and a cork board. I am staking my soul on a surge of polarity and corresponding spren though.
  5. There is not a lot of evidence for this theory yet. So this is mostly speculation. But I think the 16 godmetals correspond to the 16 metals used on Scadrial. Which is to say I think each one of the 16 would react in a similar way if used allomanticlly, feruchemaclly, or through hemalurgy. Atium is the only solid example. I think its an advanced form of gold, burned with allomancy they see through time. Tapped as a metalmind they both store a kind of vitality. And used as a spike they both steal powers. The only Atium alloy we know of is also part gold. Going by that information we can theorize that other godmetals would work on similar lines. Lesarium for example may be advanced Duralumin. Instead of enhancing allomancy when burned the godmetal grants it. Which means if somehow a metalmind were to be made of the stuff it would store something Connection related. Hard to guess what with no solid details, but maybe as duralumin focuses on communication and language the advanced version could store bonds. Any other godmetal is beyond me to guess as we would need an allomancer, and probably a full mistborn at that, to eat a piece and burn it before we could learn anything. Best we have to go by is fabrial interactions with metal, and that only gives us a small hint towards Raizium. Raysium works as a conductor for investiture which makes me think of nicrosil which stores the stuff in metalminds. Strange that the metal of Odium wouldn't have emotional allomancy, but Ruin lets you live forever so correlation was out the window from the beginning. Hopefully as Sanderson reveals more we can see if this proves true or not. And if it does we should pay close attention as one godmetal will pair with aluminum.