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  1. I'm unsure if I'm committed to Syladin. It seems a very natural line of thinking because of the closeness that oaths create between spren and their radiants. Syl shows a devotion to Kaladin and a concern for his well-being that is likely motivated by some feelings for him. Not necessarily romantic feelings. Love, in my experience, is not confined to a romantic relationship and can be expressed in many different ways. With that consideration, I am more swayed towards a Syladin relationship being more like chosen family. Oaths may bind them but that does not mean they have to be romanticly involved. In my mind, Kaladin's and Syl's relationship is very touching and has some qualities that can be found in a healthy relationship, namely loyalty, commitment, and, I'd venture to say, love. (Again, Love is not necessarily romantic)
  2. I’m totally new to this whole thing but I suppose introductions start with introducing myself. I’m a fairly nerdy guy who walked the plank into the Cosmere for the sake of conversation with my equally nerdy friend. I fell in love with Stormlight archives specifically and have enjoyed most other Cosmere novels to various degrees. I have only a basic understanding of the Cosmere but I’m keen to express opinions and learn more of the Cosmere through continual reading and conversation.