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    This magic also Can be inscribed using runes For delayed effects.
  2. Sei stood up. Time to leave. She didn't have enough information, though. She needed to know this place's history, and a blueprint wouldn't do the trick. Well, nothing she could do. Sei wished that she had taken the time to make a universal Soulstamp. Maybe she'd have the time in the manor, but Sei doubted that. Sei addressed the Lady Warren. "You mentioned monsters inside the mansion. What are those creatures like?" @ZincAboutIt @Everyone who's in this subplot
  3. If Bacchus is going to be hunting escaped experiments, I have a character that Bacchus might be hunting. I think that that would be a fun arc.... *Screams in insane allomantic Kandra*
  4. I ignore your wish. I use my random powers To get the sandwich. How did I do this? I used [REDACTED] and fruit To warp space and time.
  5. That did not happen But TPBM enjoys Re-reading old books.
  6. Yes! All gay/queer disasters are allowed!
  7. It could be related, yes. Put that on the list of good WoB questions!
  8. KanDraa - Some random street in the Alleyvillage KanDraa followed the Inquisitor and the other Kandra through the winding streets of Alleycity. Kan noticed some of the alleys as they passed. The twisting spaces seemed to call out to Kan. The DA's experimentation went deep. The other Kandra, the normal one, was talking. Kan ignored it until directly adressed. "And you. Would you please put in some basic effort at least? We are not all too common here, at least from what I can tell. Walking around and showing your True Body for all to see is going to attract attention." The words struck KanDraa as if a Coinshot had Pushed on their spikes. Kan momentarily stopped walking. Those dark days under experimentation. The acid, the toxins, the researchers scribbling on their notepads. When KanDraa wasn't a person, but a thing. An object for experimentation. Kan looked at the other Kandra for a long beat. "That would be wonderful, wouldn't it? To be what I was built for..." @Voidus @Ookla the Archivist
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    Examples of spells Include conjuring fire Or creating ice.
  10. Hi there and hello I hope you enjoy the shard Enjoy your time here!
  11. I claim the sandwich With my powers as a shard Shard of Randomness.
  12. Hi! I also have some experience creating MTG cards, if you want an extra pair of hands. If you need to find art, check the Shard's gallery. Make sure to ask before using anyone's art, though.
  13. KanDraa, the Bindpoint KanDraa slunk out of the shadows. This Inquisitor (How did Kan know that word?) had gotten the better of them. The Inquisitor was talking about a deal, but Kan didn't know of anything like that. All of this did indicate one thing, though. This spiked creation didn't seem to be DA. Kan burned bronze, locating Blessings in the noble, who had revealed their identity. In addition, the Inquisitor was burning Bronze and Steel. Try to figure me out, spiked one, Kan thought. Kan spoke as best they could with their limited form. "I am... kandra. I have not heard about this... deal. With whom would you have made it?" @Ookla the Archivist @Voidus
  14. Heal TWOK It is really a great book. Hurting Warbreaker The Way of Kings - 3 Oathbringer - 8 Mistborn: The Final Empire - 3 Hero of Ages - 6 Bands of Mourning - 10 Secret History - 10 Warbreaker - 9 The Emperor's Soul - 7