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  1. This guy is insane, Anmil thought. "Orientatered?" Really? Anmil looked over to Katie and did the 'Crazy' sign at the orientater guy.
  2. "From among the battle-hardened youth there shall arise the Foretold, the Greatest Emperor, the scourge of of a our enemies, commander of a host most mevastating. And the empire shall be made whole."

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  3. Be very confused, then try to find the child's original parents. What would you do if you found a bag of holding in your pocket?
  4. Granted, but its screen is always frozen. I wish for the ability to avoid loopholes in the wording of my wishes.
  5. Again, I think that pre-desolation spren bonds did exist. Note Leshwi having some relationship with the Honorspren Riah, and the Dawnsingers being able to shape stone. The Nahel Bond, on the other hand, wouldn't have existed, as Honor didn't bind the surges as tightly before the destruction of Ashyn. The oaths would have been a bit more freeform. The Spren betrayed the Singers for the humans, but it isn't a betrayal unless both sides already have a bond. In addition, the orders of the Fused mirror the orders of the Radiants.
  6. That is so cursed and I love it.
  7. New roleplay: Odium Psychology Clinic.
  8. I also like Leshwi. As far as Leshwi being a former Windrunner, I'm pretty sure that the Nahel Bond was more freeform in the time before the destruction of Ashyn, as it was that that caused Honor to temper the power of the Surges. I think that it's likely that Leshwi had a proto-Radiant bond with the Honorspren Riah. Leshwi mentions that Riah was "precious" to her. Extrapolating on this, the betrayal of the spren could be the spren abandoning their bonds to bond humans. This would also explain the similarities between the orders of Fused and Radiants, as well as the cultures of the Fused, because after all, the Fused used to be Radiant.
  9. Anmil sighed. Well, having a normal conversation for five minutes was a bit too much to ask for. "I'm doing decent. How about you?"
  10. "Oh. I'm sorry."
  11. "Yeah, you're lucky. As a Mind Harvester, I'm looking forward to an identity crisis. Not fun."
  12. @Goob "Well yeah. It's mostly about the rituals that you need to gain access to the magic systems. And it was a joke." Anmil seemed kind of defensive.
  13. @[email protected]@Emery the Steelrunner Anmil nodded. "At least group D isn't too large. I'm glad I'm not in group A." Anmil indicated one of the other groups, which must have had twice the number of students as in group D.
  14. @[email protected]@Emery the Steelrunner Anmil sighed. Really? Just when I was starting to have a semi-normal conversation? Well, there was no way to get out of this now. Anmil turned to Ben and Jared. "Hi! Group D too, huh?" Anmil turned back to Joel. "Joel, this is Ben, and this is Jared."
  15. Anmil didn't notice Katie at first. "Yeah, I play the violin." Then they noticed Katie. "Oh! Hi there."