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  1. The Tau cluster was abuzz with launches. A critical resource was about to fall into the wrong hands, and House Thlf'phhrmth needed to stop it. The intercepted encrypted message from House Ancasia confirmed their worst fears. Something needed to be done. @Lotus Blossom can read the first layer only. All others must use a spy action. Meanwhile, House Thlf'phhrmth continues its initiative to boost its economy by selling ships and weapons. It has made 10,000 credits from a recent deal and invests that money into improving its military capabilities.
  2. A launch is detected in the Tau cluster, traveling at an unusual speed. @Lotus Blossom can read one level of this: my allies can read the full thing. Everyone else needs to use a spy action. Launch #106890 All clear received Launching... [Error] [Communications lost] [Static] [Encrypted]
  3. @Lotus Blossom vvv A message is broadcast on public hyperwaves: Due to the unfortunate circumstances befalling the galaxy, House Thlf'phhrmth is now selling a limited quantity of Axiom at a rate of 9,000 credits per kilogram. We accept trade goods, credits, and house debt. Supplies are limited, so act fast! Send a message to House Thlf'phhrmth via a secure channel (PM or classified box) if you're interested in this once-in-an-eon deal.
  4. @The Known Novel
  5. A launch is detected in the Tau Cluster 2 layers are free for allies and @Lotus Blossom
  6. A shipment arrives in the Tau cluster
  7. A ship is detected leaving a planet in the Tau cluster House Thlf'phhmrth sends a message to @Lotus Blossom A non-Thlf'phhmrth ship arrives in the Tau Cluster
  8. Undisclosed planet, Tau cluster -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- War. What a funny thing. Nexus invaded, the other houses caught by surprise. They were already messaging on the hyperwaves, swearing allegiance to one side or the other. This would work itself out quickly enough, but the fighting would be intense. Soldiers would die, missiles would be fired - it would be a brutal, bloody, mess. The other houses would need weapons. They would use up all of their resources, all of their fighting potential, and still want more. More than their economic networks could provide. War. What an excellent way to make a profit. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- House Thlf'phhmrth sends a message on the public hyperwave network: Due to the unprecedented circumstances at hand, House Thlf'phhmrth has decided to sell advanced bio-weapons to any parties that need them for costs as low as 3,000 credits for ship armaments, planetary defense systems, systemwide defense systems, and planetary armaments; 1,000 credits for bulk personal armaments including infantry weapons, personal armored plating, etc; 2,000 credits for bulk armored ground, water, and air craft, and 4,000 credits for fully outfitted spacecraft, complete with oxygen generation and state-of-the-art weapons systems. Payments accepted in resources, currency, Maxim, and Axiom. If interested, contact House Thlf'phhmrth via private message (PM). -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A ship is sent from the Tau cluster. TKN can read this
  9. A message is sent back. Free for TKN
  10. A response to the Great House of Blood is quick in coming. Free for any allies and TKN to read
  11. House Thlf'phhmrth begins increasing security around the Tau cluster. They send a message to the Tentaculum: If you are allied with House Thlf'phhmrth or are @The Known Novel, you can read this spoiler for free. Otherwise, you can use a spy action. They also send a message to House Min'oTarr: If you are allied with House Thlf'phhmrth or are @Unintelligenius, you can read this spoiler for free. Otherwise, you can use a spy action.
  12. A ship arrives in the Tau Cluster.
  13. House Thlf’phhrmth responds via hyperwave, RSVPing.
  14. Undisclosed world, Nexus clu- [Static] This post is highly classified and has been encrypted by House Thlf'phhrmth.
  15. Undisclosed planet, Tau Cluster Thrthlmpdm watched a blip appear onscreen and smiled. Actually, it wasn't a smile so much as an uptick in bioluminescence, but anyone in the room would have interpreted it that way. Construction was proceeding apace. It felt like moments since he had authorized the new colony, but it was actually a few days. Days to prepare for launch, days to travel at over seven times the speed of light, hurtling towards an unstable star, and most recently, days spent setting up rudimentary equipment on this new planet. This was an experiment. In an effort to get certain goods, most leaders agreed that they should at least try to colonize a partially landlocked world. The oceans covered only a small portion, but its location in relation to a specific prize was just too good to pass up. A message appeared onscreen: Established stable orbit around prospective colony 5007. Survey completed. Multiple forms of fungi, flora, fauna, and protists noted. No indicators of sentient life. FTL communications beacon established in ocean. Request landing permission. Message ends. Thrthlmpdm "smiled" again. Landing authorized.